Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I have just walked around my apartment and took some photographs of ordinary things. This is in a cubbyhole in the bookcase. The dish holds stones that my son and I found on Goat Rock Beach in Northern California. In the box are special memories to him and the last handwritten letter I got from him. The cat is there, because he was a cat person like me. I see the stones are a little dusty. Got to clean those up.

Here is one page of the book collage framed behind glass, therefore the nasty glare of the flash. I tried to take it without the flash, but that corner of the room was to dark.

Not too dark, however, for those plants to thrive. They are doing well there and get watered once a week. They need to be re potted, as they have little roots dangling out of their bottoms, but so far, so good. There are three plants there in one pot.

It said that it likes dry conditions, but it seems that my plants like to be kept wet and in the dark, so you can't believe everything you read.

This is the little hardy fern I talked about with the framed birth announcement of my grandson, which is washed out by the flash and a baby picture of me.

I put the baby picture there for effect. It isn't normally there, but it was handily nearby. I thought you might like to see how cute I was.

Here are the hand towel and the dish towel in the kitchen. Next to it is the potholder that my sister in law quilted before she died some years ago. It used to get used a lot when the Exfactor still lived here. Now I see that it needs to be washed.

The things you notice when you take pictures of them!

The towels get used every day and I am constantly hanging up fresh ones. They're great fillers if you don't have enough laundry for a whole load.

The flowered cups are collectibles I inherited from my Mom. I have other dishes with this pattern also, not many, just a few.

The mug with my name on it we bought in Germany, in Aachen. I like mugs with my name on it. I plan to buy more if I see any and if I like them.

The teaspoon depicts the Our Dear Lady Basilica downtown.

Here is where I keep all my necklaces, although some of them aren't on there, they have to be repaired.

In the box are some marbles that someone gave me once as a keepsake with a little note to go with it. My bike keys are laying on the shelf also. The little figurine is a baby penguin that the Exfactor got me once. I better not think of what trip that was.

Here is where I keep all my keys. Except for my bike keys, because I don't want to mix up my bike keys with my house keys.

I got this key holder from my other ex, who knows how much I like cats and who always buys me something cat related.

Exes can be handy that way.

This is my favorite picture of my son, looking not into the camera, but at the cat he is petting, with a smile on his face. It is a sacred picture to me.

It is a still life with a picture and a plant and a cat.

That's how it stands on the little bookcase and I look at it every day.

He is never far away from me. He's in my head constantly.

Well, that was that. I hope you enjoyed that little glimpse into my world.



Mean Mom said...

What a good idea and I really did enjoy those little glimpses into your world. There seems to be a lot I do not know about you, as I wasn't around when you first started blogging. I had no idea that you had a grandchild.

I love the key holder, which would fit very well into my own house!

Maggie May said...

I really did enjoy that little tour round your house, Irene, looking at your precious things.
You did look a lovely baby!
Love all you cat ornaments especially the brass one by your son's photo.
Like the cats tails holding your keys.

Good for you putting in photos. Look forward to more! X

Babaloo said...

Oh, I loved this trip around your place! Love your ornaments and especially that part of your book case with the stones you collected with your son. What a beautiful arrangement.

Also like your coffee mugs! :)

Jill of All Trades said...

I liked it very much.

Exmoorjane said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on mine. I shall try to cultivate style and a stiff upper lip!
Love the header image on your blog and shall look at that site rightaway...though never quite dare to play around with too much on my blog in fear of it all vanishing in smoke.
Also really adore the pics that are atop each of your posts - are those your work?
Too much to absorb in one visit...shall return.

aims said...

Everything is as I expected it to be. Not surprised in the least - how strange!

Thanks for sharing these vignettes Irene. I can see how important they are to you - all of them - and sharing them with us is an admission of how important we are to you as well.

Thanks. I'm happy to be part of your life.

Anonymous said...

How lovely to have a little insight beyond your closed door. Your plants do indeed look delightful, I wish I could look after mine as well as you obviously do.

CJ xx

Wisewebwoman said...

Thank you Irene for sharing your sacred spaces with us.
I was moved and touched.

Stacie said...

You were such a cutie! Love the pictures!

John said...


Grit said...

what a simple and brilliant idea, Irene. I loved seeing your photos and finding out the stories. Thank you.

Lane said...

Thank you Irene. Having a look at your special things was a real treat.

Love the 'Irene' mug:-)

Tessa said...

Oh! Thank you for sharing your treasure with us. A lovely tour of part of your world.

Frances said...

lovely - and so clean and tidy and sparkling. You do so well to keep yourself in hand. Glad to see you are back on a balance.