Monday, May 11, 2009

A Package.

The other day, the mailman rang the doorbell because he had a package for me, which is always an exciting thing, especially when you are not expecting one. It was a soft bulky package, wrapped in brown paper and when I saw who it was from I decided to take extra care opening it, because I knew something precious would be inside. The first thing that came out of it was this handmade bear and isn't he a beauty? I cuddled him properly and immediately named him Hector and gave him a place on the red and white chair where he blends right in.

He's got button eyes and a button nose and a nice bow tied around his neck and all in all he is very elegant and soft. So, when I sit in that chair, he sits on my lap and I stroke him as if he is a child and make the Überhund just a tiny bit jealous.

The next thing that came out of the package was this pair of handmade slippers, which can only be handmade, because such care was put into it and the lining and the anti slip soles.

They're hand knit and made with love and they are going to keep my feet very warm this coming winter.

Inside the slippers, was a little pouch with this bracelet that was also home made.

I have been wearing it non stop since I got it, except for when I take a shower, it's that precious to me.

Now, the person who sent me all these wonderful things, is Aims from Big Blue Barn West and she handcrafted them all. Oh, and she also sent me a beaded reading glasses cord and a keychain hanger. You could say she spoiled me mightily and I didn't do a thing to deserve it. She now heads the list of people I have to do something awfully nice to in a very short time. Thank you, Aims.

Despite my best intentions, I didn't make it to creative therapy this morning. I woke up late and then it was raining. It was raining so hard that the Überhund refused to go outside to do his business and waited all morning until it stopped raining before he would go out. I figured I didn''t want to get on my bike and get wet, so I took the morning off. This in spite of the fact that I would have been painting my sculpture today, which I would have loved to have done. Aren't I a strange woman?

Having wasted the majority of the morning behind the computer, I finally took the dog for a walk when he decided it was dry enough and shortly after that, the Exfactor came over to have a cup of coffee and tell me how Nouri was doing at her new house. He said that she was very scared at first and hid behind the sofa and under the bed, but then came out and started purring and meowing and wanting to be petted. Then she went and ate and used the cat box and explored the house and kept him up all night, because she started meowing every time he made a noise or moved around in bed. Her voice echoed through the large corridor and kept him from falling alseep again. He did look a little bit tired and he said he was going home to take a nap.

Which is exactly what I did after he left and it was very refreshing indeed. I was sound asleep and gone from the world. I am pretty sure that it is the Temazepam that is making me so sleepy, so maybe it is time to start cutting back again now that I feel better. I don't want to spend half of my life asleep or feeling so tired that I want to be asleep, and then there is always the question of what my mood will be like when I wake up. Sometimes I'm so grumpy that I need to go back to sleep immediately, because I'm unbearable to myself to live with. If I wake up in a good mood, then all is well and I can do things and know that I will do them well, without any negative feelings. Like write a post for this blog.

The sun is shining now, but it's supposed to rain again tomorrow, but I really do want to make it to that creative class, so I must brave the elements and so must the dog. There will be no shenanigans tomorrow. I may get there dripping wet, but I'll put extra hairspray iin my hair and that wil help it stay in place and my mascara is supposed to be waterproof. This can be such a miserable little country to live in when it comes to the weather. I'm sure those of you living in Ireland and England will have the same feelings.

This is not at all the sort of post I had in mind to write. I wanted to write something frivolous and silly, instead I've gone all ponderous and serious. I must soon attempt another one. Maybe there's a silly pill I can take. Wouldn't that be lovely?

Well, that's it then for me. It's nearly eight o'clock and time for the news. Yippie! Another barrage of drivel and misinformation.

Have a good evening you all. Hope you have lovely weather and beautiful scenery!



VioletSky said...

What fun to get presents! And handmade ones at that. That bear does look cuddly.
Hope the weather is better for you tomorrow - I know how easy it can be to just stay inside.

softinthehead said...

What a lovely surprise! Well done aims. I am very envious and I am sure it really made your day. :)

Lane said...

Your gifts are just wonderful. That must have been a complete pleasure to open and what treasures inside! Aims is one talented and very kind lady:-)

Maggie May said...

Wasn't Aims just wonderful sending you that parcel? What a lovely person she is! A very clever person too.

Sorry that you have had a terrible day and that you couldn't get to the class.
Hope your day tomorrow will be better.

Read about Nouri's move with interest. Hope she settles in with the Exfactor soon. keeping him up all night! I suppose it is a big upheaval for her.

Have a good night. X

Frances said...

How kind of Aims. You deserve every gift you receive dear friend, and hand-made gifts are extra special

Babaloo said...

Wow, all these presents are very precious indeed. I love the bracelet!

For a change, we had a lovely, sunny day today and we spent half of it sitting out in the garden. I had almost forgotten how lovely that can be!

Hope tomorrow is better for you.

aims said...

I'm so glad the parcel arrived safe and sound Irene. Perhaps Hector can take Nouri's place now.

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh I really love those slippers, Irene, what are they lined with?
You deserve every gift that comes your way, you are so special.

jeannette stgermain said...

I can tell you like your presents very much - so nice of someone to think of you in that way!!
Irene, it's okay not bo be silly today - sometimes we want to, but it just doesn't happen - to pe pondering and quiet is just as good, only different that you expected:) Have a great Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw the slippers, I recognised them straight away. I have some exactly the same from Aims as does Amy!

CJ xx

Maureen said...

Glad to hear Nouri is settling in...

We are expecting thunderstorms later today. I love them, at least when I am cozy in my blogging chair.

You hear that clouds? Please hold off until I get home. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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