Sunday, February 08, 2009

Here we are...



The day the Higher Being created for people like me who like a day off to do absolutely nothing but worship him/her. But wait a minute! Didn't you have that day off yesterday? And since when do you worship the Higher Being?

Yes, I know there is rhyme nor reason in my argument, but just go along with me for the heck of it anyway.

Since we have to embrace so many religions, we need the whole weekend to pay our proper respects to them, one day just won't do. One day is more holy to some people than the other day. We can't make them change days, so we make both days opportunities to be worshiping kind of days. That makes sense, doesn't it? The fact that I, a pagan, take the opportunity to be lazy on both days, is merely an incidental circumstance.

Speaking of paganism, even a pagan believes in something, or multiple somethings. Lately, the idea has been growing with me that maybe there is a Higher Power running interference with my life, because I can't figure out why it is turning out so well, instead of so badly and why I am growing stronger, instead of weaker. And why bad beginnings turn out to have good endings, and why, when I think I am about to suffer, I am not.

Then I look back over the past couple of years and see the bad, the good and the indifferent and realize that the bad that I thought was evil, was merely a painful way to get to the good and would have been easier if I had not fought as hard. And I see that many of the things I wished for were resolved, not in the way I wanted to always, but in a new and better way and one I could not have predicted and ever so much better than I could have thought of on my own.

It makes me think that something bigger and wiser than me is pulling some strings now and then and that I need to pay more attention to this Being and that I need to put more faith in it. I am not quite done thinking about it and I haven't quite formulated the shape and the form in my head yet, but maybe that is impossible anyway, but is is not the regular picture of the Christian God. It is something else.

It is made of light and energy and it is humongous, larger than the universe. We are small, yet incredibly important beside it. We are a necessary part of it. It can not live without us and we can not live without it. We are equally important to each other's existence. It is a symbiotic relationship. The closest you would come to see it, would be if you could see a thousand galaxies with a million suns.

Well, all that because it is Sunday today and that allows me to formulate my thoughts. Sometimes it is good to listen to your inner voice. Rather, I suppose it is good to listen often. I just get sidetracked by other things and don't always pay attention when I should.

We have enormous amounts of wisdom inside ourselves that we can tap into if we have the courage to be alone and silent and keep our minds open. Don't go running around like a chicken with it's head cut off when you are alone and faced with an unusual thought that you think is scary. Stay calm and have a good look at it all on your own, without any input from outside. You'd be amazed at how much you know about yourself.

I must learn from my own lessons and usually I do. I do have the tendency to incorporate the things I hear and see and dream about into a coherent thought and make it part of my mind's inventory. I get better at that when I am alone and I am not distracted by other people's discombobulated points of view. That goes to show you that I have a lot of faith in myself. I do listen to other people, but only I can decide if I want to accept what I hear or not. It has to fit my version of the way I look at life. There has to be a lot of logic in it and very little emotion, otherwise I won't accept it and be very weary.

I suppose your inner voice and your Higher Being are very much connected. There must be a gossamer thread between them that is invisible to the naked eye, but it must be very strong and flexible. Like an umbilical cord almost, but infinitely finer. I add this as an after thought I had while I made myself another mug of coffee. There is always opportunity for a generous figure of speech.

Now I must end this one sided conversation. The Überhund is waiting patiently and I must get dressed.

I hope you all have a terrific Sunday.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful post, Irene. It makes so much sense to me. The times that have worked out best in my life is when I took the time to pay attention to really listen to my inner voice AND when I truly turned things over to a higher being, despite my doubts throught the years. It is scary but in the end enduring the pain leads to a better place.

You have no idea how much I needed to hear this today.


Stacie said...

I thoroughly understand this post. I had severe postpartum depression after second child and suffered a lot. Now, I wouldn't trade that time for anything. it taught me SO MUCH about myself. Higher Being.. ithink so.

Bev said...

I would say I am a humanist, but I think everyone has some sort of spiritual yearning.

Religion is, after all, universal, in that everywhere on earth has some form of recognition of a Higher Being.

aims said...

That was quite a comment Irene!

As for the Uberhound - your angel here on earth to watch over you.

Wisewebwoman said...

I believe in my higher self, Irene, the one worth listening to, she takes the high road if I let her.
I think we all need to take time out and just reflect on where we are and listen to the inner voice that guides us to better places.
Good post, you had me thinkin'.

Mean Mom said...

It has to be a good thing to always listen to other people's opinions, but then, to make up your own mind about what makes sense to you.

I don't know anything about a higher being, so I won't pretend that I do. I do feel that you have discovered an inner strength, which you weren't totally sure you possessed, however, since you have been living alone. You thought that you would be able to cope and sort things out for yourself, but now you know that you can and I, too, feel that you are growing stronger. Just my opinion, of course. ;0)