Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday afternoon.

There's an ambulance parked outside my living room windows and I didn't even notice it pull up there, so it didn't come with a siren. Now the big mystery is why is it here? Which neighbor is in trouble? Well, apparently nobody, because the ambulance personnel just came out without a person on the gurney and pushed it back into the ambulance and left. It must have been a false alarm. Mmm...stuff happens around here and you never know why or how and what for. Very interesting.

Well, that was a small diversion this afternoon. At least nothing serious happened.

I'm sitting here with my diet Coke, burping very ladylike every once in a while because of the carbonation, but since I'm the only one here, I figure it's okay and I can let them happen.

I was up briefly at 3 am and sent some emails, but had enough sense to go back to sleep until the alarm clock woke me. For a change, I was wide awake when it did and I needed only one mug of coffee to get me kick started. Nowadays, that is a record and unheard of.

I need thirty minutes to get myself put together. The dog waits patiently by the bathroom door. He's full of excitement when I turn the light off, because it means we're going for a walk. I stuff baggies in my pocket and my keys and off we go on our regular round.

The Überhund ignores all the other dogs we meet, unless it is a new one and then he wants to find out if it's a boy or a girl. You know how dogs do that. But after the first meeting he has no interest in them whatsoever. Not even if they very happily run up to him with their tails wagging.

I had creative therapy today and made it over there on time to sit on the deck and have an espresso. The weather was fairly nice, but I had my jacket on. Sitting on the deck is nice, except that there aren't enough benches to sit on and I guess nobody finds it necessary to put some more out there. There are always people leaning against the windowsills and the railings.

I was stuck on my sculpture last week and could not figure out the other side of it and how to finish it, but I was inspired today and did it. Suddenly I knew how to do it and it turned out fine. I was able to hollow it out too and now it is slowly drying under a plastic sheet so as to not dry to quickly. That means I start a new one next week and I have looked some up that I may give a try, or I may make a design of my own. I'll see what I want to do. There is also a sculptress named Barbara Hepworth I want to look up. She also does/did abstracts.

The morning went by quickly. It always does when you're pleasantly occupied and things go smoothly. You want that morning to last the whole day, but I did need to get home to the Überhund and feed him and walk him and be his best companion.

Lately, he doesn't wake up when I get home and he's asleep. I think he is getting a little hard of hearing, because he barks at nothing and thinks he hears things when there is nothing to hear. He just suddenly starts to bark, but looks around somewhat confused, as if he doesn't know what he is barking at.
I had neglected my fig plant and the result were some yellow leaves that I had to cut off. That's the first time that's happened. The ground was very dry and I gave it a whole bunch of water. The baby leaves that were drooping have perked back up again, but I have to keep a close eye on it, because I think it's having a growth spurt and it probably wants water more often.

I've moved the hardy fern to the window, but it needs to be repotted to a larger pot, because it dries out too quickly now. It's barely hanging in there and if I don't do something fast, I may loose it. It's a bad sign if my plants don't do well. It means I'm neglecting things and that's no good. I have to stay on the ball a bit better.

The summer programming has started on the TV now and there are a lot of new talk shows. I miss the old ones that were very good, but they won't start again until September. At least we don't have endless reruns here.

It's time to walk the dog and watch the news, so I've got to go. It's been pleasant chatting at you, but all good things must end.

Have a lovely evening, and no, it's not raining here. Hurray!



Frances said...

sounds like a good day. Plants do suddenly get thirsty when the days get longer. Strange.
have a lovely evening

aims said...

I'm so glad you are back at the clay again Irene. You are so talented. I'm looking forward to seeing a pic of this one finished. I think coming up with your own idea will surprise you. I think you have the ability to do that.

Love the shot of the Uberhound. He's too cute!

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh he looks like a wise old man that has seen it all and then some.
Longer days=more sunshine=soil drying out faster.
I've never bought indoor plants for here, interestingly enough. I'm away in the winter and the heat turned down very low so they might not survive and I'd hate to murder them like that!

Maggie May said...

We are having continual bouts of heavy rain and it is so cold.
Glad you are not sharing the same weather.

You say the potted fern is drying out. have you thought of putting shingle round the top of the pot and standing it on some more in a container. That will help to retain moisture.

Dear old Uberhund.

Have a good night, Irene X

jeannette stgermain said...

Yay, your sculpture is finished! Hope you show it sometime:) I don't know the sculptor you mentioned. Is she European?
Thanks for the "follow", Irene!
Is good to see Von, she's photogenic, so together with her tall and slim figure and her dog I can imagine she turns heads.

Anonymous said...

It's a long weekend in Canada, so no work for public servants like me today. And what exciting things am I up to you ask? I'm just sitting here with my laptop, catching up on blogs and watching the rain fall. (That's my creative therapy I think!) I need to go out and do a few errands, but I simply can't get motivated. Just one of those days, I guess ...

Mean Mom said...

I'm glad that your sculpture has turned out well. I do think that the uberhund is such a handsome dog. I wondered who was burping. So it turned out to be you.

Gail said...

Another fantabulus day...hurray! When are you going to share a picture of your finished piece?

You saw my art work...not exactly a cheery piece.

Maureen said...

Ah yes, all good things do come to an end eventually, but it is nice when the next good thing comes around too! My favorite shows have finished for the year too; they won't return till fall, but I don't even want to think about fall yet! Today was so windy and cold I spent it inside... even though I was hoping to do more gardening. Oh well, tomorrow is another day! Keep well!

among found objects said...

I have been moving, getting internet, water installed, the cat settled and such. I finally have time and internet to start blogging again. I just opened your blog up after such a long time and have to say I missed you and the Uberhound.