Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday when we are lazy and at rest.

I'm having a wonderful mug of coffee and my inevitable cigarette and the Überhund is momentarily distracted while licking his paw. That means he has forgotten the myriad of things he wants me to do for him in the morning. Sometimes he is just a spoiled dog who doesn't know what he wants and decides to be fussy just for the hell of it. Either that, or we're having a big misunderstanding, which is just as likely, because I'm preoccupied and not paying the correct amount of attention.

Before I forget and before I do anything else, I want to post this photograph of my friend Von, so you will all know who I hang out with every Friday afternoon.

It's always nice to put a face to the name, isn't it? The fact that this is a very attractive face helps. Von is tall and skinny and when she walks downtown with her greyhound she turns quite a few heads. They are a perfect match. She turns heads without the greyhound too.

I fell asleep on the sofa and just continued sleeping there, even after I woke up at 3 am to go to the toilet. It's me and that sofa again, or I should say, me and that bed, which I have such a hard time sleeping in. I must change bedrooms quickly and not even wait for the paint on the walls. I have such a dislike for my bedroom, that I don't like sleeping in it. That's not good. I'll have to call the Exfactor today and see when he has time to help me change it around.

In the meantime, I've fed and walked the dog and now he is quite happily snoring on the floor beside me. Of course, I wasn't at all well put together. My hair was pointing in all directions and I had no make up on, but I couldn't be bothered just to walk the dog. It would be the height of vanity to get all dolled up for that early in the morning. The poor dog already was impatient enough.

We had the European Song Festival on TV last night and although I started watching it, I fell asleep very soon into it and have no idea who won. The Netherlands didn't even make it through the half finales, which was not surprising, because it was a very bad song. We haven't come up with a good song in years. They all sound alike, like European Song Festival Songs and there's nothing original about them. We go in there with an attitude as if we're going to win and I'm thinking all along, no way, boys! Talk about fooling yourselves.

I keep on not doing the few household duties that I'm supposed to do. I keep finding excuses not to do them, like: oh, it is late in the day now, it can wait until tomorrow. Or: it's not that bad, if I postpone it one day it won't matter. Of course, I keep postponing everything one day and never get around to it, so today I must. I have to get the kitchen cleaned up, the plants watered and the laundry folded and put away. On Sunday, the day of rest, but I must do it to get a good start to the week.

I must also try and put in a full week of therapies and not cut one day if I can help it, even though I know there will be mornings when I want to stay in bed and sleep some more.

I just looked at the spare bedroom and saw how much stuff there is to move out of there. So many boxes, it makes your head spin. What a mess! There's no way I can tackle that job on my own. I had a small sparkle of hope that I could, but no. It looks like a dumping ground. I would be a broken woman at the end of the day if I tried to do that on my own. It needs muscle power.

I better stick to the things I have to do today. Which include washing my hair again. I will do that first.

Have yourself a super Sunday with lots of nice weather.



Mean Mom said...

Von looks like a fun friend! Yes, it's important to feel comfortable in your bedroom. It would be good if you could sort it out, so that you can enjoy a good night's sleep. I saw some of Eurovision. Norway won. I seemed to have a different opinion to everyone else. I thought that their song was awful and quite a few of the other songs were better than theirs. Have a good Sunday!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for posting the picture of Von, it is always nice to have a face to a name. I love greyhounds, but they have so much energy. Sweetest dogs, I was involved in their rescue program here, a few years ago. I'm glad you have such a nice friend.

There is nothing worse then not feeling comfortable in your bedroom. I hope you can get some help getting out the old items and bringing in the new. I'm seeing more and more how our rooms have to be almost like a sanctuary, where there is peace. Our bedroom needs work. I love the paint, but it needs some decluttering and getting rid of the flooring. I guess when I wind the lottery some day, lol.

Good luck getting to all of your therapies. I do hope you can make it, but I know how hard it is to want to go back to bed. Sleep is such an escape for me, plus I am usually so tired due to my night meds. Wish I could go to work a bit later than 7:30am.

Have a great Sunday and thanks for the reminder of it being a day of rest. Not a lot of that happens around here.

Gail said...

The direction of the bed, according to ancient Chinese wisdom, may be the reason you are having trouble sleeping.

I can tell in your writing, you are feeling better...hurray!!!

I wish I was closer and I would run over today and we would get your dream bedroom in order. That is something we At The Farm are good at...we have been getting things in order for six years now! Many things are there but many to do.

Remember, like the decorating shows say, first you must empty the room and that is always the scary part for me. Then only put back the things you really love.

Wonderful Sunday and it was a pleasure meeting your friend. I can now hear about your wonderful afternoons and see it too.

Maggie May said...

I thought the Norwegian song was the best so I think winning was really deserved! Was not too keen on UK one but was better than some that have been entered and I think that the judging was better this year.

Your friend Von is really lovely. hope she didn't mind going on the internet!

More rain...... had a storm come in through the kitchen roof & half drowned everything. Have spent the morning mopping up & removing groceries and electrical stuff. Cannot move the fridge/freezer. Too heavy. More forecast.

aims said...

You know Irene - you use to inspire me to clean. You were cleaning your cupboards and cleaning this and that. You made me feel guilty about my own kitchen cupboards. You were always preparing for tea with the Queen.

What has happened?

Von is stunning! Tell her we all say so!

Frances said...

Irene, you are completely right, as usual. This calls for the Exfactor at least. If you try to clear the other room and move furniture around, what with your recent back trouble and all your busy week, you could easily end up with the job half done and that would be worse for you - disheartening.
I find it is always more motivating to have someone to help with something like that. Go for it, maybe one weekend when the Exfactor can spare time to really get something done? He likes helping, so maybe you could look at the job and plan what needs to be done.
Good luck. A room change may help the situation - as you feel it might, it probably will.

willow said...

Glorious weather in central Ohio this sunday evening! Thanks for stopping by Willow Manor. :^)

Nora said...

We had the most perfect Sunday weather here...

Crystal Jigsaw said...

I don't think it's difficult to fall asleep while watching the Eurovision Song Contest!

I love lazy Sundays, it always gears you up for a hectic week.

CJ xx

Maureen said...

Oh, my, we are alot alike! I have been putting off so many chores lately. But I must do them; both my parents and my mother in law are coming over to dinner next weekend (for daughter's 18th birthday) so if THAT's not incentive to clean house, I don't know what is!

Good though, to know I am not the only one ;)

Take care and thanks for posting Von's face! It IS good to put a face to the name!