Saturday, May 02, 2009

Just a short one.

I'm sitting here at the end of the evening in my pajamas and just wanted to get some last words in before I shut the computer off and turn on the television. Sometimes a person feels a compulsion to write down a few more words at the end of the day, whether they are important or not. It's the push to have your final say as the day closes and you haven't talked to anyone in a while, but you've just been communicating by email and comments. You feel that you haven't said enough yet and that there are more words in you and that by putting them down in print you are also still connected to everybody else out there. Your blog family.

So, I am sitting here with a nice creamy mug of decaf senseo, which tastes very good freshly made and I mustn't let it get cold, because that will spoil all the flavor that makes it so good. I've decided to stay away from the diet Coke at night after the experience I had with it last night. I'm going to be a smart girl tonight and get to bed at a decent time and sleep until I am naturally woken up. It is going to be Sunday after all and nobody in their right mind is going to be bothering me on Sunday, the sacred day. I'm so glad we still keep this day in honor as a special day, because I think people need a day on which they are not bothered by anything or anyone.

The grocery shopping went fine and I really did not need that many things for a change, so I was not completely laden down with groceries and my total was below 20 Euros. That never happens. The bike ride home went pretty smoothly and I never once was in fear of my life, except maybe once when I had to cross into my street and there was traffic heading my way and I had to time it just right without getting off the bike, which I hate to do, because it's such a hassle to start back up again.

I was greeted by many happy animals who thought I came bearing many gifts, but I had to disappoint them. I only bought sensible food this time. Things I really needed and not an item more.

Then I went to my sister's house and struggled wit the alarm like I knew I would and at first I couldn't find the fish, because I thought they were upstairs in my nephew's room, but they turned out to be downstairs in the living room. Then I had to struggle with the alarm again when I left and I hope the house is secure now. I'm really not sure.

I watched the news, which is now all about the Mexican flu and how some countries are over reacting and becoming quite paranoid. In Hong Kong, a whole hotel has been closed with all the guests inside until May the eighth, because some guests were running a temperature. Some guests have been quarantined in a hospital. We have one three year old with the flu who had been to Mexico with his parents.

Now I'm going to take my medicines and watch some TV and then go to bed. I feel like it has been an exhausting day, when in reality it hasn't, it just feels that way and I need a good night's sleep.

So, good night, you all. Have a good sleep yourself and have a terrific slow wake up in the morning.



Frances said...

sleep well, Irene.
I just read something that said the flu in Mexico is no more deadly than every year and that they made a mistake with the statistics. So it seems it may have been global hysteria.

Maggie May said...

The flu is nothing to worry about, Irene ..... just a load of hype.
Enjoy a good night's rest. X

Jean Levert Hood said...

I hope you get your good night's sleep, Irene!!

Maureen said...

Everyone seems to forget that regular flu takes nearly 40,000 lives in the US alone every year. So to freak out for numbers like this is simply crazy. I do hope the media stops this fear mongering.

Have a great relaxing Sunday Irene! I am (not) looking forward to laundry day... sigh.

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh it's the great distraction this flu, keeps our minds off the obscene bailouts and the economy falling apart and unwarranted invasions of sovereign countries.
The presstitutes are at it once again.
You have a lovely Sunday my dear and pay it no mind.

jeannette stgermain said...

I read the last 3 blogs, because I quess I haven't visited (!), and it sounds like you are doing better, even though there were some things that were not fun, like the cat, the neighbor, but you took care of it! So have a great Sunday?

Crystal Jigsaw said...

I loved your opening paragraph, Irene. I can go all day before Amy comes home from school, without speaking to anyone except people on the internet and it can get quite lonely. I'm feeling rather melancholy of late and will be writing it down myself probably later today.

CJ xx

Tessa said...

This wild frenzy about the swine flu hoohaa is driving me quite bonkers! I do find this kind of sensationalist reporting irresponsible and ill informed - the English media lead the way! I don’t think for one moment that we need to go into a flat spin about the epidemic. Everyone needs to take a deep breath and calm down, frankly.