Thursday, May 07, 2009

Sooooo tired...

I'm so tired that I've made myself a mug of regular coffee or otherwise I'll fall asleep behind the computer and it's not even 9 pm yet and I think that's too early to go to bed. I'll wake up in the middle of the night if I do that and that's no good, so I have to hang in there a little while longer.

It's the expanded schedule that's making me this tired, I'm sure of it, and I haven't even gone full blast yet. On top of that, my crooked back has been acting up for the last 3 days and is making me lean to the left continually, causing the right side of my back to hurt. I have gotten strong pain medication from my GP, the kind that you have to take stomach protection pills with, but they are only helping a bit and I'm constantly sagging to the left. It's a pain in the you know what, because I constantly have to correct myself.

So, I had music therapy. We spent the first half hour talking about our experience with music and what role it played in our lives and what that kind of music had been starting from when we were children and what we listened to now. This was all very easy for me, because I remember my whole musical development and the stages I went through.

The therapist was surprised at my recent development and asked me how I came about it and I told her about Deezer, which keeps me up to date. I'm no old fogy. I rock with the best.

Then we were introduced to some instruments, which included the guitar and a small harp and a xylophone. There were also lots of drums there on which I really wanted to pound, but we never got around to that. I hope to do that next time. Playing chords on the guitar is hard. I'd rather learn to play the violin. Ahum! As if I ever will at my age. The xylophone played the black keys on the piano. The harp played do re mi fa sol la ti do very well. That's all we could get out of it. Except for some experimental strumming that sounded like fairy music.

We had an half an hour break until the relaxation exercises started and they were very pleasant and non exhausting, just very relaxing. We did them standing up and sitting in a chair, what more can you ask for, except that I kept toppling over in the chair. We literally relax every part of our body, including our facial muscles and we got instructions on how to do them at home. We had to rate our levels of stress before and after the exercises and there was quite a bit of difference for most people, except those who were stubborn and thought they were special cases. They started off with a low mark and ended with the same low mark, as if it had made no difference. I'd kick them all out of the class.

When I finally got home, I had something to eat and walked the Überhund and after that pretty much got stuck in Facebook all afternoon, making new artist friends and exchanging many comments with them and with my daughter who has been sending me interesting links. Here we have a situation of a daughter educating her mother about all sorts of subjects. I'm a willing pupil.

I took the Überhund to the vet for his eyes, because both his ointments were used up and he got another tube of the expensive ointment. The vet doesn't charge me the consultation fee, he just charges me for the medicine which the Exfactor pays. Thank goodness, otherwise I couldn't afford the dog. That poor dog and his eyes, they'll never get better, I think.

I am going to put my pajamas on now. That way, if I am ready to crash, I'll be all prepared. I think I did well writing this post, considering how bone tired I was. The coffee helped a little. I am now drinking decaf again and once I have my pajamas on, I'll get in the sleep mode. It always works. Well, almost always.

Sleep tight, if it is your bedtime. If not, have a good rest of the day.



Frances said...

sleep well, Irene. I remember that back thing from last year. What did you do last time?
Funny about how some people refuse to co-operate in these sessions, isn't it? I used to find the same when I taught adults. They came to class of their own free will, but then acted as if someone was forcing them to be there and everything was the greatest imposition on them. It took a lot of calm and tact to get over that, when the impulse with an adult is to say "Grow up or get out" LOL

Maggie May said...

I think I would definitely like music therapy!
It has been so cold here. Like winter again.

Poor Uberhund with his bad eyes. My little grey cat never got her eye problem sorted and was on ointment for all of her last years of her14. Ulcerative corneas. It was extremely painful. It was a reaction to having her put in a cattery while we went on holiday. She was never the same after that. Still feel a bit guilty. She was a lovely cat.

G/nite Irene, sleep tight ( and as the children's saying goes)....... mind the bugs don't bite!

Anonymous said...

I hope you sleep well and peaceful.

Your music therapy sounded so interesting. I always wanted to learn more about that. Music has such a strong impact on the stages of our lives. I wish I could enjoy music and the feelings that come with them, like I use to. An ex-boy friend once sent me a cd that was titled "Life's a Sound Track." It had all the songs that were special to us during our year of dating. Truth is I still pull it out now and then and float back to college. LOL.

I'm sorry about your uberhound's eyes. Poor little guy. It is nice that your vet does not charge you and that you don't have to pay for the ointment. I hope it brings his eyes some comfort/relief.

Take care my friend.

Connie Rose said...

It amazes me that you get so many interesting types of therapy, probably paid for by the government, right? There was a wonderful article in last Sunday's New York Times Magazine called "Going Dutch," about all the wonderful aspects of social welfare under the Dutch system. Made me want to move in with you!

I'll get on that Buddhist reading list this weekend.


jeannette stgermain said...

Hope you slept well. Be careful with your back:)

Wisewebwoman said...

Poor old fellow with the eyes. My last dog had that problem too, I would feel so bad about her, she was so blind at the end, poor pet.'
Music therapy sounds great Irene, I hope you slept well, exhaustion is the best sleeping draft.

Anonymous said...

Having just gone through a period of having a bad back myself, I can empathize with you about your back pain. Medication can only go so far, so hopefully the actual cause of the pain can be dealt with properly very soon. Hope your exhaustion helped you sleep well!

Gail said...

I am glad to hear you are enjoying the classes.

VioletSky said...

Your classes do sound very interesting - and so varied. I hope you get to pound on those drums soon.

Now, I also hope you are getting some rest and are not too pained with your back?

Maureen said...

Ha! I laughed out loud at your comment "I'd kick them all out of the class."

Too right!