Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nursing Days.

I feel like I'm a nurse in a vet clinic taking care of the animals. I give the Überhund his Fortiflex for his osteoarthritis in the morning wrapped in a slice of meat and then apply two sorts of ointment to his eyes, because both eyes are infected, I repeat this process in the evening. In between, all day long, I am picking off the scabby snot of Toby's nose, so he can breathe, and I'm cleaning his eyes.

He doesn't like this very much and puts up a struggle, so I have to grab him by the skin of his neck and be quick about it without making an enemy out of him. So far, this seems to be working, because he does not actually run away from me, but lets me pet him afterwards, so maybe in his dim little mind, he knows it's necessary. Since cats can only breathe through their nose, he sounds terrible and you can hear him from some distance and I have to keep the passages open.

I do find that I have a lot of patience when it comes to taking care of sick animals, so maybe I'm a natural and I missed my calling. The Überhund is very good about having the ointments put in his eyes and doesn't put up a struggle, he is completely resigned to it and when I tell him to scoot closer, he actually does.

Those poor critters in my sickbay . I hope the other two stay healthy.

My day started off kind of slow with an undetermined mood, It felt that it could go either way and I sat behind the computer for a while and drank my coffee and smoked my cigarettes. When I was fully functioning, I walked the dog, but when I came back, I was so tired that I laid down on the sofa and took a nap, from which I woke rather refreshed and hungry.

I had something to eat and made a shopping list and went to the grocery store, where it was very busy and many shopping carts blocked the aisles. I very rudely shoved my way through them, because I am very single minded and when on a mission, stick to my goal and get to the things that are on my list and nobody gets to stand in my way.Especially not little old men who have very doubtful looks on their faces as they contemplate the many kinds of soup and won't get out of the way. I do so dislike people who dawdle and have bewildered looks on their faces.

I do always manage to pick the really good checkout line that moves quickly and I'm done in no time. The hardest part is getting all the groceries back in your shopping cart to take them to your bike where you can fill up your various bags. You can't keep up with the speed of the check out person and you have to pay before you have all the groceries back into your cart. We don't have bag people in the Netherlands like they do in the States.

Once I got home, and had unloaded all the groceries, my neighbor from upstairs came for a cup of coffee. She is a very lonely woman who needs a bit of company every now and then and she comes and has coffee with me. She has a very complicated life in which everything goes wrong and I only understand half of it, but I try to be a listening ear, although at times that is hard. Especially when I can't quite follow the story. She has decided that I am her friend.

I was so discombobulated, that I almost let some of my plants dry out and die, but I think I caught myself just in time and gave them a good dousing in the kitchen sink.It's always a bad sign if you don't take care of your house plants properly. I've had many plants die that way, because I was mentally not okay and neglected things around me. It's a good thing that the animals make noise and remind me to take care of them. Lol.

Well, now I have to get something to eat and get into my pajamas for a nice leisurely evening in front of the TV. We were suppposed to get some rain, but it never materialized.

Here are some pictures I made yesterday.

Have a good evening, cozy in your livingrooms.



laurie said...

i hope toby improves quickly.

i like your pictures, especially the sidewalk cafe.

hope your keel stays even, irene.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you should definitely have been a vet! I don't like looking after sick animals at all but being a farmer comes with its disadvantage I suppose, even though I let my husband do all the gooey, revolting and squeemish stuff.

Fingers crossed for a quick recovery.

Lovely photos btw.

CJ xx

Babaloo said...

I feel like a vet, too, some days. Or a nurse. They keep us busy, our pets, don't they? But we wouldn't wnat to be without them either, definitely not. Hope Toby gets better soon.

Hope you had a good evening and now an even better night!

Frances said...

Hope you had a nice cosy evening and sleep well.

Catherine said...

You have been busy Irene! I have too so that is my excuse for not having been to visit your blog in a few days. I must also reply to your email about politics! I have a lot to catch up on tomorrow and a lot of filing awaits too! I love the photos of the toren, is that the stadhuis? It reminds me of the one in Zierikzee. THe weather looks good, it has been very changeable here, sunny yesterday and rain today. Have a good Sunday.

Maureen said...

Well your Zoo is certainly lucky to have you to take such good care of them. They are like children, sometimes, eh? I do hope they are doing better soon. Good job in giving them the care they need.

Those pictures are very nice; it was warm today, but not nearly short-sleeved weather like you have!

Have a great Sunday.

Maggie May said...

Glad to hear that you are taking care of all the animals and I think maybe you should have been a vet's assistant. (Probably too many nasty things that you'd have to cope with though.)

Thanks for sharing the photos. The cafes are lovely spilling out onto the pavements and made me feel I was right there.
Have a good day.X

Gail said...

Very interesting photos...I like!

I have the same problems with plants, thus I try to have no living plants. The ones I do have thrive on drying out completely and then being drowned so we all get along fine. I must have them all in one spot or they are forgotten during my weekly water.