Monday, April 27, 2009

Merry Monday.

I finally got off the sofa, which was slowly mangling my body and limbs and causing me to get up like an old a lady in the morning, and slept in my freshly made bed, after I also screwed in an extra energy saving light bulb in my double fixture lamp, which made the bedroom look cozier and extra inviting so that I liked being in there better. It still is an awfully big room for just that one little single bed and I do feel kind of lost in it, but I slept well and only read half a page in my new book before I was asleep. Needless to say, I have no idea what the book is about and I will have to read that same half page over again.

I woke up at 3:30 AM to go to the loo and for one whole minute thought I was awake and that I should stay up. Luckily, I had the sense to go back to bed first to see if I was really done sleeping and fell asleep again almost immediately after trying to read the same half page in that book again and this time it made even less sense.

The alarm clock woke me at seven AM and it was going off for quite some time before I realized what that irritating noise was. I must get a friendlier sounding alarm clock, one that has bird song or something pleasant like that. If the alarm clock had not gone off, I would have slept a lot later, so I think sleeping in my bed is an overall better experience for my night rest. Tomorrow morning I get to sleep until 8:30 AM and we'll see if I make that.

It took me almost 50 minutes to get into a functioning mode. I sat and had coffee and cigarettes and petted the dog. You see how I like to live dangerously and postpone everything right down to the last minute. Then, suddenly, I got dressed and made up and fixed my slept on hair and medicated the dog and took him for a walk. When I got back, I just had enough time to make a portion of cigarettes to take with me and drink one last cup of coffee. That left me with seven minutes to get to the clinic.

Luckily, everybody else was late and I was the first one there. It seemed that the buses are on a holiday schedule now and didn't pick up people when they expected it. The schools have their spring break now.

I went to work on my sculpture and had to work out some difficult areas that I could not see on the photograph, but that I somehow by logic had to guess at and although it was frustrating, little by little I figured out what I thought I had to do. It meant taking away a lot off clay and making one area very unstable, but it was the only way to go, there was no other option.

Then I had to fine tune the whole thing and make sure it was properly finished and hollowed out and I had to take a chunk of clay to shore up the unstable part so it would not start to lean over while it dried and get cracks in it. At that point, it was as finished as I could get it and I declared it done. There is a point where you have to stop messing with it.

I had about 15 minutes left to look through the book to see what I would make next and there are some things I may consider making next, although some of them are intimidating and I don't know if I can make them, though the therapist seems to think that I can. We'll see, it's always a bit scary to start a new one.

I wasn't home for 30 seconds when the phone rang and it was my sister who wanted to go for a walk with the dogs, which luckily, I was in the mood for and the Überhund needed a good walk. We met at her house and made a long walk through the neighborhood, checking out people's gardens and everything that blossomed there.

You wouldn't believe the amount of flowers we saw on bushes and hedges and plants. Everything is blooming and some of it smells very good. The trees are laden with leaves and it looks like it is high summer. Everything has changed in just a very short amount of time and it all looks beautiful.

My sister is looking for a new house and saw two for sale in my street and wants to find out more about them. After her divorce, she's not keeping the big house she's living in now. The gardens alone are too much work. So, we'll see what happens.

The Überhund was plumb worn out from his long walk and has taken all this afternoon to recuperate, but I think now he is getting ready to eat again and go for his evening stroll. Toby still sounds very plugged up and in a minute I have to clean up his nose again, which he will hate, but it has to be done.

I think I have enough energy to do some cleaning around here. Nothing massive, just some little jobs to help make it look better. Cleaning up the bedroom helped. I wish there was an anti cobweb spray.

Have a good evening, you all. It still hasn't rained here, though they keep saying it will.



Frances said...

haha! loved that. sometimes it is difficult to get into gear to move until it is so late panic sets in and all that energy rushes us and gets us ready in no time somehow.
Hope you sleep well again in your bed and that tomorrow is a lovely day

aims said...

You sound a lot better Irene.

I'll try to remember to remind you when you forget which path to take.

Maggie May said...

Irene....... you sound so much better.
Those photos! Are they statues or are they people? How unusual!
Poor Toby he sounds really snuffled up.Hope he improves.
Have a good night (In your bed)

Anonymous said...

What on earth are those whimsical statue thingies? It would certainly put a smile on anyone's face to see them!

Wisewebwoman said...

Those poofy thingies, what are they pray tell?
Poor Tobes, I hope he's better soon.

Tessa said...

Love the colourful creations dotted around town - what fun they are!

So pleased you are feeling a little better now - must be the sun and the flowers and the walk with your sister that helped, I suspect?

Maureen said...

Ha! Oh, yes, I could definitely do with an anticobweb spray....