Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday, sunday, feels so good...

I watched a Dutch movie late last night and it was actually enjoyable. I didn't fall asleep during it and that is saying something. It was funny and exciting and had an all women cast and they were good too. It finished at midnight and that is when I went to bed, not bothering to read my book, but just laying down my tired head on the pillow and drifting off to sleep. I got up once to go to the toilet, but slept until 10:20 am.

The dog was standing beside the bed wagging his stumpy tail when I woke up. Needless to say, he had been waiting for me to do so. Toby climbed all over me, because it turned out that the kibbles were all gone. It's wonderful to feel so needed right when you wake up.

I made myself a mug of coffee and then remembered that I was supposed to be at my sister's house at 11:00, so I called her to tell her I'd be a little bit late. I had to wake up properly first. This took me about half an hour and then I had the wherewithal to get dressed and comb my hair. No make up on my face, just that freshly scrubbed look this morning.

The dog was more than ready to go and off we went, I in my jeans jacket, for which it really was too warm, but I needed the pockets for various items.

My sister made cappuccinos and we sat out in her garden which is beautiful right now with all sorts of plants tall and blooming. She's got one heck of a tree that's trained to form a straight across canopy and has enormous leaves. I'll take pictures of it the next time. The hedges are green and bountiful and so are all the bushes and the lobelia was bright blue. It's a very pleasant place to sit and have a coffee and a chat, which went effortlessly this time, because you don't shop where the store is closed! That's my mantra.

We also decided to take the dogs for a walk and went around the neighborhood and saw many great flowering plants and tremendously green trees. It actually looks like it has been this way forever and not just a month at the most. I try to take it all in and remember every detail that I see, but it is so much and I should really have my camera handy.

The dog was quite worn out from the walk, because it was warm outside, and he kept looking for a cool place to lie down when we got home, but I think he has recuperated and is laying on his blanket now.

For some reason, I've got a lower backache and it is very unpleasant. I must try to get rid of it by Wednesday when I have dance therapy. I think I'll take those pain pills that I got from my GP. They always work well and fix me up in a few days time.

Today, I have to sweep the floors and hang up some laundry to dry. I also have to water some plants, but not all of them. I've noticed that some of them don't like too much water and if they do get it, they start dropping their leaves. So, I'll have to water them sparingly and hope they come back strong. I dislike plants with special requirements and these seem to need them and there is a middle of the road between letting them dry out and giving them water. They also require a lot of light, so I have to place them close to the windows, where I really don't want all my plants to be.

The dog is finally eating. We hadn't gotten around to that yet today. We had done everything else, such as take his food supplement for his osteoarthritis and I had put both the ointments in his eyes, but he had not had his delicious food yet. He did however just come and ask for it with his cute begging face.

Gandhi thinks she can eat dog food, but if she ever does eat a portion of it, she always ends up barfing it up, so I never let her have any of it, although she eats it with the greatest appetite. She's got a delicate stomach and can only eat little amounts of dry kibbles at the time. Toby is omnivorous, he can eat anything and given the chance will eat a lot of the dog's food. He certainly tries to and it agrees with him too. However, the dog very jealously guards his dish, especially with the new dog food in it.

It's wonderful how well I sleep in my new bedroom. I like going in there at night and the room feels welcoming. Somehow the light is different too and friendlier. I fall asleep looking at the things around me and caring about them. When I wake up in the morning, the sun casts the shadows of the trees on the shade of the window and I very much like that effect, as usually there is some wind and the shadows move.

Well, now I ought to go and do other things, though the lure of the computer is strong. We'll see where I end up right now. The day goes by quickly, it's over before you know it.

Have a super Sunday, its alternately sunny and cloudy here, but it hasn't rained yet. It's not predicted anymore either, so what the heck? Maybe I can hang out the laundry to dry.



Gail said...

A wonderful visit, loving animals, and a plan...what could be more perfect?

I love your room! I am assuming the art is your art...good job! Your room feels very soothing.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Sunday has been good here too, Irene. Your sitting out with capacinnos sounds lovely. Isn't it such a welcome change to be able to sit outside.

CJ xx

Maggie May said...

Oh, Irene, such a lovely bedroom. No wonder you sleep so well in it. beautifully neat and tidy, too.

Glad you enjoyed your Sunday. Had a great day here. Have waved my visitors goodbye, always a bit sad when daughter goes, but always tired too!
The cousins really enjoyed being together, despite their ages.

Its been a lovely hot day.
Have a good night, Irene.X

Lilian said...

Fijn om te lezen dat je zo genoten heb van deze dag. Je slaapkoamer ziet er heel erg vriendelijk en zonnig uit, lekkere lichte kleuren. Ik kan me voorstellen dat als je s'morgens wakker wordt en het zonlicht speelt met de schaduw van de bomen dat je kunt genieten van dat prachtige schouwspel. That's nature...
Zelf ben ik al 4 dagen niet buiten geweest en kan nergens van genieten. Maar ook dat zal wel weer overgaan(weet ik, denk ik, hoop ik) pffff tis weer zover dus

San said...

How lovely to go to bed looking at the things around you, and caring about them. That's what I call comfort.

Breakfast in California said...

Sounds like a good day! Glad you could enjoy the garden with your sister!

pinklea said...

Your bedroom looks so calm and inviting - no wonder you're sleeping so well there! There really is something to that Chinese Feng Shui, which prescribes no clutter, minimal furniture and soothing colours in a bedroom. You got it right!

jeannette stgermain said...

Your room is nice and warm, like you said. And...I see a lot of artsy things!! Now a few sculptures on these shelves...(whenever you're ready:) )

Frances said...

Wow - that bedroom is great. All the effort moving round was really worth it.

ric said...