Sunday, May 03, 2009

I'm very late...

I didn't wake up until 11 AM this morning. Couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at the alarm clock. And I felt so very well rested, really done with sleeping and ready to get up. The first thing I did was let the Überhund go out back for a long piddle while I made myself a mug of coffee and some cigarettes. As a matter of fact, he has been out there twice now and I haven't walked him yet and I'm still sitting here in my pajamas with the blinds closed and I'm feeling very decadent and smug about it.

The good part is, that it is Sunday and that somehow this all seems allowable on Sunday and that I feel perfectly entitled to not get off my lazy bum. What a wonderful way to waste time and be completely ineffectual. That, coupled with the fact that it is springtime, seems to have lightened my load and made me feel irresponsible just a little bit, although it is cloudy and windy outside and it looks like it is going to rain. Well, I don't know if rain has any real depressing qualities anyway. I can complain about getting wet, but I don't think it effects my mood in the negative sense. Sunshine certainly doesn't make me happy if I'm not in the mood.

I do like all the greenery around me. It's a heck of a relief not to see bare branches anymore, those may be poetic in a way, but I find them stark and depressing. And there is nothing as sad as a brown withered hedge or the cold hard frozen ground. Imagine my relief at not seeing sudden snow flurries come out of the sky or hail drop down, making the roads slick and dangerous to ride your bike on. I think I'm a tepid weather person, not too hot and not too cold. The occasional shower is okay too, to keep things green and keep the pollen count down.

One of my house plants is doing amazingly well and I wish I knew the name of it. I will post a picture of it and maybe one of you will know what it is. It's is sitting on the dining table and gets a lot of light from the windows there and just seems to love it. It is quite perky and turns itself to the light, so I keep turning it to give all the sides of the plant equal opportunity. I have another one just like it on a cabinet nearby, but it doesn't get as much light and is a slower grower, although it seems to be healthy too.

All my other plants need less light and do well, except for my fig plant that stands on a high table beside the window and sends all its leaves to the light, even if they have to grow down for it. It does well and I don't think I can kill it quickly and I just give it a load of water once a week.

I had to move the hardy fern closer to the window, because it was developing brown spots and I think it was getting too much water and not enough natural light. It grows very slowly, as a matter of fact, I hardly see any action at all.

Another low light plant that does amazingly well one watering once a week.

Now I have five empty pots sitting outside that need plants put into them and I don't know when I'll get around to that. I'm thinking about putting in ornamental grasses or bamboo even. I want my sister to go with me to the big garden center on the hill, so I can pick something out. Money is always a concern, so I have to really pay attention to the prices and this garden center is cheaper than the one around the corner and has a lot of choice.

Springtime is really the time when you get a lot of ideas about your interior and your exterior and all the expenses come at once. If I want to change my bedroom around, I have to paint the other room and I don't know if one coat of paint will cover the walls. It will be a major job, but the Exfactor is going to help me with it, so that will make it easier. I think I will do the potted plants first, though. They look so forlorn sitting there all empty.

I also have to frame two of my collages and I know where I can buy the perfect frames. It's just a question of planning the money and getting on the bus to go get them. It will be a little awkward to travel home with them, but I've done it before. You just need to hang on to them really well. I already know which collages I want to frame and I can't wait to have them up on the walls. There's nothing better than having your own art on the walls, except the art of other talented people, whom I just happen to know.

Well now, I think I've wasted enough time, although I can't say that I feel bad about it. Actually, I feel rather good about it, because what are Sundays for? They are like slow moving meandering brooks that have no hurry to get where they have to go, but just very pleasantly go their way. That's the kind of day this is.

I hope you are all enjoying your Sundays as well as I am and that they are filled with serenity.



Maureen said...

Ah what a perfect analogy; a meandering brook of a day! I love your plants; I am sorry I can't help you with the name of that lovely first one though.

Daughter and I are going to a free 'container garden' class at our local garden centre on Tuesday evening. After the talk, we are welcome to buy some plants to put in our own containers that we bring along. So it should be great fun and get me off my duff to actually plant that herb garden I've been wanting for years!

Hope your Sunday is continuing to meander. Mine is just beginning!

Maggie May said...

The last plant with the stripy leaves is a Maranta (prayer plant) as the leaves tend to face upwards at night time. (Like praying hands)

11 am. That is late! Well it will do you good.Hope it doesn't affect your ability to sleep at night. That would happen to me with a day time sleep.
Enjoy the rest of the day/night!

Tessa said...

Your plants look so healthy and happy, Irene. I'm afraid I don't know what any of them are called, I just know I love them. You sound as though you've had a lovely, relaxing day (without neighbours getting hysterical about cat mishaps!) - just as Sundays should be. Ticking along merrily, doing whatever you feel like doing....perfect. If you feel like dancing, though, pop over to my blog and see what happened at Antwerp Central Station! Enough to get anyone up and's brilliant.

aims said...

Don't feel bad about sleeping until 11am my friend. The Man sleeps until 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays. I don't know how he does it - but I've learned to look after myself in the mornings.

Love your plants. btw - I have to send some pics over don't I? I took them but I haven't uploaded them yet. I'll get that done and send them over.

Frances said...

lovely to hear you having a proper day off and lazing around.
About the paint. I'm sure you have the same as we have here, one coat paint. It is a bit more expensive per tin than the usual sort, but you really only need one coat, unless you have a real strong patterned wallpaper to paint over. I think it is worth the little extra money at first, as it saves time effort and probably works out cheaper as you use less paint.

jeannette stgermain said...

Sunday is for rest, right? You are supposed to be lazy then LOL
I sued to have the plant with the striped leaves - what I like about them is tha the underside of the leaves are a burgundy red. Groetjes!