Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Late at night.

It's late at night and if you are reading this post and you haven't read my other two posts of today, I really must urge you to do so, because they are both highly entertaining.

So why am I sitting here writing another post? Well, although I should be going to bed, I don't quite feel like it and I want to stay up just a little longer and watch my nimble fingers move across the keyboard and see the little black characters appear on the screen. I've also just made myself another mug of decaf and an extraordinary cloud of serenity hangs in the apartment , which is very pleasant and I want to linger in it a little while longer.

Which does not mean that the occasional yawn doesn't escape from my mouth, but I will try to ignore that as long as the tears aren't running down my face.

I've had an enormously unproductive day when it comes to doing useful tasks around the apartment. It just didn't happen and I don't have the least amount of guilt, because I know that in the end I will have to clean it all up anyway, because nobody else is going to do it for me. Unless I believe in those little Dutch gnomes that come and do good deeds for people during the night, but I'd probably hear them stumble about and go and check on them, which makes them go into hiding, forsaking all their work.

I suppose everywhere else it's the fairies that come and do the work and don't they have a magic wand to wave around to make the workload lighter, so they don't actually have to labor as hard as the gnomes do? Our gnomes don't have any magic abilities, but have to work just as hard as humans, although they can speak with animals and maybe they can get mine to help, but being a fairy must be much easier.

I have to get up early in the morning, because I have ergo therapy and I must be out of bed by 7 am. I should be functioning by 8 am at the latest. Luckily, I already know which clothes I am going to wear, so that is going to save me the time of having to stand in front of the closet and having to make choices.

I think while I am in the process of waking up, if I don't do that bright and cheerful, I will make my pack of cigarettes then and save me some time and drink my coffee at the same time. I have to be efficient with my time and do things even when I think I'm incapable of doing them and making cigarettes is not that hard. I could do it blindfolded, but not with one arm tied behind my back.

The rain has stopped and there's a bit of wind that moves the blinds because the top windows are open just a little bit. Even so, it's not cold inside and I'm only wearing an extra cardigan. There's no need to turn the heat on. The windows in the bedrooms are open a bit too, so I've got a bit of a draft going to get all the nasty smoke smell out. I sprayed the whole apartment with an air freshener in the hopes that it would help, but because I smoke, I can't tell the difference. If I ever were to date a man, he would have to be a smoker. A non smoker wouldn't last in this environment.

So make that one Tibetan man who meditates and smokes. Coming right up!

Well, now I'm going to bed and I guess this post counts as tomorrow morning's post also, because I won't have time then.

Sleep tight,



Maggie May said...

Another post! I cannot catch up with you!
Hope you had a good night's sleep and that you managed to get up in time for the Ergo.
I got up at 6.30 (to blog) It is nice & quiet before the granddaughters arrive!

Have a good day, Irene.X

Frances said...

lol - hope you find a nice tibetan today. The pictures are good. Maybe a nice tibetan gnome? I thought of a fairy, but maybe not really appropriate as a house guest for you. LOL

Tessa said...

------>grabbing my little black book and rifling through to see if I know any Tibetan men who smoke. Ahhh, here's one...not Tibetan, but he smokes. He's clever and funny and good-looking and a bit wild.....he is a White Hunter (wonder why they are called 'white'?) - a sort of Dennis Finch-Hatton, y'know? Trouble is, he lives in Tanzania and, sigh, is a bit too young I think, unless you fancy a toy boy?

John said...

A smoking sherpa....have you read "into thin air?"

aims said...

No wonder I was hearing from you at that time of (my) day.

Your mind is like a whirlwind these days Irene. My goodness. A little sleep for you makes you go a long long way!