Sunday, February 01, 2009

I could have...

I could have slept until later, but I decided to get up at seven and start my day. Not that I was all that eager, because it is Sunday, after all, and it is going to be a lazy day and it doesn't matter what time I get up, but I really wanted to have a cup of coffee and a cigarette and sit behind the computer for a while. Besides, the Überhund was restless and so were the cats and they apparently wanted something to happen and I thought that meant food, so I fed them all and after that they all slowed down.

I love the way the Überhund goes comatose for a while after he has had his food. It's like it puts him into a stupor. He goes sound asleep and snores too. The cats get into my still warm bed and go to sleep, so the whole family is happy.

I should be taking a shower now and washing the hairspray out of my hair, but it will wait until later. It is always such a job to get my hair back into the shape I want it to after I have washed it. It's so soft and fine and I have to use the curling iron and wax and hairspray to get it to stay in place. Women do a lot of hard labor to look good.

I tried wearing extra night clothes to see if I would sleep better if I was extra warm, but I woke up in a sweat in the middle of the night and had to take off a T-shirt. So that experiment failed. Apparently, I am warm enough and extra heat does me no good. No men with extra body heat need apply.

It's -2 degrees Celsius outside and it is sunny. I would like to be oblivious of the cold, but I know I can't be and I will have to wear my gloves when I take the Überhund out. I don't mind the cold that much as long as there is no wind. Wind makes it worse and I would hate to live by the seashore where there is always a strong wind blowing off the North Sea. I know this, because my aunt lives there and she likes the wind and is always commenting on it. It makes her feel free like a bird.

I am definitely more of an inland person, as the sea somewhat scares me, not because I can't swim, but because it has something menacing. I always feel it as a threatening entity that is waiting to flood the country and very often I dream about that too. Where my aunt lives, there are dunes and dikes that are supposed to keep the sea away, but when you look at the water that is higher than the street level, you wonder if it is possible. If I lived there, that would be a constant worry I would have. People in England will also remember the terrible flood of 1953.

I bought some special coffee pads that were on sale and that should give me a better cup of coffee. I can't wait to try them to find out if that is really true, or if it is all nonsense. I have to finish the other bag of coffee pads first, though. I can't be caught cheating. The best coffee in the Netherlands comes from Douwe Egberts and that is where these pads are from. If you ever want to try Dutch coffee, look for that brand. It makes the best cup of coffee, so my expectations are high. Usually, I buy the store brand, which is okay, but I want my coffee to taste extra special and strong.

Well, I must hit the shower now and then walk the Überhund with wet hair. I will put my warm woolly hat on.

Have a great Sunday.



John said...

Feb is the coldest month - no respite jere- yet, Bev does have snow drops.

Most of the time I am too lazy to make coffee - diet coke, cold can on a cold morning...woke up early.

Super Bowl today - remembner the Super Bowl?

By late February we do have early crocuses.

Almost an American religion .... so glad Bush will not be congratulating the winning team.

Mya said...

Hi Irene!
Make sure you keep your head warm with that wooly hat!
It's cold here, but bright and sunny. I have daffs in the garden. Good luck with the sofa delivery - I'm sure it will go fine. But make sure you get a seat...don't let those pesky animals take it over!
Mya x

Mean Mom said...

It's absolutely freezing here. I kept waking in the night, with a cold nose! We've been promised snow.

I couldn't live by the sea, either. You're right about the wind. Some seaside places are windier than others and can even be cold when the sun's brilliant.

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh Irene, I feel I was formed in the sea, I love the sea and never feel threatened by it, even in the worst of storms.
Keep your head well covered. Sinus trouble can be bad this time of the year!!

Maureen said...

Oh yes, I have a terrible fear of flooding as well. Thank goodness we have a floodway encircling our city; it has saved us numerous times. It is not too cold here this weekend (-10C) but it is terribly windy (80Km wind yesterday!) and blizzardy today with big snow flakes. Well, it is expected in February here, after all... hope your day was lazy and fun!

Stacie said...

Ooooh I love the sea especially in the winter. The wind does make it less fun tho. We are almost never cold here in Georgia. Sometimes it will get below freezing but it always rebounds right back up to 50 degrees F. Enjoy you lazy Sunday!

Frances said...

The weather here keeps changing its mind. We do have a few crocuses around and it is quite light when my daughter goes to catch the bus to college and when she is coming home, so that is a bit cheering. It is winter blues time now, we are sick of it - like the last few weeks of pregnancy, you don't care how awful the birth is, you just want the pregnancy to stop and to have that baby... LOL - of course - because I am perverse, when I had the baby I occationally thought it was much easier when I was carrying her around inside me.

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

What a way to wake up, John, with a cold diet coke! Brrr...Will Obama be congratulating the winning team? I don't remember this custom.

Mya, the cats are the pesky animals that will claim the sofa first. The dog is not allowed on the furniture. The cats shed hair and do not make themselves well loved. Hurray for the daffodils.

Mean Mom, I am sorry to hear about your cold nose. You must not have a very warm bedroom. Maybe you should knit a nose warmer. Like a little egg warmer with an elastic band to hold it in place. Might be hard to breathe through, though.

WWW, the sea is fascinating and I like to walk on the shore and collect shells and pebbles. I forget how scary it can be then. But the sea behind a dike that is higher than I am scares me.

Maureen, you are a true Arctic woman. You withstand blizzards and very low temperatures. I hope your husband finds a job again soon. Where is your email address?

Stacie, you make the sea in Georgia sound like fun and I'm sure it is at those temperatures.

Frances, being pregnant was much easier than actually having the child. I missed being pregnant. It's the part I enjoyed a lot, especially at the end when I waddled.