Friday, April 03, 2009

A Smashing Day.

Remind me to always stay on my Temazepam and to never stop taking it and to never get it in my foolish head that I don't need it anymore, because the opposite is true. After having been on it now for a few days, I notice a world of difference and I am so relaxed and without stress that I never want it to be any other way. I actually enjoyed myself today in a very relaxed sort of manner, without feeling all wound up and under pressure to make it a good day, because it just happened by itself.

It started off well enough by being woken by the alarm clock and not minding that one bit and getting myself a mug of coffee and relaxing with it on the sofa while I petted the Überhund. Then I very leisurely got dressed and made up and did my hair and took the Überhund out for his walk in the early morning sunshine. It promised to become a nice day.

I had time for another mug of coffee before I left for creative therapy and to make a supply of cigarettes and then I hopped on my bike without a scarf or gloves and my jacket open and rode it to the mental health clinic. I had time for an espresso there and sat out on the deck in the sunshine chatting to the other people out there enjoying the sunshine and the mild temperatures.

At creative therapy I started on my new sculpture and was so into it that I forgot my surroundings and got very far into the sculpture. People joke about me, because I forget everything around me, including to drink my coffee, which stands there getting cold. I can't not work on the sculpture for one minute. I try, but it is impossible, and when we have our half hour break, I can't wait to get back to it. Regardless, I have to do a lot of finishing touches on Monday,to make it really look good.

I did manage to exchange likes and dislikes with a fellow sculptor about music and dance and art and theater and literature and we decided that we liked a lot of the same things. So that made for an interesting conversation, but I never stopped working. My fingers were busy while my mind was having a conversation.

Then it was home to the Überhund who had to be aired and cuddled and made a fuss off, because I was leaving him again that afternoon.I managed to inhale a mug of Brazilian coffee and make some more cigarettes and then walked to the bus stop without my jacket on and with bare arms, because that's how beautiful the weather was by now. I had to wait for the bus for ten minutes and it was hot in the sun. I wore my sunglasses, so I wouldn't have to squint and get wrinkles by my eyes.

The bus took me downtown to the market square, where I pulled some money out of the wall and from there I walked to the Our Dear Lady Square, where all the tables were occupied, but where my friend Von had managed to secure a table for two in the shade. It was perfect. We spent the afternoon chatting about everything under the sun and people watching.

We started off with cappuccinos, which came with separate glasses with liqueur and whipped cream which you were supposed to tip into your cappuccino and Von didn't want hers, so I had a double shot of that and it was delicious.I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Then Von ordered sparkling water and I ordered Palm beer, which is the beer on tap and I like it best and I felt like getting mellow. It was very pleasant indeed and I had another one, but we nurtured our drinks and made them last.

Then we went to a department store and I picked up four pairs of summery leggings and Von bought a cute top on sale.We spent four hours hanging out together and there was never a dull moment. We check out good looking men a lot, except that she is more serious about it than I am. I just do it for the sport.

I caught a bus back home and was so far away with my thoughts, that I missed my stop and had to get off at the next one, which involved quite a bit of extra walking. The Überhund was quite happy to see me and I gave him a treat for having been so good all the time. Then I had to walk him, or rather, he walked me, because he was very eager to go out.

I bought the leggings the wrong size and will have to go back and exchange them all for a smaller size. Maybe I will do that tomorrow. I thought I was bigger than I am. Oops!

I have sore feet from walking on the cobblestoned streets and am dying to take my boots off. In a minute I will put on my pajamas and put on my slippers.

All in all it was a day well spent and it was a fun day, very relaxed. I am glad I can drink beer and not stand on my head. That means I can do that more often.



Violet said...

Those large outdoor patios are so inviting... glad you had a smashing day - that came all by itself!

Frances said...

YAAAAAY! So glad to hear you had a lovely time today.
Hugs from here

jeannette stgermain said...

waauw, it looks like spring has arrived in Limburg.
In Breda, I used to live there for a year, they have the same set-up -all the chairs and tables in the middle of a kind of a city square with all kinds of building s around it.
Hope you'll share your sculpture with us?
Bytheway, that was very courageous of you to say that on my last blog post:)

Maureen said...

Ah, finally caught up again! It seems I missed quite a lot; my apologies for being away. I do hope you can share photos of your sculptures; I would love to see them too! I also love all the photos you have added to your posts lately... it looks so lovely there!

Maggie May said...

Glad that you are feeling better, Irene. You ought to know by now not to stop drugs without professional help.
Loved the photos.
I guess a photo of your sculpture would be nice!
Have a good day X

Gail said...

What a wonderful day! Great pictures.