Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's time!

It's time to wake up and I'm endeavoring to do so with my second mug of coffee, It is slow going this morning, but one way I always wake up quickly is by writing a post, but then I must remind you to read last night's post, because it will give you more entertaining information than I will give you now. Now I will only give you the murmurings of an early morning, not quite awake woman.

I had a wonderful sleep in my new tastefully decorated bedroom, giving me hope for many good nights of sleep. It's so cozy to lay down in there on the newly made bed and have a good look around at everything. I don't even have to read, I just sort of drift off into a deep sleep and am gone from this world. Somewhere along the line, I start having my crazy dreams, even there in that bedroom, so my vivid imagination is still intact. I dreamed Rod Steward picked me up in his open sports car and drove around town with me. That's just part of the dream, I won't tell you the rest. It's rated X and involved several movie stars. I always dream big. Excuse the pun. It may have been a Freudian slip.

I've put the food down for the dog and he is looking at it from 3 feet distance. The cats have been by to taste some of it and the dog hardly growled. Now, this is the old food, so maybe that is why, but he is showing no interest in eating it. As a matter of fact, he is almost falling asleep.


I had to stop writing, because I realized there were all sorts of things I had to do before I was off to my creative therapy class, which included getting dressed and walking the dog, who finally ate his food. I had to pick my clothes with care, because the weatherman had predicted cool temperatures and rain, so I wore my jeans skirt and thicker leggings with my boots and a tank top with a light cardigan over it. At first this turned out to be too warm, but then a wind kicked up and it became stormy and when I left creative therapy, I was caught in a huge rain storm which soaked me to the bone. It was very pleasant!

Creative therapy was fun. In the morning I finished my doodle, but in the afternoon added a border to it, which gave it a more finished look and I'm quite pleased with it. I was ready to start my next doodle, but the therapist and I got involved in a discussion about Escher and how he saw the world in segments and patterns and what techniques he must have used to make his drawings and with a ruler and a compass we started to try to figure it out and that kept us busy until the end of the class. It was a very interesting experiment in that we tried to recreate his technique. I think he used a lot of math and technical skills, but I don't know if I convinced the therapist. We each had our own approach.

I have to try and figure out what my next doodle is going to be about, because I do want them to have a subject and not just be a collection of shapes that endlessly repeat themselves. I also have to think about the shape of it, if it is going to be a square of a rectangle or a circle.

So, I came home wet and it kept on raining and I had an appointment with my SPN which I canceled, because even the dog would not go out in it and I couldn't blame him. Finally, at ten minutes before my appointment would have been, it stopped raining, so I still could have made it over there, but alas. The SPN called me instead and we had a conversation by phone, which is almost as good, but not quite. I would rather see her in person, but I saw her yesterday and that helps too.

I am not going to the store and I am not going to the pharmacy for fear of getting drenched, because more rain is coming. Tomorrow should be better, said the optimist, and I still have that funky bike with the pedals that sometimes go round without pushing the bike forward. Quite often, actually. It's quite a comic sight. Like slapstick a little bit.

The cats just had an argument in the junk room and one of them screeched really loud, but after a few moments, they both came walking into the living room as if nothing had happened, so I guess they settled it between themselves. Leave it to cats to work these things out quickly. They don't seem to bear grudges.

I have to take the dog to the vet in a little while for him to look at his eyes again and to probably get another tube of ointment. He's not going to like to go, but it can't be helped. We must keep this thing under control. His eyes look quite red, so I know they're not okay.

I hope you all had a nice day like I had, except for the getting rained on part. Well, I did say that the sun didn't have to shine endlessly for me. And it didn't. It took me quite literally.

Have a great evening.



Lane said...

Love your doodle - although it's much to good to be called a doodle!

aims said...

I agree totally with Lane Irene.

Did you know that most artists have some kind of quirk in their mentality. It is what makes them artists.

Your talents are incredible. You have a true artist's brain I think! Beautiful work again Irene. It seems that whatever you put your mind to - you can do it.

I have just been catching up and see that Hector has found a new place to live in splendour! Sounds lovely Irene. I'd love to see a pic of your new bedroom. Care to send me one?

And - almost doing it all on your own - wow! You're definitely 'up' these days. I'm so happy for you. You had a bit of a bad spell a few weeks ago but you've turned the corner once more.

Lucky for you you have such a wonderful SPN and that you have such fantastic mental health priorities in your country. The world could learn a lot from them.

Have to say you just cracked me up with your version of the cat's and dog's stories. Too too funny girl.

K - I'm caught up once more. Y'all!

Mya said...

Irene, it's you! I'm so sorry, I didn't realise Gossamer Woman was you. I know I am a bad blogmate - I have been very neglectful of late. If it's any consolation, I have been neglecting everyone, myself included - I'm quite revolting and unutterably disgusting!
I saw the storms on the news - eek! For once, they passed us by. Hoorah. Getting rained on is quite nice though, as long as you aren't far from a warm home and a change of dry clothes.

Mya x

Gail said...

You are, indeed, an artist. You have a way with words that makes me imagine your keyboard is also an artist's brush.

Milo said...

Irene, my little dogie's nose is blocked... i don't know what to do?

pebbledash said...

Absolutely love your doodles Irene (though frankly the word doodle doesn't do them justice).

John said...

great drawing - just precious