Saturday, April 11, 2009


Today I am wearing a black stretch T-shirt with a black bolero over it, a black mini skirt, purple leggings, dark brown boots and one blue and one green necklace. Suitably colorful, yet understated. It felt like a wearing black day with a dash of color. I am struck by the moment as to what I will wear and quickly pull things out of the closet and put other things back into it. A short moment of transformation takes place and I am usually pleased with the outcome. I follow my instincts. They never let me down.

Luckily, there is enough choice in my closet for enduring change, so I don't need to get bored with the clothes I have. Now that I have these colorful leggings, the choices increase and it is even more fun to get dressed. I must remember to get more of them and I will look for some other colors when I am in town next.

I'll never get done buying clothes, though, there is always some item that needs to be added to make my wardrobe more complete and versatile. I need a gray bolero, so somehow I need to track down a cheap one and I will have to keep looking until I find one. I do get ideas stuck in my head and it's a shame that I'm not in some way connected to the fashion industry, because I would have a blast.

It rained during the night, but when I took the Überhund out for his walk, it was very nice outside and I ought not to even have worn my jacket, which is the black leather one that I've been saving for the springtime. It's a short little jacket and not too heavy and perfect for when it gets chilly, but now it's warm out and I can do without. I remember buying it and having my mind set on having a black leather jacket with snaps and zippers and I was very happy when I found it on sale. I tell you, there's nothing like being a single woman and being in charge of your own wardrobe, unless it is being in charge of your own bank account.

I may just go into town today and see if I can find that gray bolero, because I feel lucky today and have a feeling I'm going to find it. I will take the bus, because pedaling on that silly bike is too frustrating all that way.

There was a time in my life when I thought that I did not deserve any nice clothes at all and I had a very minimum wardrobe that could fit in a small suitcase and there'd be still room left over. I never bought any pretty clothes or did anything interesting to my hair or bought perfume or jewelry for myself. I wore jeans and T-shirts and I had just a few of them and hardly any shoes to speak of. Those were mean years for myself. I don't know what I was thinking back then, why I thought I was not worthy of nice things. Why I thought other people deserved them more.

The more emancipated I become, the more worthy I become of nice things. The more I let go of traditional roles, the more I let myself have things and own things. I become more selfish and look out better for myself. The less browbeaten I am by the traditional system, the more liberated I become as a full blown woman. I am allowed to be attractive and sexy and appealing and very much female. And that's not even to attract men, because I don't give a hoot. I do it purely for myself. For the pleasure of me. If I did it to attract a man, I would loose 10 kilos.

Well, my sister just called and she wants to go for a walk with the dogs, so off I go. The Überhund can use the exercise, although he'll be panting in the warm weather.

Have a good day you all.



Frances said...

sounding good. Have a lovely day

John said...

Thanks for your visit - any chance of getting large photo files emailed for use???? my best.

Gail said...

I am encouraged by your liberation, there is hope for me. I care not what I look like or dressed as long as it is comfortable.