Friday, May 15, 2009

Fiday night and all is well.

My hair is a little bit disheveled from getting rained on a bit three times this afternoon, but it doesn't matter, because I'm in my pajamas now and I walked the dog for the last time and nobody is going to see me now. Besides, I don't look all that bad, just a little bit rained on and I can fix it in the morning when I have the energy, because I am starting to yawn now and that means it's getting close to bedtime.

I don't want it to be close to bedtime, because I'm having a splendid day and I want it to last just a little bit longer. At least another hour or so, but I'm getting the distinct impression that I'm not going to last that long, unless I drink a mug of regular coffee and I don't want to do that. I have decided to drink more decaf and I am gong to stick to that decision. I am trying to not move up and down the energy ladder too artificially too much.

I had a great time at creative therapy this morning painting my sculpture that was done and I took all morning getting it done, because the therapist wasn't there to give me good input, so I had to do it on my own as good and as bad as I could. It was quite a job, but I think in the end it turned out okay, and then I promptly gave it away to someone who had been coveting it from the start very much and who had been in love with the whole design all along.

So, when I was done I said, "There, do you like it? If so, then it is yours." Of course, he was very happy with it and I didn't mind, because it is not one of my favorite sculptures that I made and there are others coming to take its place.

It reminded him of some of the buildings he had seen in Istanbul and the tulip shapes of some of the domes. He was very taken with Istanbul and that is why he liked this sculpture so much. So, I did a good deed and made somebody happy today.

After that, it was homeward bound for a good fifteen minute rest before I took the Überhund for his walk. I fed him his Butcher's first and had some coffee while he ate. His chief motivation to eat seems to be to prevent the cats from eating it. He very jealously guards his food and growls very hard when they get near it. Of course, they are not at all impressed, but just walk by as if they don't give a darn.

When we got back, I spent some time taking pictures of the animals and I even got down on the ground to get on their level for a better shot.

Here is Jesker going for the dignified look...

And here he is barking at imaginary burglars.

Here is Gandhi looking very dignified...

And here she is waiting very patiently for me to get done.

And here is Toby just being a cat while he tries to look out the window.

After dawdling around for a little while, it was time for me to go see my SPN and when I was almost there, it started to rain and drops of it ran down my head and I parked my bike in a hurry and ran inside.

We had a good talk, because I was in a nice normal mood, although I had not seen her for three weeks, but I had improved quite a bit since then. My depressed mood is over and I am kind of cheerful now and she has no problem with me cutting down on the Temazepam, even cutting it down completely during the day. So all in all we had a good productive talk and I left there feeling good and with a list of new appointments in my wallet. I was kind of shining all over.

When I got outside, it was still raining, but not badly and I decided to brave the weather and hop on my bike for my appointment with Von. It wasn't a long bike ride, just long enough to get a little more wet. Von had found a place to sit under a canopy of a café on the Our Dear Lady Square and we very cozily sat there watching the people walk by with or without umbrellas, but all with a mission to go some place. The big parasols on the square were all opened so all the tables there were safe from the rain and customers were sitting out there too.

Jeez, I'm too tired to finish this story. I'll have to continue with it tomorrow. I'm yawning something awful. It's bedtime.

I'll see you all in the morning. Goodnight, don't let the bed bugs bite.



Catherine said...

Hi Irene - lovely photos, I love the square, wish Ireland had more of a cafe culture. I think I replied to your comments on my blog over on my posts. And I think your sculpture is really nice, what's it made from? is it clay or ceramic or ??? Looks like verdigris copper! You are very generous to give it to someone who admired it - I am a hoarder so tend to find giving stuff away difficult, I still have my childhood comics which my kids enjoyed, and I have an attic full of boxes. I do try to have decluttering days when I dump or recycle a lot of stuff. Should do it more often, it's very therapeutic! Have a good weekend. Is it a square in Maastricht? only drove by it once.

Wisewebwoman said...

I love the sculpture, Irene, how very kind of you to give it away. It reminds me of a woman, deep in thought.
I thought of you as I made my decaff cappucino tonight and thought Irene would approve of this foam. Nice and thick made from non-fat milk.
And then as I posted my blog, I thought of your clothesline.
So there, it was just about an Irene day for me!

Frances said...

sounds like a lovely day, Irene and glad you got everything in somehow and enjoyed yourself. Very kind of you to give your sculpture away - I bet he was so pleased with it. It looks very interesting and beautiful.
sleep well.

Casdok said...

I love people watching.
And i also love your sculpture and that you gave it to someone and made them happy. :)

San said...

Your sculpture does have an architectural feel. No wonder the man coveted it and you are generous to give it to him. No doubt he will treasure it.

Your animals are beautiful. I enjoy your blog and I wish I had the time to visit more frequently.

Maureen said...

Aw, I love the photos of the animals... yes, getting down at their level is great. Gandhi looks very much like my Sheba! I love that you gave away your wonderful sculpture; how very kind of you.