Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Another early morning post.

I just realized that I didn't water my plants this past weekend, but what I can see of them seems to be okay. Everything looks perky, although I have no idea what kind of condition the soil is in. For all I know, they're silently screaming for water. I will have to water them this morning before I go to ergo therapy. I'll have lots of time for that, because it's still very early.

You see, when you get depressed, you neglect your plants. It is almost a given. So it's very important that I take care of my plants well, it is a barometer of my mood and one thing I don't want to happen is for my plants to die. I would find that inexcusable, although it has happened to me many times in the past. So my mission is to keep my plants alive, if it's the last thing I do.

Another thing that happens is that you start neglecting your animals. You forget to put down bowls of clean water and refill their dishes of kibbles and forget to give them their pills or apply ointment. I am on the edge here and it is only because they are so persistent that I remember to do a lot of these things, but I do forget some of them. Luckily, the animals speak up for themselves in a way, so they eventually do get what they need. Just not at the right time. So, the water bowls are empty and the cats go without kibbles and the Überhund doesn't get his breakfast until noontime.

I'm hoping that the extra medication is going to make a difference in this area and help me concentrate better on these details.

My thoughts are so easily led astray. I float away from what I am trying to concentrate on and travel through my whole head to all sorts of places. They're not necessarily negative, they just are not to the point. I spend a good deal of my time thinking about things that have nothing to do with anything I should be concerned about now.

That's why it is taking me forever to type this little bit of text. I keep being distracted by my own thoughts. I think it is best if I take my medications now, instead of waiting another hour. The sooner I take it, the quicker it will work. There is nothing better than feeling your medication work.

The first birds just started chirping and no, the sun is not up yet, it is still dark outside, but they know it will soon be dawn. They sound very cheerful and I imagine they are greeting each other. What a nice way to say good morning. It must be wonderful to be a bird, but you must always be weary of cats, especially around here, although my cats have not brought a bird home in years.


Half an hour later... I have just been sitting here, drinking my coffee and smoking my cigarettes, doing absolutely nothing but staring at the screen and thinking and waiting for my pills to work. Well, now they're working and I can go and water my plants and put out clean water bowls. I want to put a different image with this post today. Not the regular kaleidoscope. Let me see what I can come up with.

Have a good day and make something of it.



Lisa Sarsfield said...

Oh that sounds heavenly! Waking up and quietly welcoming in the day....and listening to the peaceful chatter of birds! But you knew I would like that I am sure!

I'm so glad my blog decided to make friends with yours! I will touch wood ofcourse.

I am also very pleased you will start an AB! Wahoo! Let me know how you go and if you get stuck you know where to find me! Perhaps we can swap sometime? Once you've had a go and seen if you like it or not....

Go well and have a happy house-plant watering day!

Have you seen this man? said...

TGW: Been there too. I call them my cave days. I wish I had you're strength though.
Your words help us all - Thanks.

By the way - Cool photo.