Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cutting Class.

The alarm clock woke me at eight AM this morning, which is really a good sign, because it means I'm sleeping well and would probably sleep even later if I could.As it turns out, I think the bed is a much better place for me to sleep in than the sofa was to sleep on, as I am really more comfortable and sleep deeper and steadier and don't wake up with aches and pains.

Nouri keeps me company by laying right beside my pillows and there is always at least one other cat laying on top of me. The Überhund sleeps on his pillow beside the bed. It's all very cozy and you see that the animals do like your company and seek it out.

So, after I got up, I did my slow waking up routine, which includes petting the dog while he sits between my legs and goes into ecstasy, because he loves to have his ears scratched. Then he barked at me, because he wanted to eat. It was his eating bark, which is high pitched and kind of urgent.

I made cigarettes, a whole pack full, and had another coffee and then got dressed and walked the dog in the rain and got very wet. Considering I had to get on my bike and go to the clinic, this did not make me very happy and I wished for it to stop raining, which it did not.

I gathered my things together and was ten minutes away from leaving, when I decided not to go, and it was only partially due to the weather. I suddenly chickened out and thought that I would feel more comfortable if I met the new therapist first and investigate the new work space, so I would not suddenly find myself in a strange place with a new therapist whom I did not know.

Somehow, this way of thinking seemed logical to me and it gave me a way out and I realized that I had been feeling a bit of pressure about it all that I was ignoring. I'm really not a very brave person and imagine all sorts of uncomfortable scenarios in my head before I have to start a new venture. I'd rather make sure everything is safe ahead of time and soothe my own mind.

This left me perfectly nicely dressed and made up unexpectedly at home, so I gave myself some computer time, but I will follow it up with house cleaning time. I think I will finally vacuum the living room, because it's been ages since that's been done, and I will hang up laundry to dry and I will dust. Then I will do whatever other kind of job I have the energy and motivation for, I will make many dents in an otherwise seemingly impossible task.

My sister just called to tell me that she got a terrible case of the stomach flu at both ends for two hours straight and that she now feels completely washed up and weak. It almost sounds like food poisoning, but she has not eaten anything out of the ordinary and no one else is sick. She was supposed to go to work today too. Poor thing.

I think I will start my work in the kitchen and get that area cleaned up first. I do have some dishes to do and some sweeping to do as well. Somehow I always feel better if the kitchen is under control. Then I have a clean base to work from. The cats won't like me dragging out the vacuum cleaner, but it can't be helped. It must be done. Especially the furniture needs a good cleaning.

Well, wish me luck and a lot of muscle power and endurance. Hopefully I'll get far today.


P.S. A tag from my friend Von, they're the latest in compliments to collect in dating sites, as I understand it.


Maggie May said...

Glad you had a good night's sleep and that you were expecting good things to happen today.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a good night's sleep makes all the difference. You've had an awful lot of rain there for a while now. The grass on those photos looks lovely and lush.

CJ xx

Tessa said...

Good idea, I think, to meet your new therapist and do a bit of investigation of the new environment. And, by cutting clinic you got all that tidying and dusting done!

aims said...

What a change around Irene. Hooray!

Starting on the uphill track again. I'm very relieved.

John said...

Amazing greens - real hot here - cannot get to comments on my blackberry for your blog - a mystery.

jeannette stgermain said...

I am proud of you that you do what you think is good, instead of forcing yourself to do the right thing and then getting so stressed out. Cleaning is good! I should do some more of it myself haha, because we hauled boxes from the garage into the living room to search out info. for hubby's Dutch retirement. Happy cleaning!

Millennium Housewife said...

Gorgeous pics, if your cleaning didn't quite feel enough, you're welcome to come over to mine - I wouldn't protest I swear. MH ps there's cake in the tin...

Frances said...

Yes. Always be gentle with yourself.
When you have forced yourself to do things against your fears and better judgement, it has had a bad outcome.
You will do it in your own time and when you are able to - good for you that you are assertive enough to make these decisions.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you listen to yourself! I often hear myself, but end up going with what I think I SHOULD do, which is not necessarily what I truly WANT to do. I need to try harder ...

Babaloo said...

I bet your apartment is now sparkly clean! Which isn't what I could say of our house. Although I only had a cleaning session on Monday.

Pity you didn't go to therapy today, maybe it would've turned out alright? But, it's true, it's better to be kind than to force yourself. And the upside is that you now have a clean apartment! :-)

Wisewebwoman said...

I'm glad you're sleeping well Irene dear!
And get to know thy therapist should be a commandment all by itself!

Maureen said...

Aw, cute award!! Yes, I prefer a clean kitchen as well; it makes the whole house seem cleaner... I too hadn't vacuumed or dusted in ages and finally got off my butt and got them both done. With three cats and a dog, I shouldn't leave it so long.

Love all the green photos!

Anonymous said...