Friday, April 24, 2009


My cat Toby is pretty sick. He is sneezing and coughing and has runny eyes and a very runny, snotty nose, which I need to keep clean for him so that he can breathe. He doesn't like this, but I have to do it. I took him to the vet tonight and he said that Toby has the "sneezing disease", which I can't find a translation for. He gave him a shot of antibiotics that will last for two weeks and hopefully he will be a lot better then, If not, we determine the rest of the treatment. It is contagious, but since the other cats are showing now symptoms, it means their resistance to it is high or they would have gotten it already,.

Poor Toby was so miserable in the cat carrier and then we had to sit a while in the waiting room surrounded by dogs and Toby was pathetically meowing nearly the whole time. Things were more interesting to him when he saw the vet and got to come out of the carrier when the vet listened to his breathing and gave him his shot. Then we had to manhandle him back into the carrier, which he did not want to get back into, but we managed in the end. He was really happy when we got home and I opened the carrier and he could walk out of it and be in his familiar surroundings again, but now I don't see him anywhere and I think he has walked away angry. He is probably sulking somewhere.

I've started on a new sculpture at creative therapy this morning, after having a heart to heart talk with the therapist who had talked to my ergo therapist and we straightened out some misunderstandings. As by now I am really tired of discussing the subject, I won't go into it again here. Needless to say, I have a lot to learn.

The new sculpture is hard, as I have to do a lot of guess work and I'm going slow and trying to place myself in the mind of Henry Moore and what he intended to show with the rest of the sculpture that I can't see. Somehow it has to make sense.

When we took a break I sat in the smoking room, deep in thought and unable to loosen up and get into the conversation. I'm not back to normal yet. I tried to make small talk, but it was hard and I had to pull the words out of a very deep place inside of me. It is better to be at work and scrape away the clay and add where it is needed.

When I came home, there was no Überhund, but I saw the Exfactor's bike parked outside and figured he was taking him for a walk. After a while they came home and the Überhund ran inside to find me and needed many cuddles. The Exfactor and I had coffee and he promised that he would come by next week and help me clean the apartment. He is concerned about my state of affairs and tries to help me out in every possible way.

I had an appointment with my SPN at 2 PM and when I got there we filled out the paperwork together to get temporary help in the household for me. That means people come and help you set things right again, but you also have to do the work, you can't sit back and have them do it. They help you get back on your feet again while you are unable to do it on your own.

After that I rode my funky pedaling bike downtown and parked on a street close to the market square where the café was were I was to meet Von. The terrace was completely in the shade and it was kind of chilly, as the wind blew through the street off the river. Probably not the best place to have picked for a meeting. I had a Wieckse Witte while I waited for her and soon enough she showed up. Meeting with Von is the most relaxing thing I do all week and we sat and enjoyed ourselves talking and watching the people walk by.

I ordered a second glass of Wieckse Witte, but couldn't finish it and I think the next time I will just order a cappuccino with a cookie.

I had to take back two pairs of leggings that were much to long and had a very strange design on them that had not been visible from the package. Luckily, this was no problem and I got my money back and bought some new leggings in another store. We didn't buy any food for a change and parted early, because I had to go to the pharmacy before they closed to pick up some medications I was almost out of.

It was good to get home, regardless of the state of it, I ignore it as much as possible.I saw the state Toby was in and knew I had to do something. The Überhund just about crawled on my lap because he was so happy to see me. I'm his main woman. I'm his Mom.

Now it is time to shut off the computer and make myself comfortable on the sofa with something to eat. I've already got my pajamas on, so that part is all done. I just have to take my medicines.

Hope you had a good day and are having a good evening.



Elaine said...

I do hope Toby gets better, and I hope you have a lovely, peaceful weekend, Irene.

Henry Moore - eat your heart out. x

Wisewebwoman said...

All healing thoughts to Toby and to you too.
I would so like to join you at your cafe outings!

Maureen said...

Oh, poor Toby... I hope he is feeling better soon. I am sorry I have been away; time to catch up once again. I must find time each day to come by rather than try to pack in all this reading at once. But it is Friday evening, our pizza has been devoured, and it is time to relax on the laptop with a glass of wine. My favorite time of the week!

Take care. Now I must move on (or backwards) to read what I have missed these past few days.

Anonymous said...

It's always awful when a pet gets sick: they're so miserable, but they can't tell you what they need, so you have to guess and then you worry that it'll be wrong. Hope you're not TOO stressed out about Toby, though! (And I hope he gets well very soon.)

jeannette stgermain said...

I can tell, some things have straightened out in your mind - I am so happy for you!!-also, that you are back to making scupltures - just take the time you need:) Have a good weekend, Irene. PS Nice that you get huishoudelijke hulp:)

Breakfast in California said...

Hope Toby is recovering, and I'm glad you're getting some help with the house. Have fun with your sculpture!

Maggie May said...

Poor Toby. Hope he gets better soon. I wonder what the English equivalent is? Cat Flu?

Glad you are getting help with the housework and also that you managed to get a new sculpture started.
Things do work out in the end. X

Frances said...

Sound good to me, you have your mind clear on the therapy and you are going to have help with the housework. Result.
Hope today is lovely.

Babaloo said...

Great that you're getting some help.

Sounds like Toby has the cat flu. But keep an eye on it, sneezing can have other causes, too, like dental problems or allergies. But the antibiotic should sort him out, hopefully. Poor thing!

Have a good and relaxing weekend!

Gail said...

May Toby recover quicker than expected.
Sounds like you had a better day.

Milo said...

I love having my PJs on and cuddling my dogie too. it is the most beautiful part of the day. really settles me down. all the best, love and hugs from Milo xxxoooo

aims said...

Oh my friend.

I have a good idea of where you're at and I feel for you. It's a hard place to be.

Here's my hand if you want one to hold - And you always know I'm here.