Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just before going to bed.

We've had a small thunderstorm and some rain and that made me real happy, because I like thunderstorms. They make me feel safe and cozy inside and I do like the noise they make. This one was just a little one, so I couldn't get too thrilled about it, but we are expecting more. I just hope the timing is right and that it is dry tomorrow morning when I have to go out on my bike. That's all I ask for.

Luckily, just before it started to rain, I had enough sense to get the laundry inside, because I had almost forgotten about it again. It does smell mighty nice and hopefully it will make the whole closet smell good. I do have those lavender sachets, but they never seem to do anything for my clothes at all and I think maybe they are a pipe dream. Maybe I must hang bushels of lavender in my closet to get rid of the smoke smell that hangs on all my clothes, unless they're freshly laundered.
When I lived in the States, I loved it when people came to visit from the Netherlands, because when they opened their suitcases their clothes always smelled so nice of detergent and fresh air. That was always a magical moment to me and I secretly looked forward to it. I could never get my clothes to smell that nice when they came out of the dryer and I didn't have washing lines and clothes pins. That would have been an alien concept back then.
Back then, when I had two children, I wouldn't have dreamed of not drying the clothes in the dryer, because when things came out of the dryer, they didn't need to be ironed. That is, if you got them out right away. I didn't like ironing, so my choice was obvious. I hardly iron things now, but that is my choice and when I do have to iron something, I wait until I absolutely have to wear it.

I've made myself a cup of decaf, because I was drinking Cola Light and I think there is a lot of caffeine in it. I don't know if there is decaffeinated coke in the supermarket, I'll have to have a good look around the next time. I want the coke without the caffeine and without the sugar. I want everything artificial and find out down the line that it's awfully bad for me, but all the things I love a lot are bad for me and I don't have anything in the house that's sinful. Not even a cookie.

The bag that I keep the clothes pins in is plastic and rain had collected in the bottom, so I had to empty it out without spilling all the clothes pins on the ground. It would have been too much work to pick them all up again. That's how lazy I can be. I set the bag at an angle so the water can drip out slowly. The laundry basket also had a good layer of water in it, but at least it cleaned the bottom of dust and debris. Everything is drying now under the overhang of the roof. Housewife duties Dutch style.
My appointment with my SPN tomorrow is at 3 pm and I'm meeting my friend Von at 4 pm. That will give us time for a cappuccino or two and a good chat. I haven't seen her in two weeks, so it's about time. Besides, she is going to get her hair cut and I do have to see the result.
Now I 'm going to get ready for bed, which means I'll get my pajamas on and take my medicines and have something to eat. Then I'll watch some TV and get sleepy and doze off before I head off to the bedroom.

Have a good night, you all.



Maggie May said...

Have a cosy evening and sleep well later.
We are supposed to get those thunderstorms. So I can blame you! I HATE thunder. Makes me feel ill! Something to do with the pressure of the atmosphere.
Nite X

Frances said...

sleep well dear one. Glad you are seeing your friend as well.

Glennis said...

We also awoke to the sound of thunder this morning, and just snuggled down all cosy and warm with our little cat inbetween us.
Didn't last long and there is sunshine and rainbows now.

Maureen said...

I love thunderstorms too... but only when I am safe at home.

Have a good night, and a fun time tomorrow with Von!

Gail said...

Sounds like another wonderful day to me.

You seem to be having identical weather to ours! We had a wonderfully loud storm last night, too.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing to compare with the wonderful scent of laundry dried outside (even if it's just under the roof! I can't have a clothesline where I live, but I do have a small rack and I dry laundry outside on it as much as I can in the summer. That outdoor scent lingers for a l-o-n-g time, unlike those lavender sachets. As you say, they only smell pretty for a short while and it never really gets into the clothes.

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh I love clothes hanging on the line, Irene and I was looking at a pair of apple trees on sale in the nursery today and thinking, I so want to plant these by the clothesline as the scent would be all over the clothes!
I can smell the cappucino with you and Von, I'm the principal cappucino drinker of Canada. I also make my own.
Sleep well.

aims said...

Clotheslines are a rarity here as well Irene. I remember when everything had to be hung out to dry - dryers were a rarity. Ooops - showing my age here.

San said...

I love your shot of the clothespins against the sky. I have a clothesline and I enjoy using it. When I was a little girl, my favorite task was to hang clothes on the line for my mama. It's about the freshness.

Anonymous said...

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