Saturday, February 14, 2009

Have one yourself.

Yippee, I'm ready for another bright day at the 'bring your own pet and have fun household.' Yes, you too can have fun with your favorite animal in this charming apartment with its practical linoleum floors. Does your pet shed? Don't worry, it will all get swept up the next time there is motivation for it. Does your cat barf up hairballs? No need to worry, there are lots of paper towels. Nobody here gets nauseous from looking at it and wiping it up. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this really is the best place to hang out with your best pet. The facilities are the greatest and so is the service.

Well, as they say here, all madness on a stick, what a way to start the day. The dog has been bribed with treats to sit pretty and have his ointments put in his eyes. I know he will do it without the treats, but I want to make the occasion as pleasurable as possible for him. That means associating it with something very nice. He's like a little child that gets rewarded with something special for good behavior.

Toby is having his absolute crazy 30 minutes. That means he is running around the living room making everything look like a possible prey and attacking it and hitting it across the floor where it goes shooting off into all directions. This worries the dog endlessly and he stands there looking and sounding very alarmed.

For some reason, he always wants the cats to behave and becomes very upset when they do something that he thinks they ought not to. He is usually right too, like when Gandhi pulls herself along on her back with her nails stuck in the side of the sofa. He goes over and shoves her with his nose, until she hits him with a paw and then he comes running to me, very upset, complaining loudly.

Yes, life is an endless variety of humor when you live with animals. My life would not be half as much fun without them. I think most of my liveliness is inspired by the animals. I know I will never live without one.

My older sister just called me and she is getting ready to sell everything she owns. The business and the house that goes with it. She has been struck by the economic crisis. It is possible that a project developer is going to buy the property, as it is almost smack in the middle of downtown. She's had a hell of a hard time this past year and has had a tough time keeping things going. Now she is at the end of her rope. There is no more slack. All the worry has been bad for her health. She has high blood pressure, so you can imagine what the stress does to that. She's a tough broad, but I have hated to see what this does to her.

I must go grocery shopping today. On Saturday of all days. That's because I always postpone whatever I'm supposed to do. Now the store will be crowded with people who suffer from the same problem as I do. It doesn't make me happy at all to have to go and do that, because I have to buy some bulky items and I will doubtlessly be burdened down with my big shopping bag again. Being tough and stubborn is the only way to go about it, or else I wouldn't go at all and forsake all groceries. I must buy myself a treat to make it more appealing. It will have to be a cheap treat, because I am nearing the end of the fiscal month.

The good part is that I will be buying the dog some delicious food that's good for overweight dogs and he gets to have some as soon as I get home because I was all out of dog food this morning. I saw some the other day that I can buy and it looked very appetizing. It almost looked like people food. God only knows what they put in it, I don't want to know. Maybe eyeballs and testicles.

I must end this epistle and walk the dog who has been waiting patiently. I must not lay down on the job, that's a whole other career choice.

Have a terrific day, enjoy your Saturday the best way you know how.



John said...

your image combines late 50s matini cool with moid sixties acid...nice....thanks always fo ryour candid comments 0

I have the lovely lawn in March and an ugly one in July - with crocuses in the lawn one cannot use weed killers. In the backyard I have daffodils in the lawn way back...

No poions here so my yard is full of garter snakes. If I wanted I could find four in a day by lifting up rocks. Most are small.

Maggie May said...

Lots of things going on with the animals.Hope Toby found someone to play with. Hope Uberhund likes his new food. If its sensible he might not!

Sorry about your sister.

Have a good day X

CC said...

Maybe eyeballs and testicles?? I certainly hope not!! Life without animals is a boring life indeed. Be carful with the full bags and enjoy your day!

Wisewebwoman said...

Is there a little trolley you could attach to your bike for the big bags, Irene?
I realize I'm always trying to come up with solutions for your dilemmas. You bring out my inner male.;^)
So sad to hear about your sister, she is doing what's best by liquidating. some people are going to leave it until far too late.


Babaloo said...

You make me laugh, your household sounds like a House Of Fun alright! Maybe I should bring our pets over for a visit? ;-)

Sorry to hear about your sister's plight. I'm sure she'll be alright in the end, though. She will definitely have less worries once all that ballast is gone. :)

Hope the shopping trip went OK for you. I had to do the weekly grocery shop, too. Left it until Saturday on purpose as I was going to pass the big Aldi today. Pleasure shopping there, if only it wasn't so busy all the time!

Maddy said...

It's always worrying when the dog food looks more attractive than anything else in the fridge!

Likewise no weedkillers here what with cats and now dog. Still there won't be much garden left soon anyways.