Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Pretty Lazy Saturday.

Is it my imagination, or am I having many lazy days lately? Please tell me that it's my imagination, because I would hate to go through life as a not diligent Dutch housewife. I mean I do do the odd job in the apartment now and then and I do take very good care of myself. That ought to account for something, should it not? I am always well put together, the fact that the Queen can't come over for tea at the spur of the moment should not be held against me.

I am striving to follow in the footsteps of my late sister in law who was not a great housewife, but an immensely interesting woman to hang out with and whom I loved dearly. She was always in the mood for any sort of conversation and no subject was taboo, and she had a good sense of humor too and she was very emancipated. Can you think of a better role model? The fact that she didn't scrub her kitchen sink on a daily basis didn't seem so important. She wasn't married to her house.

Anyway, I sort of wiled away the hours doing many mostly unimportant things, though once in a while something mattered quite by accident. Like spontaneously and unplanned cleaning up the kitchen to the point that the counters were free and clean. And going through my mail and throwing away everything that was unimportant and non threatening. And picking up heaps of dog and cat hair that had bunched up together under the furniture. That will be the bane of me yet.

I took a spontaneous nap on the sofa, because I was suddenly overcome by sleepiness in the middle of the day and fell sleep with the TV on, watching a very interesting program about the Holocaust Museum that was built by the same architect who got the commission to build the memorial at Ground Zero.I can't think of his name now. Just a minute...Daniel Libeskind. It's a shame that I missed most of the program, because it was very good. I find daytime television on the weekends to be very interesting with lots of good documentaries and good interview shows.

When I'm not behind the computer, I find that I turn the TV on for company and quite accidentally watch some good programs that way. I fall asleep with it on during the night, turned down low, and sometimes what's on TV becomes part of my dream.They are mostly reruns of the news, so by osmosis I am very well informed.

I made a short shopping list and with rain threatening, I rode my bike to the super market. Luckily, it wasn't too busy and I was done in no time and even remembered to buy a new electronic lighter, because the other kind of lighters always stop working when they are still half full. How is that for optimism? It's actually quite a rip off when you have to dispose of a disposable lighter that's still half full. I tried matches, but the striking surface on the box isn't what it used to be and is only there for decorative purposes.

Just when I had loaded up my bike and started to ride it out of the parking lot, it started to rain really hard and I thought, "Oh, what the heck, you have short hair, it will be dry in no time," and I pedaled home as quickly as I could, not encountering too much traffic, which was good, because I would not have put on my brakes for anyone.Just as I got home, the rain stopped. It was a joke of Mother Nature, she has a good sense of humor. She is always testing my willingness to brave the elements and to see how hardy I am, to see if I'm made of the right stuff to be called a Dutch woman.

I bough ten liters of milk and I hope they last me a while, but knowing how fast I go through milk, it will be gone in no time. The animals in all their curiosity came to help me unpack the groceries and found out to their disgust that there was nothing special for them, except for an empty shopping bag for Toby to climb in. My shopping bag is from the Socialist Party, so people can see my political preference up front. I never think about it when I go out with it and I guess I do make a statement, but it is really no big deal. It's not an in your face sort of thing. Tolerance reigns.

If I didn't vote socialist, I would vote for the Green party, because their attitude is right and they make humorous commercials that get their point of view across exactly. Unluckily, they don't stand a chance of winning enough votes in an election, although out of principle I am on their side. The socialist party is a very serious contender and should have been in this coalition government, but the Christian Democrats would not govern with them and left them out in the cold, which is not how the people voted.

So, we're stuck with this government of Christian jackasses for now, which is a real shame and gave us an unworthy prime minister who is a man without authority and leadership. An embarrassment to the country. That's not the worst of it. You would not believe the clowns who have started their own political parties and movements and who are being taken every seriously. It scares me! They are getting too much attention from the press.

I never knew I was such a political creature until I came back to the Netherlands and gained the right to vote. I never miss the news now and am always on the look out for the ridiculous and the ostensible stupidity that the system brings with it. I think politicians need to be sat on and watched like hawks, unless you have a person of great integrity whom you intrinsically trust.

In the meanwhile, peace and serenity rule in the apartment. The cats are very quietly moving around doing catlike things, such as investigating nooks and crannies that they know by heart, but are apparently worth having another look at. The Überhund is sound asleep by my feet. He told me earlier that he was hungry, so we fixed that problem. He really tries to tell me what he specifically wants and hopes I guess the right thing by his general stand and bark. We usually figure it out pretty quickly, but I don't know which one of us is the smart one.

I am planning on staying up late and sleeping late in the morning, but you know about good intentions. They do fall by the wayside. All I need to do is put my pajamas on and get on that sofa and I will be sleeping before you know it. I am hoping on some good entertainment from the TV, maybe that will help.

Here are some more photographs from the Exfactor.

Have a very good evening and wish for lots of sunshine for tomorrow.



Maggie May said...

Tell the Exfactor we really do love his photos.

I am often in a lazy mood. Lazy when it comes to housework, that is. I prefer to do something creative any day.
I have several fridge magnets and one of them says.... *My house was clean yesterday, sorry you missed it*

Don't start me off on politics.It is a pity that we have to vote for something that we don't wholly believe in just because we feel that the party we really want to get in would not stand a chance. Tactical voting that is. I have done that too.

G/night Irene X

Anonymous said...

There is that much rubbish on the telly during the day it's enough to send anyone into a deep sleep.

With regards to Maggie's comment, I have a wall plaque which states the same words, my house was clean yesterday etc. Quite true really!!

CJ xx

Frances said...

lovely - I do like magnolias so much. what beautiful photos they are.
Your day sounds most satisfactory, a nice mix of things done and relaxation with no real structure - one of the advantages of time. I am a strong believer that if we have time we are rich - and should make the most of it by being leisured and relaxing - not feeling guilty and pushing ourselves to do stuff all the time.
Hope tomorrow is another good day. The forecast here is for sunny weather, hope you get some too.

jeannette stgermain said...

Wow those blooms, amazing! And the treestrunk so interesting!!
Am glad you're doing better Irene:) Have a good Sunday!

Wisewebwoman said...

I went off the meds, Irene and I'm feeling so much better, I was fighting the war on 2 fronts as antib's are no good for what I have. I did some research.
I took some pics today and wrote a poem which I will post some other time and so my day was drifty too, did some groceries and played with the animals and wished my daughter happy birthday and see her tomorrow.
You sound on top of things again, my dear.
Sunny Sunday!!

Catherine said...

NIce photos. like the title exfactor! I like your witty comments on politics, as a fellow-socialist! As for the greens, in Ireland anyone who voted green would usually be left-leaning, sadly the greens in Ireland have totally sold their soul to the right wing government since they went into power with them after the May 07 election, and it is sad to see them being lap-dogs for the govt.and a totally powerless body in their ineffectual ministerial department, they got environment and local government, toothless tigers and none of the power like finance or health or education. Those of us who gave our no. 2 to the greens effectively voted back the shower that are now in power, and we are mad as hell that by voting green we voted Fianna Fail. Which in English looks like fail but is pronounced fall.They are failing the country miserably though. Anyway you see my political blogposts on my blog and know the background to the state of the country. We are all held hostage to the banks and the developers. So enjoy having lazy days and don't guilt-trip over them!

Wendy said...

Wow, that is a really cool interesting tree! nice photos.

Gail said...

Good photos, once again.

Everyone needs a lazy quiet just for me day. YOu deserve it.

New better picture on my hair on Monday's post.

Tessa said...

I agree with Maggie May - the Exfactor does take good photographs. Glad you had a nice day cleaning and pottering about - days like that can be quite satisfying even though you may not have exerted a huge amount of energy, you still got things done and dusted.

Your mention of memorials made me think of the Holocaust Memorial behind Notre Dame - do you know it? - which is without doubt one of the most poignant and deeply evocative places I've ever encountered. Almost unbearably simple and unadorned, it nonetheless speaks ringingly of the torment and horror suffered by those who targeted during that hideous time in our history.

Anonymous said...