Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Half Way Decent Sunday.

I decided to take my camera into my own little postage size piece of back garden and shoot some pictures of what is growing there now. To the right you see the winter blooming Jasmine which has gotten quite green over the last two weeks, and over the top of it you see the different leaves of what I assume is a tree, because it is growing rapidly and is as tall as I am now. I have no idea what sort of tree it is and it popped up out of nowhere, but it is welcome here and I must get a closer look at the leaves, so that maybe I can identify it, The Exfactor
took the tree identifying book, but I'll ask him to bring it the next time he is here, so we can figure it out.

Then there is the Prickly Bush which I suspect is a tree also, because it has amazing growing capacities despite having been cut back several times. It just comes back twice as hard. It is pretty to look at and also got here quite on its own, but the branches are covered in thorns and are very hard to handle, so it's best left alone. Beside it, to the right, is also an interloper of unknown origin that needs to be cut back because of the washing line and you can see that I really need that book, for I have no idea what it is. Mother nature just gives me these bounties of her hand.

This is the tall Golden Rain now and it has gotten very green, but in a short time it will get yellow blossoms and it will be a sight to behold. It's absolutely gorgeous. Our neighbor says that it interferes with his tomato growing abilities, but I'm not cutting it down for a few measly tomatoes. He'll have to find a sunnier spot for them. Old people can be such a bother and get their mind set on things. Luckily, they are going to their caravan as soon as the weather allows it and he has a vegetable plot there, where he can putter around to his heart's contend.

This is the littlest tree I've got and it is a mountain ash berry, just like the other three trees I've got.
I may have called them different things in the past, but that's what they really are. It also settled here on its own and has found itself a nice semi sunny spot. I am quite taken by all these interlopers and would not think of digging them out. I'm too happy with them. It's thanks to the birds that they grow here. Beneath this tree, out cat Sofietje is buried. We had to have her put to sleep because of brain damage. It'sa fitting tribute to her and a memory to her lively spirits and the many scars I have on my arms because of her, that she gave me in her excuberance too hang on to me in her last months of life when she was a little bit crazy and had stupors.

It's been a slow day at the Pondorosa. I haven't done anything note worthy or to call special attention to. It is Sunday, after all, and that s never a noteworthy day of the week. It stands out in its dullness and lack of interesting things to report. When I walked the dog this afternoon, I sort of let him take the lead to see where we would end up and we took an aimless stroll through the neighborhood, but he seemed to enjoy it and he produced three bags of substance, but I came prepared.

At one point, my keyboard stopped working, but a little fiddling with the cable put that right, though I did panic there for a moment, because I thought, "Oh my God, no keyboard, what will I do now?" I am especially dependent on my PC during the weekends. I am married to it on the weekends.

I think the weekends last one day too many. Sundays are just that extra day I don't need, except maybe to take many long naps on he sofa, but I haven't even done that today. During the week I have one day on and one day off and that is just perfect for me, but a two day weekend is too long. Unless I had a friend to go hang out on a sidewalk café with and drink a Wieckse Witte or two. I must find me another friend like that.

There's my friend Lucien, but she likes to plan things weeks ahead of time and then very often calls things off at the last minute. So not much spontaneity there. There have got to be better friends than that. I'll do some serious looking around. I'll go friend shopping.

Well, after all that's been said, I think I will go and clean up the kitchen. There are about three days worth of dishes sitting there. It's about time those get done, the fairies aren't going to come by during the night and do them.

Have a terrific what's left of the day. The sun is shining into the living room now and creating warmth in here.



Frances said...

We have had lovely weather here too.
Your greenery looks very attractive. I have a bit of that philosophy myself, nature does its thing and we can't fight it too much. If those trees like it there, so much the better.
glad you had a restful day and now you're looking forward to action in the week.

Maggie May said...

Lovely greenery, Irene. The birds do drop the tree seeds about. They swallow the berries and then they come out the other end and start to grow where you least expect to see them. Bet you really wanted to know that, didn't you? You did mention the Uberhund's bag of poo though so I haven't completely brought the tone of your blog down too much!
Shall I tell you what my husband would say about the trees (being a builder?) If they are anywhere near a building or wall, then root them out!

Breakfast in California said...

I love seeing your garden! Do you have any bulbs planted? I found a nice tour of Maastricht on YouTube and had fun wondering if you were in the crowd. The thermometer is in the sun and has pegged out at 112, but it's really only about 85 today.

I like the photo of African women. Terry and I just watched an episode of "No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency," which is set in Botswana. Very good!

Wendy said...

Since you're shooting on a Sunday you should participate in Small Town Snapshot Sunday! :)

Nora said...

I used to hate Sundays too..24 hours alone was more than enough for me. Now I have to fight to get a piece of the weekend just for myself, but I imagine that won't last forever..

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Nice to see you again sound happy:) I enjoyed your pictures too...everything looks very healthy and green! trees are good...birds are brilliant, your on to a winner I think!

Gail said...

Wonderful green growing plants and trees. I think spring has sprung. I have a new haircut on my blog.

Tessa said...

Love all the greenery! Bare and skeletal winter trees give me the heebie jeebies. Your little garden looks like such a lovely, tranquil hideaway.

And, oh, where did you find those wonderful African images at the top of your post?