Sunday, May 10, 2009


The apartment is my own again. Joost has left to catch his train and I am left with the animals and the bright sun shining outside. I have some laundry drying on the washing lines out back, even though it is Sunday, but the laundry was done and the drying rack in the bathroom was full. What's hanging outside are the duvet cover and the sheet and pillowcases to my bed and they will smell ever so nice when they are dry. That's when I'm going to put them right back on my bed again and lie down in it and sleep the sleep of the innocents.

The weekend went by quickly and soon enough it will be tomorrow and I will be painting another sculpture that came out of the oven on Friday. I didn't want to paint it then, because I was so frightfully late, but it's the first thing I will do tomorrow morning.

I showed Joost my collages and as I hadn't seen them myself for a while I became impressed by them all over again and more determined to buy the frames. Unluckily, I got an insurance bill for 155.- Euros for what they call my own risk payment. There goes a good portion of my vacation money, so I won't be doing any painting this summer. I won't be doing a lot of things, because I must have money in the savings account for the end of the year.

Oh, balderdash, just when you think you are ahead, you're not.

On to happier things. I've made some photographs today, just for fun. I'll post those now, starting with the tulips I got from Joost.

Then I'll show you a photograph of Joost himself. I have his permission to post it.

And, of course, then I also have to show you a photograph of the Überhund.

Which means that we can't leave Gandhi out of the picture.

And that means we automatically include Toby.

There, now we've had everybody here except me, but you already know what I look like and I wasn't about to have my picture taken. I'm not photogenic enough for spontaneous picture taking.

Actually, I'm kind of sad that Joost is gone, because now it seems very quiet here. A little bit too quiet. I have to get used to it again. As we say here, I'm walking around with my soul under my arm. Forlorn.

Luckily I have the animals and the television set and the computer which sometimes are of great help to me. Toby and Gandhi are practically indoor cats so they are around a lot and the dog has no choice.

I am going to put my pajamas on and have something to eat and watch TV. It will be a diversion.

Have a good evening everyone.



Frances said...

Hope the evening goes quickly and you sleep well ready for the day ahead. Joost looks very kind and nice. Glad you have a good friend like that.
I know what you mean about photos. I have to weed out the occasional one when I look reasonable and keep that, making sure to lose all the others. In general I tend to look like a very ancient Native American chief nowadays. Getting more masculine-looking by the day. LOL - that is when I have plucked my chin... LOLLLLLL

Maggie May said...

I know that feeling too well, Irene.
You get a house full and sigh when you think of solitude and then they all go and solitude seems unbearable.
Love you photos. You could do portrait photography, on the side!
Too bad about the large bill coming in. That is always happening in our house!
Can you put a small amount of money away every week for a holiday?

Enjoy your day!
It's ROOF DAY here! X

aims said...

I'm so glad you had Joost for the weekend. What a good time it sounded like.

I know exactly what you mean when your company goes. You almost feel like a stranger in your own home.

Soon enough you'll get use to the quiet again. Luckily you have your pets - I envy you that.

btw - he's a very handsome man! isn't he?

Maureen said...

Beautiful photos!!!! It is nice to put a face to Joost's name. Thank you!