Saturday, May 02, 2009

Wasting my time again, what am I to do?

I went to bed very late last night and I blame the diet Coke I was drinking, being very thirsty and not thinking of the caffeine that was in it. It was super delicious and very thirst quenching, but of course, it made me wide awake for some time. It was nearly morning before I fell asleep.

I was woken up at ten AM by the doorbell and ran to answer it in my pajamas, because I thought it was the Exfactor who was supposed to come over. Well, not. It was my neighbor who asked me what I was going to do about those cats of mine. Since I was in my pajamas and not awake yet, I had no answer and I told him to give me half an hour and I would be with him.

I got dressed and had a mug of coffee and took my medicines and went over to see him and he was quite upset. He had a raised flowerbed that he had covered with a glass plate in which he grew seedlings for his vegetable garden. He had left a gap between the glass plate and the edge of the flowerbed and a cat had gotten in there and shat in there and ruined all his seedlings.

We had quite a discussion, but what came out of it, was that it probably is Nouri, the white cat, who is doing this, so a solution needs to be found as soon as possible. I told him that I would discuss the problem with my ex husband and that we would come up with something.

Then the neighbor got very upset on behalf of me for the Exfactor taking off and leaving me to deal with the problem, while he still comes back here on a regular basis to use the shed as his workshop.

Anyway, the Exfactor came and I told him Nouri had to go and I offered him several options that he could take advantage of and he is going to look into all three of them and have Nouri gone from here within a week, so I can tell our neighbor that and he will be happy to hear that because he was threatening to call the police.

So far that's the end of this chapter on that subject as far as I'm concerned and I brought home a whole bag of cat shit this morning.

It wasn't the most fun way to wake up, but when you have cats, you get these sorts of complaints and I think that when you live in a small space, it is better not to have any cats at all, at least not when your neighbor insists on having a flowerbed that looks like a big litter box.

Now I'm supposed to be cleaning house and going to the store and I will do all these things as soon as I have gotten the need to write out of my system and I have finished this diet Coke.

The weather outside is beautiful, the sun is shining and it is warm.


My upstairs neighbor was just here and she thinks I'm the best thing since the invention of the wheel. She tells me so many confusing stories, but little by little I am getting a picture of her life and it ain't pretty. Some people are bound to lead tragic unhappy lives. They attract it. There must be some kindness in me that's attractive to her, because she tells me intimate details, but not excessive enough for me to quite understand them all. It's a puzzlement. I even had to give her some tobacco, because she was all out of hers. That's pretty gutsy, asking someone for tobacco. I don't know if I would have the audacity to do that.

My sister is on vacation in Italy and I have to take care of her mail and the fish. She has an alarm that I have to turn off with a code and turn on again when I leave. I hope I don't screw that up. I have visions of the alarm going off endlessly and me not being able to stop it.

Well, now I have to feed and walk the dog and go to the store. Hurray! Such happy things to do on a bright and sunny day. It's been a completely screwed up day so far, with everything happening at the wrong time. Somehow I must put some order back into it. It will probably happen right around bed time, if I'm lucky.

Have a wonderful day, even if it is raining on you. Remember, Mother Nature needs that too.



Frances said...

ew - glad to hear you managed to sort out the shitty situation with your neighbour.
It is difficult to deal with neighbours who want to be intimates, they are so hard to avoid. Best of luck with that one. Your only simple way out of it is to be absent-minded and drift apart, not to be available, or not to answer the door a few times and hope not to have an unpleasant confrontation. Sometimes people like that don't take hints, unfortunately, so you may end up having to be blunt.

pinklea said...

I live in close confines as well, and I prefer to be polite but private and to keep some psychological distance between and my neighbours. They're just neighbours, not my best friends, is what I tell myself.

Still, it didn't stop one of them from telling me at great length what he was looking for in a woman (his second marriage had just ended and it occurred to me that he was chatting me up) or another from detailing how he and wife were planning to buy retirement property in Costa Rica because it's "such a good deal right now" and "you should consider it too".

Sometimes it would be easier to deal with cat poo!

aims said...

Personally I think that people have to accept cats as cats. That's what they do.

And having to get rid of your pet because it ruined some seedlings? That's extreme Irene. Too much to ask really.

Grrrrr - you know me and how I feel about cats.

Maggie May said...

You aren't REALLY giving Nouri away are you?
One option would be to fix chicken wire over both of the open ends of the glass.
The only thing I dislike about cats is that they DO insist on shitting in some one else's garden....... oh and they kill birds. Apart from that they are lovely!

I once set my neighbours alarm off when I was house watching while they were away. Felt like a criminal.

Maureen said...

Can't you keep Nouri inside? My cats never go out (well, Dakotah was allowed outside for a few minutes, and never out of reach for me to scoop her back up and inside).

I hope things work out...

Breakfast in California said...

I love the way you told him to give you half an hour! Good for you!