Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday evening.

I am pleasantly established in my chair here with a mug of decaf and my inevitable cigarette, home made of strong tobacco, and I've just walked the dog for the last time today, which is good, because my little toe is hurting. Toby is staring out the window and Gandhi is curled up by the teddy bear. Peace reigns and all is quiet.

I've stopped being so awfully tired all the time since I've quit taking the Temazepam and I now can easily last the whole day without taking a nap. I'm not yawning in the middle of the afternoon and have energy left to do things.

Today I pedaled straight from creative therapy to the tobacco shop and missed the Exfactor by minutes. He had been by and left a note saying he had a sore back from mowing his lawns and that he would be back tomorrow. I hope his back recovers quickly, because he's supposed to help me exchange my bedroom on Sunday. That's the plan anyway. He thinks it's going to be an easy chore, but then he's the optimist and I'm the realist.

I had a lovely day today and woke up in my bed after having fallen asleep on the sofa with the TV on. Sometime during the night I made the switch. The bed is really much more comfortable than the sofa on which om right arm always dangles of the side and swells up my hand. Also my face gets squashed on the sofa cushion and I get wrinkles in it. It's not a pretty sight and I have to use lots of cold water to try and get rid of them.

Like I said, I had creative therapy again today, but in a different room and with a different therapist. I made a print with my lino cut again that wont fit in the press, so after inking it very well and putting it face down on the paper, I sat on it. I figured my weight would be enough to make a good print and I was right. It turned out well. Now it has to dry a long time before I can take it home, but I've taken a picture of it and one of these days I'll download it and show you it, Not today, because I've only got that one picture to download.

After that, I decided to doodle, since almost everybody else was doodling too and it was very inspiring. So, I doodled my time away with a fine tipped black pen and found it very enjoyable. Now I can't wait to finish it and doodle something else, because I've gotten a taste of it. I do have the patience for it, though, but I make landscapes. Jungles. Actually, a little pop art sneaks in. I don't know if I'm going to color it, or if I'm going to leave it black and white, I just have to wait and see.

I left the house without a jacket in the morning, which was fine, but by the afternoon it got real warm and I was overdressed. When I got home, I put on a tank top which was nice and cool and walked the dog in it. My bare arms haven't seen so much sun since last summer. I do need a little bit of color, but my older sister gets hers from a jar and I may try that. It's better than sitting in the sun getting wrinkled.

I exchanged my boots for my funky lace up ankle boots. I hadn't worn those in a long time and now I feel like a rocker again. I'm going to wear my black mini skirt tomorrow with those. There's always a plan. Always.

I am going to get into my pajamas now and have something to eat and then watch the eight o'clock news. Maybe something earth shattering has happened. Well, it happens continually, we've just become immune to it.

Have a splendid evening, everyone. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.



Frances said...

true - the earth doesn't shatter as often as it used to. I find myself very sceptical about the media and their hyping everything up into huge dramas.
What a lovely day you had! I used to love lino-printing. I used to bash it on the back with a mallet, I never thought of sitting on it.
Glad to hear the Exfactor is resting his back, he will need all the power he has to shift your stuff. LOL

John said...

be careful of inky butt art? been there, cannot wash that..

my best...

Mean Mom said...

I'm glad that the tiredness has stopped. It's horrible to have no energy to get things done.

It's annoying when you get creases in your face isn't it? Once upon a time they wouldn't have lingered, but the skin doesn't spring back into place the way it used to! I know about these things, you see!

Wisewebwoman said...

Let's call it bum art, Irene. ;^)
I too get tired during the day now and need a short nap, often 30 mins or so. Some days I can't even continue standing up, just exhausted.
I absolutely adore my bed, always have, always will.
Very simple bedroom always, books, me and dog and great sheets and pillows and always a duvet. it would make a good post, wouldn't it? I'll do one!