Tuesday, February 03, 2009

All of Northern Europe...

All of Northern Europe got a big layer of snow yesterday except for the Netherlands. We got a fine dusting of it and then got rained on and it made the snow disappear. Secretly I am very happy about that, well, maybe not that secretly, because you all know I didn't want it to snow. I don't know why we were spared, it was a fluke of nature.

After giving it much thought, and listening to my nagging little inner voice, I canceled the purchase of the new sofa and I was much relieved after I did so. I kept being unhappy with the idea of it and couldn't justify it in my mind. I think I will wait a good while before I will get a new sofa, or may even do what some of you suggested and have this old one reupholstered. I'll see. The thing about this sofa is, that it is awfully comfortable and great to fall asleep on. The new sofa didn't have such great armrests even though it was bigger. Well, it's all water under the bridge now. Luckily, I was not to late to cancel and that was a very good thing.

I keep sleeping very well. I do get up once in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, but I have enough sense to go back to sleep, where in the past I thought I had to get up and turn the computer on. I sleep late in the mornings, at least what I consider late, and feel well rested. Luckily, most of the time, the Überhund sleeps as late as I do, so I don't have to get up to let him out or to feed him. When it comes to timing, we're tuned into each other.

I just finished another book, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. It has a very sad and surprising ending that is very troublesome. I was almost asleep when I finished it and laid awake some time after that thinking about it. I have a grandson who is the same age as the main characters of the book and that made me extra sensitive as to what happened to them. My grandson lives far away from me and there is nothing I can do to shelter him in any way from any kind of harm. Sometimes that makes me feel so sad. Especially when reading books about very brave little boys in dire circumstances.

I only read when I go to bed a night, because it is bound to put me to sleep, no matter how exciting the story. I always have this incredible need to sleep and I must guard against making the circumstances too favorable. Sitting on the sofa with a book results in me falling asleep with it.

I haven't gotten a library membership yet, because so far I have had enough books to read, but I'm running out and will have to get one shortly. I like owning books better than I like borrowing them, but they can be costly. There is a good on line bookstore that has English language literature where I buy books. It's the greatest invention since the wheel. There is never a book that I can't find. They also sell second hand books, which is really a good deal. It's cheaper for me than buying at Amazon.

Well, it's getting kind of late and I do still have to take out the Überhund. He has been waiting patiently, but I have no doubt that he really needs to go, because he has had his breakfast.

Have a very terrific day and I hope you aren't too much bothered by the snow.



Maggie May said...

Our snow is at the melting slushy, treacherous to walk on stage today.
Irene..... I am pleased you have cancelled the sofa. It is not wise to do things on the spur of the moment.
If your sofa is so comfy, apart from upholstering, you can also buy a lovely throw to go over it and change the look completely. You could have a couple and have one in the wash & one on the sofa.
Have a good day.X

Babaloo said...

Glad you've sorted the sofa situation. I'm sure it's for the best. And reupholstering shouldn't be as expensive as a new one. You could also buy some lovely covers or throws for it.

Talking about books, go and check out bookmooch.com. It's ideal for you if you're willing to give away some of your books that you don't want anymore and are OK to post them off to people who do. I love this site and have found many good books there.

We've finally had some snow last night, there was a thin white cover on everything outside when I woke up. It looked lovely. Not going to last, though, it's not cold enough.

Stacie said...

What about a slip cover? They make really good ones now. bundle up today on that sofa and keep warm. I am glad you didn't get the snow you were expecting although I would have been thrilled to get it. Of course i dont live in it like you do...I would probably change my mind after a while..

VioletSky said...

Am glad (and relieved) that you were able to cancel the sofa. Do you not have another living room chair you could sit in that won't tempt your body to fall asleep?

I'm reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas as well, but only just started it. I want to finish it before seeing the movie.

We've got more snow falling - the light fluffy stuff that is fun to walk in and lovely to look at.

Bev said...

We got the snow here, and today some of the schools were closed.

On Sunday evening it was so cold that the snow was of a strange dry powdery consistency, almost like the snow they used on film sets, more like hail stones, but it was still covering all the pavements.

Very icy today (Tuesday) because all the snow had hardened.

Maureen said...

Oh, you reminded me that the used book sale is on this weekend at our mall... it is run by our Children's hospital, so it is a very good thing. Usually I attend them all, about twice a year, I think. I am now thinking about getting off my butt and getting over there!