Monday, April 06, 2009

Another good Monday.

I am very merrily sitting here behind the computer with my mug of decaf and my cigarettes, The Überhund has had his dinner and been for a walk, so the evening is mine to do with as I please. I've opened the mail that had been laying there since Friday and it turned out not to be anything important. So that's load of my mind, because I was kind of hesitant to open it, expecting something complicated. Now my mind is at ease. Some envelopes have such an imposing look about them and are so hefty that you expect all sorts of complicated forms to fill out that are going to determine the rest of your life, but nothing could have been further from this truth,

So I sit here with my mind at ease for now, knowing that at least for this evening, everything is according to the status quo and the sky is not falling. I don't need to be chicken little and go around shouting my head off. What a relief and on top of that, there was no new mail at all today, which happens very often on Monday and that is always a nice thing in my book. No mail means no bills to subtract from my dwindling bank account. Fourteen days until payday, I always eke out those days.

I spent 70 minutes this morning drinking coffee and waking up from my long deep sleep. I petted the impatient Überhund, who was more than ready to go out, but I just couldn't get a move on. Then, finally, I got up and did everything in a hurry, because I realized I was going to be late for creative therapy if I didn't get the show on the road.

I dressed as fast as I could in my lacy tights, because the weather was going to be nice, slapped some make up on, fixed my hair and took the dog out for a mini walk. Then I still had time for a final mug of coffee and to make some cigarettes and hop on my bike, to get there with room to spare. I had an espresso in the smoking room and socialized with the other smokers until it was time to start our activities.

I put the finishing touches to my latest sculpture and when I was done with it after an hour's worth of work, we realized that it sort of had collapsed upon itself, because the clay was kind of soft. The group therapist was able to fix the problem with pieces of cloth and wood to jimmy it back up and now it is sitting under a piece of plastic gathering strength until it is ready to dry. Oh yes, I also have to hollow it out before it dries. This to prevent it from shattering in the oven.

I've started on something new, but I don't now if my heart is really into it, and I may start over again from scratch and make something entirely different. It's not something that I'm really getting excited about and I do require a certain amount of that to make a good start of it.

Unfortunately, soon enough, it was time to go home and I rode my bike home in the beautiful weather and walked the Überhund when I got there without wearing a jacket. It was lovely outside and the sun was shining all over the place.

Then I had to make a shopping list and go to the supermarket where I stocked up on everything and rode my heavily loaded bike home without getting into an accident, although at times I was riding in the middle of the road, due to lack of coordination. The shopping bag on my handlebar was very heavy. I had to make two trips to get all the groceries inside and then I ate lunch and took a nap on the sofa, of which I was rudely awakened by the telephone and I was not very coherent. Seeing as though it was the Exfactor, this was not much of a problem.

I never did fully recuperate from my interrupted nap and even now I am still yawning, so it promises to be an early evening, unless I nap again and wake up later and have to start the whole thing over again. I have been known to do that. I have an appointment at 9:45 AM with my new psychiatrist, so I do have to get up at a decent hour and put myself together well to make a good impression. My SPN will be there too, so I won't feel quite so lonely and intimidated.

The Exfactor has been going on daily bike rides when the weather permits and he takes photographs and sends me the good ones to put on my blog, so I will put the ones he sent today on here. It will give you an idea of how things look here right now.

That's all I have to tell you, so here are the photographs.



Anonymous said...

I'm like you with the mail - cringing at the sight of a big, fat or legal-looking envelope. I never get mail on Mondays either. I'm convinced it's because our local post office does absolutely no sorting on Mondays, ever. I think I can count on one hand the number of times I have ever gotten mail on a Monday for the last twenty years!

Maggie May said...

I love the photos, Irene. The Exfactor takes good ones, doesn't he?
We get a lot of rubbish with out post. I'm always trying to sort it out & get rid of things. Shredding and discarding when I can.
Today was a nice day but it is trying to rain now.

Violet said...

I have a bad habit of ignoring mail that looks officious. Or like it wants money.

How nice of the Exfactor to share his photos with all of us via your blog! You have a lot more green where you are than we have.

Oh yeah, and it's snowing. My poor miniature garden.

Catherine said...

Hi Irene, I love your photos and the ones of Maastricht you posted on Facebook also. I like the bare trees. And I agree about the mail, we get a ton of junk mail and I should really ban it. I am trying to catch up on blogposts and have only managed one in the last week, posted yesterday, if you see it there are some great photos of an old big house and estate. I don't know where you get the energy to post almost daily, good for you!

Gail said...

Your Ex has a good eye. I would not even get my mail out of the box if my sister did not pick it up. Sometimes I let it season for a few days before I even tackle the pile.

Frances said...

lovely pics.
Hope you are fast asleep now and that tomorrow goes well with the new psychiatrist.

The Gossamer Woman said...

Pinklea, fat or legal looking envelopes are the worst. They intimidate me with the very look of them, but then very often, they turn out to be very innocent. I'm sure that on Mondays, the post office is behind on sorting the mail, but it is an extra day off, so I don't complain too much. The City government, and its agencies, has its own postal system, so we get that mail anyway. Which is good, especially when you are expecting important papers.

The Gossamer Woman said...

Maggie May, I think it pleases the Exfactor that I post his photographs and he makes the extra effort knowing that I do.

I don't get a lot of junk mail, because I have a No/No sticker on my mailbox banning junk mail. It would all end up in the recycle bin, which I have no space for.

We're supposed to have some rain today, but pleasant temperatures.


The Gossamer Woman said...

Violet, mail that wants money is evil mail. I will have to wait until pay day.

I love the photographs that the Exfactor shares with us, he is most kind and a little bit vain too.

I thought you were all done having snow! It can't snow on your pretty flowers!


The Gossamer Woman said...

Catherine, I will visit your blog forthwith and admire your old buildings, because I do love those.

I have more time to bog than you do, who leads such a hectic life. You always seem to be going to meetings and other get togethers.


The Gossamer Woman said...

Gail, seasoning mail is a good thing, you can get used to it being in your house and then suddenly pounce on it.

Get it when it least expects you to open it, that's my tactic.


John said...

i borrowed these....yes, fat envelopes are bad news often...

The Gossamer Woman said...

Frances, you were right, I was asleep. I'm sure everything will go well with the new psychiatrist. Unless we have a total clash of personalities, but doubt it. I'm meek as a lamb.


The Gossamer Woman said...

John, I'm glad you borrowed some, be my guest!

Wisewebwoman said...

Lovely pics, Irene, all hail the ex-Factor.
Lacy tights, you've got me obsessing on lacy tights, and thanks for your wonderful offer which I will probably avail of in the summer.

The Gossamer Woman said...

Mary, I'll make sure you get some lacy leggings too.