Saturday, April 04, 2009

Positively unmovable.

That's what I am this morning, although I did walk the Überhund to the mailbox and posted a letter that has to be somewhere on Monday and I kept forgetting to put it in the mail, but other than that, I am unmovable, even though the clock keeps ticking away the minutes of the morning and soon enough it will be noon.

It rained during the night, bringing an end to our warm spell of weather, and it's supposed to rain some more today, but I had my sunny day yesterday and I can vegetate on that for a few days until I need some more sun again. In the meantime, I am wearing my spring clothes, meaning a dress with short sleeves and a bolero with short sleeves and thin leggings, albeit with boots, but that's just because I like them and I'm trying to wear them as long as possible.

I have run out of proper tobacco and am now making cigarettes with the crumbs that I have saved out of the bottoms of various pots. I knew they would come in handy one day. I have to go to the tobacconist in a while and also order the extra strength tobacco which I want to smoke.

I must also go grocery shopping again, as supplies are running low and the Überhund is almost out of his Mini Frolics and I am almost out of milk, although I do have non dairy creamer now, so I could even skip going to the store and wait until Monday. I'll see. The Überhund has Frolic in bigger chunks which he refuses to eat unless I cut them up in small pieces. He is so persnickety.

Von and I have made a plan to take the train to Liége one of these days. It is a city in Belgium and we figured we could explore it and do a lot of terrace sitting and window shopping and people watching and maybe visit a museum. The downtown area is quite interesting and should keep us occupied for a while. I also want to go to Aachen again and hope she wants to go too, because it would be fun to go together. See the benefits of hanging out with another single woman. At least Von has adventurous bones in her body.

I must do some laundry today, but a cat has lain on the clothes in the laundry basket and gotten hair all over a black sweater, so I must first try and remove as many of them as I can so as not to contaminate the whole load. It's too bad that I like the color black so much, as I'm always plucking of the white cat hairs. I also must get ready a bag to go to the recycle store of clothes I don't wear anymore and make some room in my closet. Sometimes I buy clothes that I end up hardly wearing and other clothes that I wear a lot and become my absolute favorites. There's never telling ahead of time how that is going to go. It's always a complete mystery.

Now that springtime is here, I will be wearing different combinations of clothes and less layers and some things I haven't worn for a while and I wonder if I will still like them. I'll pull clothes out of the dark recesses of my closet and have a look at them again. One thing I will not wear is my jeans. I have three pairs of them and not a hair on my head thinks of wearing them. I think they are so unbecoming on me. I feel like a clodhopper in them. I like skirts and dresses ever so much better.

I have to buy socks, I have been going through them as if they are disposables. The toes get holes in them so quickly and I always end up buying three pairs at the time. I must go out and get some now. Women's socks don't have very well reinforced toes, unless you buy really thick ones and I don't want those. No apres ski socks for me.

I think I am going to change clothes and wear my black mini skirt with a funky colored long sleeved T-shirt. The weather is just a little bit cooler today, so it warrants long sleeves. I'm always in for a change of clothing, even if I don't go anywhere special. I just like the act of transformation. I should have been born in Victorian times when women changed dresses in the afternoon and evenings. How much fun that would have been. Disregarding the corsets, of course.

Okay, I'm off for a dive in my closet and then off to buy tobacco. Have a lovely day, you all. The sun has decided to come out over here, but I don't know how long it is going to last. It may be momentary.



Maggie May said...

It is lovely here, Irene. Really Spring like & I went out in just a lightweight body warmer over long sleeved top and trousers and was warm enough. I have had my winter hair all cut short!

Hope you have a good day, Irene.X

Frances said...

hope today is as good as yesterday. We are having sunny and cloudy moments today, but it does really feel like Spring nowadays and we can get out and smell the lovely flowers as well as look at them through the windows! LOL
Have a good weekend

aims said...

Gosh Irene - what a difference from a while ago. The Temazepam really works well for you. Hooray!

We still have snow here and probably will get some more for a while yet. Our spring doesn't happen until May really. The rule here is not to plant anything until May 24th. Then we have such a short summer and it's back to winter again.

I loved the pics of the tables out in the sunshine all full of people. It sounds like you've got a nice friend in Von. Is that short for Vonda?

I bet you're itching to get your hands back on your sculpture. I watch my brother doing his pottery and he has to touch it every day. It just makes him so content.

Anonymous said...

First of all, thank you for commenting on my blog continously, I am so sorry I have been terrible at reading blogs recently due to the lambing.  I will improve however.I love that word, persnickety.

CJ xx

Gail said...

I am catching up since I have been away. Continue to encourage me to enjoy dressing...I need all the help I can get!

Hope your tobacco run was successful and fun.

Maureen said...

I treated myself to a few new tops while in the States... can't wait to start wearing them at work. I love finding something new that I like, but most of the time I come home emptyhanded from shopping.

Hope you had a great day!