Friday, May 22, 2009

A good Friday and a day off.

After falling asleep on the sofa last night, I did get up at about 11 pm and make it to my bed where I continued sleeping almost instantly until 9 am this morning. I thought that was pretty darn good and it was nice of the dog to let me sleep in, although I could have done with another hour or so.

I didn't turn on the computer right away, which is unusual for me, but decided to wake up with only a mug of coffee and my own thoughts and the company of the dog. I wanted to see how relaxed I could be if I had nothing to divert me and nowhere to go.

Well, I didn't quite pass that test as I got rather nervous and started to get my shaky leg syndrome, which I get when I'm unsettled, so I busied myself with making cigarettes and then I got dressed and took the dog for a walk. Diversion is a much better thing.

I wore my summer dress and didn't have any pockets, so I had to carry my keys and the baggies in my hands, plus the handle of the leash and then when the dog did his business it was a bit of a juggling act, but it all worked out in the end and I didn't throw my keys in the dog poop container, which very easily could have happened. The dog is oblivious of my struggles and just pulls at the leash while I'm juggling various items.

When I got home, I turned on the computer until it was time to fix my face and my hair and catch the bus downtown to meet Von on the Our Dear Lady Square. The weather was great and it felt like summertime and it was busy downtown and a lot of the tables were taken, but there were some free chairs here and there and we found some at the table of two English ladies, which meant we could talk about anything we wanted.

Unfortunately, they ordered lunch and it looked so delicious, that we were both practically drooling, but I can't eat that and Von is on a diet. They had a bowl of fries with their lunch and I said to Von,"Why don't we just beg for some of their fries? They won't eat them all." Von looked at me as if I had lost all my marbles. Luckily, our tea and cappuccino came with some goodies and I got to eat all of those. Pretty soon, we spotted an empty table under the canopy and moved there, out of the sun and continued our talk there.

After we said our goodbyes, I went to the market square, to the walk in Chinese hairdresser and had my hair washed and cut by the Chinese man himself. I don't know how much Dutch he actually understands, but he did a decent job on my hair and was quick about it. He even put some wax in it and it looked good when I walked out of there.

One satisfied customer leaving the shop. My own hairdresser is going to wonder what happened to me. I'm being awfully disloyal, but I find it so handy to be downtown and get a haircut without an appointment.

I walked to the bus stop and heard that my bus had just left, which meant that it had been there 6 minutes early, because my watch is on time. That meant I would have to wait for another 30 minutes and rather than do that, I walked to the next bus stop the next bus would come by, which took me all the way out of the downtown area close to the train station. It was a bit of a walk, but better than standing there waiting. Besides, I need the exercise, because I saw a fat lady walk by when I looked in the shop windows, although I tell myself not to do that. It's time to call the gastric band man.

At any rate, it took forever for my bus to get there and in that way it took forever to get home, but I finally made it. The dog was overjoyed and so were the cats in their minimal way and I sat down and had a mug of decaf and a cigarette and took my shoes off. That was a relief.

I didn't do the grocery shopping and now I'm down to my last carton of milk, so I will have to go tomorrow. I have to get a lot of things, so I pumped up my tires yesterday.

Now I've got to stop, because I'm beat. I'm falling over from exhaustion and I still have to walk the dog one more time, just in case.

Hope you all had a terrific day and that you had beautiful weather.



Maggie May said...

That is a very fine hairstyle & I like the way you spiked it up. Very trendy.
You had a lot of exercise today. No wonder you are tired but you should sleep well.
Today is my first day of the half term holiday. Have 6 school days off plus weekends. Quite a chunk.'Bye X

Gail said...

Love your hair!! It also sounds like a wonderful day minus the exhaustion.

Mean Mom said...

What a good photo of you and I like the hairstyle! Sounds like you had a really good day. It threatened rain all day here, but we had some sunny intervals, which were pleasant. Not summer dress weather yet! Sigh.

Wisewebwoman said...

Keep the hair, Irene, it looks great and so easy to maintain, I haven't gone short with mine, too much of a jump.
Glad you enjoyed the day with Von!

John said...

great doo, Irene - your blog was not working earlier today and others also, but not best.

aims said...

I thought that was a new pic! I love it! Your hair looks fantastic Irene!

That was one odd dream you had Irene. It amazes me that you can remember them so clearly. Sometimes I do but it's very rare.

Glad you had a nice time with Von. Don't you hate that when you are hungry and someone else is eating!