Thursday, May 28, 2009

The times, they are a changing...

Let me be the first to congratulate myself on a halfway decent day, survived with just enough energy to spare to do the few things I told myself I had to do, because, let me tell you, my butt was dragging this morning and I could hardly move off the sofa once I sat down with my mug of coffee and my first cigarette. My limbs were sore and my shoulders ached and all in all I felt that gravity would get the better of me and drag me down to the floor, where I would lie like a sack of potatoes, never to get up again.

I was expecting the representative from the domestic help at 1 pm and my apartment didn't look so good. Of course, it wasn't supposed to look good, that's why I am getting help, but there are degrees of not looking good, if you know what I mean. I do have some amount of housewife pride in me and I wanted the kitchen and the bathroom cleaned up of their worst messes anyway, but had no idea how I was going to manage that in the half hour between the time I got home from therapy and the appointment.

So, I made an executive decision and canceled my therapies for this morning and breathed a sigh of relief. I was so beat anyway, that I wasn't up to getting dressed within the next hour and hopping on my bike to get there and joyfully make music. I think five mornings and two afternoons is too much therapy for me, because I always need a breather after Wednesdays. I feel like I've run the New York Marathon and finished last and took ten hours to run it, on my knees.

Well, I'm exaggerating a little bit, but that is to get my point across. I'm just plain tired on Thursday mornings and only want to sit for the first four hours or so. Drag my butt from one sitting surface to the next and do no unnecessary walking. Only raise my hands high enough to take a sip of my coffee and a drag of my cigarette. And wear no shoes, because my little toe hurts and wear no clothes, because my pajamas are so comfortable.

So, after a long while, I finally washed every dish in the place and got them spotlessly clean and scrubbed the kitchen counter with a scouring sponge. Then I took a load of dry clothes of the drying rack and folded those and put them away and took what was in the washing machine and hung it up too dry outside (hoping for no rain) and filled the machine up with a new load. I went around and picked up big fluffs of dog hair that laid around like snow flurries and wiped the surfaces of the tables. I threw away a bunch of things that were laying around for no good reason at all and emptied ashtrays that were overloaded. I didn't want it to look spotless, but cared for a little bit, so it wouldn't look like I was a total slob.

At ten minutes to one the outside door bell rang and I buzzed the person in, who turned out to be a very neat lady, who had to sit down in a cat hair covered chair, but I didn't point this out to her. She sat on the edge, but I think she always sits on edges. It was a - get to know you and what do you need appointment - and it went very smoothly. She already had an intro from my SPN and I added some details to that.

Now, the first help they are offering me, is someone to come and help me put everything back on the rails, but I have an option to have regular domestic help as long as I need it. Someone would actually come and clean my house on a regular basis. This is very tempting and would help me keep the place in order, so I may plead for that option. As it is now, I´m no longer in control and look at everything as a giant obstacle. Having someone come and do the big jobs, would help me keep the place clean and leave me with the little in between jobs, which there are enough of with the animals.

Anyway, lets not get bogged down in the details of that now and have ourselves a nice relaxing time here, because it´s almost 6 pm and time for all sorts of things to happen. I must take my medication then, I may watch the news, or wait until 8 pm, I will give the dog his dinner, I may walk him shortly after that or I may wait a while. Oh yes, and the cats will need clean water and milk in their dishes and the hardy fern needs more water until I have time to replant it in a bigger pot. Details, people, life is full of them and you need to keep your wits about you all the time. Woe is me!

The Exfactor was here this afternoon for two cups of coffee and a bit of a talk, and I told him that I´m switching political parties and am moving further to the left . I told him my reasons, expecting a good discussion about that, but much to my surprise he agreed with me and became as disloyal to his party as I had become. Well goodness, what´s the world coming to if it´s that easy to convince someone with your arguments? We´ll be voting for the European Union Parliament on June the 4th, that´s why this is a current topic now. I wonder if there´s anyone else I can convert before that time? Any of you? Vote to the left!

The dog slobbered up his dish of food with much appetite. Toby is finding a few leftover bits of it and eating those. The dog doesn´t care. He knows he´s had the best part of it. Now the digesting part starts and then I´l have to take him out.

After a cold gray day, the sun has come out and suddenly it´s nice out and 18 degrees Celsius. It´s going to stay that way for the next couple of days. That´s good, because I do need to sit out on a cafĂ© terrace tomorrow afternoon and I have no extra money for a bus ride, so I have to go on my funky bike. It is nice when mother nature co-operates under those kinds of circumstances. I do not want rained upon hair and wet clothes. It´s awful when your skirt clings to your leggings and your leather jacket gets wet, but you need to wear it, because it keeps you warm.

Oh, goodness, I forgot all about my Levi´s jacket. I must have a look at it and see what kind of shape it´s in. I haven´t worn it for such a long time. I can always wear it, even though I don´t know if it´s as cool as a leather jacket. I do have my image to consider, after all. I mustn´t even come close to the frumpy housewife look. God forbid!

Well, that´s enough of this ramble. I just made the mistake of checking my real life mailbox and see that I have been signed up for an email service that I did not sign up for with a company that I´m trying to get off my back since January now. They gave me a number to call and I did, but the number has been blocked. Hurray! I hate Internet companies! Grrrrr...

We´re not going to let that press our fun, though. Onward we go to higher mountains over steeper and greener hills. That will show them.

Have a great evening, everyone. Don´t forget to treat yourself with tender care, especially in these times.



Maureen said...

So glad your appointment went well... and I have to agree about losing some steam by Thursday. I am beat as well. The week just seemed to fly by, but I am looking forward to some extra sleep this weekend. At least the house is clean from last weekend's party; a shampooed carpet, dusted, and a clean kitchen and bathrooms. I love the days after a party; I don't have to stare at all the messes I usually try to ignore!

Have a great Friday; hope the weather holds and your bike ride goes well.

Lane said...

I can understand why all your therapies make you exhausted Irene. Even if some of them are enjoyable it still must be draining.

Hope you get all the help you need around the house.

Maggie May said...

You are lucky to get the offer of some help in the house. I wonder if you will take it? You sound as though you are a very clean person even without it.
We had a boiling hot day today. How strange the weather is.

Have a lovely sleep.X

Gail said...

Sounds like that went very well! Having theraphy five days is as hard as going to work everyday, maybe a little more exciting. You deserved a day off.

jeannette stgermain said...

I think you did a good thing, taking a break, because you used your time well -I'm proud of you!
What is that about the voting on Union parliament? the news here doesn't tell us the important news LOL

Frances said...

hah! I love the idea of cleaning up before the cleaner arrives. LOL
Hope all goes well and you get plenty of help with that.
Left, okay, will do ma'am.

John said...

my best - big handbags, huh...