Saturday, April 11, 2009

A leisurely afternoon.

After I walked the Überhund with my sister and her dog at noontime, I fixed my hair, which was hard to do, because it had gotten to long and would not stand up perky the way I wanted it too, and put some make up on my face. Then I made a supply of cigarettes for myself and packed all my necessities in my handbag and walked to the bus stop where I only had to wait 5 minutes for a bus to take me downtown.

Getting off the bus, and walking into the direction of the shops I wanted to check out, I noticed again the hairdresser where you could walk in without an appointment, and I thought, "Why not, today is as good a day as any to get a haircut," although I had never been there, but how badly could they screw it up?

So I went in and indicated that I wanted a wash and a cut and was helped shortly there after and the girl who cut my hair did exactly what I told her to do, which was cut my hair so short, that it stands up by itself with just a little bit of wax in it to give it that wild look and I am perfectly happy with it and it cost me the same as at my other hairdresser, so that was pretty painless.

I had walked in there feeling like a woman with a bad haircut and desperate hair and I walked out of there feeling like a million bucks. My hair is always lighter after it has been cut, as if all the blond hair reappears and I like that. Now I don't have to mess with gel and hairspray and I need to make sure I keep it this short, so I must go to the hairdresser often to keep it under control. My hair grows quickly and before you know it I look like an unkempt woman again.

It feels a little bit disloyal to go to another hairdresser, but at the same time very adventurous and I may do it again when I am in town at the right opportunity. If anyone listens to how I want my hair cut, they earn a place of recognition in my book.

So, walking out of there with my new hairdo, I felt pretty spunky and walked accordingly, with a chip on my shoulder. I went to my favorite store and after looking around for some time, I found a bolero on sale that is the same as the one I have in black, but in gray and it was on sale, so I bought it. I can already envision the different clothes I can wear it with and the leggings I have to match. When I saw it hanging there, it whispered, "Take me home, " to me and I obeyed like a good girl.

Clothes have a way of speaking to me and talking me into taking them home with me where they absolutely have to be and I can't leave the store without them. It would be like leaving a starved puppy behind. I can't do it. I think those clothes are hanging there in that store specifically to be taken home by me and that they're just waiting for me to show up. The sale is just a formality to be taken care off.

Since the weather was so beautiful, I decided not to go home yet but to find a table on the sidewalk of the big square. Let me tell you, that was a chore. I walked the length of all the terraces before I found an empty chair in the shade no less and very thankfully sat down and ordered a Wieckse Witte (I spelled it wrong before). There were some Hollanders sitting at the table beside me who were loud and obnoxious and who give all the Hollanders a bad name here and I could have given them a good wallop to get them to shut up.

I nursed my beer and enjoyed the scenery, which was of people sitting at their tables enjoying their food and drink and the two churches in the background and the numerous people passing by looking for a place to sit. An elderly couple joined me at my table and we sat amicably in a pleasant silence listening to the obnoxious Hollanders, exchanging knowing smiles every now and then.

When I was done with my beer, I ordered a cappuccino that came with a cookie and I ate that and drank the cappuccino greedily, as if I wanted too get over my buzz in a hurry, although I didn't really have much of one. It was time to take the bus home to the Überhund.

I had to wait 10 minutes for my bus at the bus stop and I spent it idly watching people and imagining lives for them and realizing that I didn't want to trade with anyone I saw there, no matter how good looking or well dressed they were. You can't superficially want to trade with anyone, unless your own life is so bad that it's not worth living.

The Überhund wagged his whole body when I got home and wanted to be fed right away. After that, I took him for his walk and it was still warm out. All the kids and the grown ups in the neighborhood were out on the field having what seemed like a group picnic. It seemed very cozy and fun, except for the littlest kids who wanted to do things that weren't allowed and screamed their heads off. So much for togetherness. I don't know why people insist on having little kids. They should all stick them behind the wallpaper.

Well, those were my adventures for this afternoon. I didn't do any housework today, but otherwise I amused myself. I didn't even go grocery shopping, but must make things last until Tuesday. I will have a bare cupboard soon.

See you again soon.



Gail said...

Sounds like a lovely afternoon.

I love your hair cut!!!

I was born November '54 so we are very close in age which doesn't really matter but just thought I would tell.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about impulsively popping into a hairdresser's and then getting an amazing cut. That's happened to me a number of times, too. Also, I LOVE how you think people should stick small kids behind the wallpaper! I'm a teacher, and I've often had similar thoughts.

Wisewebwoman said...

The haircut's great Irene, easy to maintain and great colour, thanks for the pics of your surroundings, I felt I was right there with you fighting over the cappucino ;^)

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great!!! So glad you took the risk and went in and got the cut you wanted.

Sounds like you had a wonderful, busy (but a nice busy) afternoon. I enjoyed your photos!

Maureen said...

Lovely photos (and great cut!) I Irene! What a great way (well, sans the loud neighbors) to spend a nice Spring day; outside on a terrace, drink in hand people-watching.

Hope you have a great Sunday.

Elaine said...

Stick the kids behind the wallpaper! I'll be giggling about that for weeks!

Hope you have a lovely weekend, Irene. xxx

Grit said...

great hair! can i paint my kids with emulsion instead? (come to think of it, they do that to themselves already.)

aims said...

Oh Irene! You cracked me up again!

The haircut is super fab. So you! I just love having short hair that you can spritz up with a bit of gel and hairspray. No fussy around with it forever sort of stuff for me either. The shorter the better.

(sorry sweetie - The Man is still in bed)