Thursday, May 14, 2009

The wee hours of the morning were nice.

I woke up in the wee hours of the morning, after having gone to bed at a sensible hour, and turned on the computer and wrote some emails. Close to 6 am I realized how sleepy I still was and went back to bed where the alarm clock woke me at 7 am. I made an honest attempt to get up and even made myself a mug of coffee, but then was too sleepy to drink it and I went back to bed and slept until 11 am. Then I was finally awake, but it does mean that I cut class and missed music and relaxation therapy.

I figure, I needed the sleep more and was very grateful for it. Today my body still feels beat up from the dancing session and it's a good thing that I've got some pain pills for it. By some minor miracle, I've stopped leaning to the left and my back has straightened itself out, so I no longer have that pain on the right side. I think it's the pain medication that helped me, even though I only took it for a couple of days.

I can't take a shower, as the shower head points backwards to the wall when I turn on the water and I need a good screwdriver to fix it in place horizontally. Of course, I can't find this item and will have to wait for the Exfactor to come and make it appear out of one of the many boxes that are sitting in the spare bedroom.

I got soaking wet when I tried to fix it this morning with my T-shirt on, so that was no success. I washed my hair under the bathroom sink faucet. The sink is small and you can't splatter much. I do have clean hair now, as far as you can call it clean with wax and hairspray in it. It is almost time for another hair appointment.

My sister called at noon for us to walk the dogs and we made a round of the neighborhood and smelled delicious blossoms growing. Everything is so beautifully brightly green that you imagine yourself in one big garden, even with the roads and the traffic running through them. Some streets have huge trees growing on both sides and it creates a green tunnel that you gladly walk through.

There are many daisies and buttercups and dandelions growing in the grass of the fields, giving them a nice colorful carpet and I like it that way. The mowing machines aren't set so low that they are all cut off, so most of them survive or quickly grow back.

The dogs are always very well behaved on our walks as long as the Überhund gets to lead the pack. He must be in front and can't stand being somewhere in the middle. I must prevent him from peeing against ornamental bushes, because he wants to leave his mark everywhere. He is a very dominant dog. Silent but bossy.


I just took another nap on the sofa. While I was writing this, I felt my eyes starting to close, so I made it over there just on time. I've already cut back on the Temazepam and hope to be off it during the day by next week. I am sure that's what is also giving me these sleep attacks, beside just being plain tired. I am seeing my SPN tomorrow afternoon and we'll see what she says about that. I hate to go into a discussion about these things with her as I need to justify why I cut back and have to explain it exactly and it is a lot of work.

That means I can't see my friend Von tomorrow for a Wieckse Wiite on a café terrace, which is really a shame, because we had to cancel last week too. I do look forward to our afternoons together, but I can't cancel the appointment with my SPN, because I allready did that once because of my new schedule. I'm trying to make everybody happy, but it doesn't work out

.Oh lord, I'm yawning something awful and the dog is trying to get my attention by making a lot of desperate noises. I've just let him out back and then gave him a bone to chew on for lack of knowing what he really wants. Sometimes I'm completely in the dark. I do know that I need to get flea drops as he is starting to scratch himself. So I will wash his bedding today and I still have to get the laundry in from outside before it starts to rain.

The tulips Joost gave me are falling apart fast. One of them has completely bent over and the rest don't look good either. They are definitely past their prime. I should toss them out now, but I will give them one more day, I think. Tossing flowers out is always such a sad thing to do. It really means you've given up all hope on them.

Have a good evening, it's still dry here and the sun is even shining.



Frances said...

Take care of yourself and be careful about the meds. Adjusting them has had some repercussions for you in the past - maybe they build up in your system and that's making you sleepy, or maybe you are still a little depressed.
I find I am very tired and lethargic when I have depression, it is one of the signs of it arriving for me.
I seem to remember you got some paranoid feelings when you suddenly cut back on the Temazepam once before, though I may have that muddled up with something else.
Whatever, glad you are seeing the SPN - pity you can't go from her to meet up with your friend afterwards.

aims said...

You've gone through this before with the Temazepam and when you cut back you didn't need to sleep as much. I think your SPN will note that and be fine with it.

It snowed here again Irene. No flowers for us yet.

Right at the moment it is cold and drizzly and dismal. -1C is the expected temp overnight - we had
-4C the other night.

What a strange country we live in.

Mean Mom said...

It's dreadful to be tired all of the time. I have had quite a few days like that just lately. I can't get much done, because I have to keep lying on the sofa to have a little sleep. It's frustrating isn't it?

I hope that you get your meds sorted out and regain some energy.