Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday in the morning...

I was up during the night, but I had enough sense to go back to bed and finish sleeping. It did my body good and when I woke up the second time, I was truly awake and ready to tackle the day. Of course, that doesn't have any meaning whatsoever, because all I tackle is my computer and several cups of coffee and my cigarettes. I did feed the cats and the dog and gave the dog his antibiotics. I was that alert anyway, but I forgot to give him fresh water and I haven't put the ointments in his eyes yet. I will do that next when I get up for my second cup of coffee. He is sound asleep now and you know what they say about sleeping must let them lie.

Okay, that's done. He's always so good about me putting the ointments in his eyes, He doesn't protest at all, but patiently undergoes the procedure. He's a good dog. Maybe he knows that it's good for him, but I really don't know if he's able to make that association. He's drinking fresh water anyway. I'm sure he appreciates that.

Whenever my life settles down to a dull roar, I am ready for some kind of a change. I want to change the template of my blog, but I don't know what to do. Blogger still doesn't have that many templates to choose from and I am frustrated that it is so, because I would like there to be more options. Aha! I found a site with many free templates and nice ones too. Well, you've already seen that, of course. Please, don't mistake me for the woman under the tree. I wish I was that young and slender. It is the spirit of me standing there and I looked through quite a few templates before I chose this one. Now that I know how easy it is, I may change my mind again and choose a different one until I am quite happy. I got this template at Final Sense. Oh well, I've already done it. I've found one I liked better and had to adjust my widgets and it is so much fun to mess around with it. Jeez, sites like this were invented for people like me. People who want more and better and always something different and who never can leave well enough alone. Yippee!

In the meantime, I have walked the dog and I have gotten dressed, of course, and I'm wearing a very nice dress, which I don't wear often, but since it's my sister's birthday I thought I would make the effort. Since it's a bit chilly, I am wearing a black cardigan over it, because it's not a very warm dress. I could catch a cold in it, if you believe in those theories. My sister still has a cold that she caught in Japan three weeks ago and now has an ear infection for which she has an antibiotic. I've been very lucky in that I didn't catch it yet and I probably won't because I seem to be immune to germs and I bet it's because I smoke. It kills all those suckers. That's my far flung theory.

It's a cold and overcast day and it's supposed to rain, but I don't believe it, because they keep saying that and then we get a few spatters and that's it. I think all the rain falls on England and there's nothing let by the time the low pressure system gets here. When I went shopping yesterday, three drops of rain fell on my head and that was it. I was ready to get all upset about it, but it wasn't necessary. Oh, I spoke too soon. It has just started to rain. Well, we'll see how bad it gets. Maybe it will just be a sprinkling.

Due to a shortage of money, I'm not sending any Christmas cards this year. I usually send about 40 cards, but I am unable to do that. It seems that life is getting more and more expensive and the money gets scarcer each month. By hook and crook I always manage to make it through the month somehow, but it gets tough and things are down to the bare necessities. There are always unexpected bills. Luckily, there is sometimes also unexpected money just when I need it. It makes me think I have a guardian angel. Somebody is watching out for me anyway.

It's funny how you get to have your little believe systems regardless of your common sense. I always have a tendency to think that some higher power intervenes for me in the little things that are important. That I'm lucky despite my position in life. A lot of times things seem to go terribly wrong, but somehow they always work out in the end and there aren't many casualties. Sure, things could be a lot easier, but under the circumstances, they are not bad and I have the secret believe, although it is almost childish to think it, that somebody is really watching out for me, though I don't know who that somebody is. It is selfish to think that a higher power is personally going to bother about my insignificant life, but it seems that way anyway. I take none of this for granted and always say many, many thank yous to whoever it applies and if I were hypomanic now, I'd be lighting candles for Mary in the Our Dear Lady Basilica, keeping in mind that I see her as the personification of Mother Earth.

Well, now I've got to do some more blog related things. I'm not quite done fooling around yet and I do want to get everything out of it that I can. You know me, I love messing around with this kind of stuff.

Have a really terrific Sunday. It has stopped raining. It was only a sprinkling.



Babaloo said...

Oh, I love the new blog template! I'm like you, can't find much on Blogger either that I like. I'll check out your link in a bit.

Have to hold something against your theory of being immune to things because you smoke... I had LOTS more colds when I still smoked (nearly 4 yrs ago now). Have had way less since I stopped. Smoking actually lowers your defences because the nicotine is a sucker on some of your vitamin levels (if I remember correctly) and they in turn boost your immune system.

Can't be the smoking so, must be something else you're doing right! ;)

Hope your sister has a nice birthday!

Babaloo said...

By the way, when I just posted that comment, I got a 404 Error, page not found. I got very upset and pressed the back button which didn't work properly either. But, lo and behold, my comment is there anyway. Odd.

Wisewebwoman said...

I wish I had your nerve with blogger and being on dialup I am even more terrified I would lose my priceless prose. Ha!
I used to get 'brownkitis' all the time I was smoking so I'm not really a fan of your theory dear GSW.
but it is odd about higher power stuff, I often say 'thankyou' into the vast unknown even tho I'm an atheist.