Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Liberation Day.

Today is Liberation Day. We celebrate the end of WWII and it is a national holiday, so that means that everyone has the day off, including me. No creative therapy for me today, even though I was looking forward to it very much.

I woke up at 7 am, all ready to go and do something, but there was nothing to do. Well, obviously there is the house cleaning, but we already knew about that and it really is going to get done this week, because this weekend my friend Joost is coming to stay with me. I must have a clean apartment by then. Although I'm sure that Joost will forgive me any speck of dirt he finds.

So, today I must fill my own day and I think I will just let things naturally evolve. There's no rush and no push to get certain things done at a certain time and all the stores are closed. Much to my disgust, I might add, because I could have gone into town and bought those frames for my collages, but maybe I'm not supposed to spend the money now.

Oh yes, it is raining. The bad weather finally caught up with us and we got it from England where it landed first. We're supposed to have a dry spell for a little while and then some more rain, but the weekend looks good.

I don't mind the rain, except that I have to walk the Überhund in it, but it's not coming down in buckets, so I suppose we'll survive that. The Überhund refuses to go out when it comes down in buckets anyway. He has great bladder control, which can't be said for me.

I always have to know where the toilets are everywhere I am and when I have to go, I can't delay it, I have to go immediately or I'll have an accident. That can be quite embarrassing when you're a grown up woman.I've had this problem to some extent my whole life, it has just gotten worse as I have gotten older. Yes, I do wear pads.

Confidential information in a blogger's post, hee hee.

The advantage of having a gastric band is, that when you drink a glass of cold Coke, it fills you up immediately and it feels as though you've had a meal. It also makes you burp a lot. It's very embarrassing when your gastric band makes you do a long slow burp in polite company when you're drinking an espresso and everybody gets a shocked look on their face. You then have to explain that it's because of your gastric band and that leads to a whole other discussion. People say in disbelieve, "You mean they never take it out again!?" No, they don't, because otherwise you'll become as fat as you were before, if not fatter.

I went to bed last night and never even opened my book. I just put my head on my pillow and went to sleep. That's how tired I was. No wonder after having been up for such a long time, but it felt so good. At the rate I am reading books, though, it takes me forever to get through one and I keep having to reread passages, because I am so sleepy when I read them the first time.

I am not getting around to reading during the day, because I never have a dull moment. Sometimes it's nice to sit and do nothing at all, but to stare out the window and watch the occasional car and bicyclist ride by. Those are just short moments, though, because when I sit down, the Überhund wants to be petted and a cat wants a lap to sit on. They know they can't bother me when I'm behind the computer, so they wait for their opportunity. Yesterday, Toby walked on the keyboard and shut the computer down. It may have been a gentle hint.

My daughter sent me an email with some photos of Lantanas attached to it. This particular kind was called "Irene" and she said she bought them in honor of me. I thought that was very nice. I will be remembered in her garden for a long time.

The mountain ash berries out back are now getting green and are forming shoots. They always look very dead at the beginning of spring, but then, suddenly, they come to life and sprout branches and leaves in no time at all. They only get sun in the morning, so that's not very much and I'm sure that's why the process is delayed, but pretty soon they'll be beautiful and I'll take pictures of them.

I just realized that I have a gray bolero, but that I don't have a short gray cardigan that's knitted of cotton. That's a huge gap in my wardrobe. I must rectify that soon, or my life will not be complete. You know what that means, don't you? I have another mission!

Well, now I have to wake the sleeping dog and brave the rain and go for a short walk with him. Luckily, I have rainproof hair. The rain just bounces right off my short hard spikes.

Anyway, have yourself a really nice day and don't let whatever weather get you down. Remember, it's only temporary.



Frances said...

it is a bit grey here, but supposed to clear up later. I like the thought of the rain bouncing off the stiff spikes of hair. You sound almost punk-like.
have a lovely day.

aims said...

I use to have 'sneeze and pee' syndrome. Couldn't control my bladder due to having bladder cancer.

I was having therapy for my knee and someone in the room mentioned this and my therapist said 'I can fix that'.

Well - I was on to that in an instant!

It took us about 6 sessions where she monitored my vaginal muscles and had me coughing while she tested and she gave me tons of exercises to do. A form of kegel exercises Irene.

Well - I don't do that anymore. It has to be a huge cough or sneeze that takes me unawares before that happens.

I occassionally where Poise if I think I'm going to be unable to concentrate on keeping my muscles tight - but so rarely now.

Worth looking into Irene.