Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well, I've sufficiently recovered from my series of minor anxiety attacks re the sofa and am back to thinking level headed now. The idea that I am going to have a new sofa has grown on me and I quite like the idea and even see that I can handle the minor financial challenge. I have gone over my budget in my head and my monthly grocery list and other expenses and see where I can cut down and save some money. I now see it as another challenge and I am more than up to the task. I had also forgotten that I get a sum of vacation money in May and I may well be able to pay off the whole sofa with it. So all is not as dire as it seemed.

I have had a perfectly lovely day, as it is slowly becoming possible for me to get the cleaning of the apartment under control again. Trying to stay on top of things is much easier now. There are some bigger jobs I need to do, but I know that with time and inspiration those will get done, but all the little things are getting done, so that is a relief and it makes it much easier to keep things up. In the springtime, I will get out a can of white wall paint and do some touch up work here and there. That's when I'll make a list of the bigger things that need to be done. I think I will be in the proper frame of mind to do them then.

I did the grocery shopping, but when I rode my bike home, a wind had started up and blew me right in the face making it difficult to get ahead. I don't know where it came from so suddenly, it had been sunny weather all along. We've had nothing but sunshine for a week and it has been very nice and cheers you up, even when it is cold outside. I still need to wear my gloves when I ride my bike and I always have to wear a scarf.

I had to bring the groceries inside in two trips and the Überhund was sound asleep when I came in the first time. He didn't hear me until I came in the second time and suddenly stood there wagging his stumpy tail, being all surprised and happy that I was there. He can be so sound asleep that he doesn't have a clue as to what I am doing. I can put on my coat and scarf and get the leash and the baggies and my keys and he can still be sound asleep. Then I have to call him several times before he reacts. I think it is old age catching up with him and making him less alert. Although sometimes he wakes up barking when there is no reason for it and I have to calm him down and tell him it is all for naught. I think he gets a bit confused.

Oh yes, the Exfactor was here yesterday. I don't know if he was impressed with the way I looked, he didn't say. One thing though, he never talks about the Paramount and I am happy about that, because she used to be a subject of his conversations earlier on all the time and I never liked it. Now I can pretend she hardly exists and I don't have to break my head about it.

He is going to help me move out the old sofa on Wednesday, because it will be picked up on Friday to be taken to the dump. The new sofa comes on Thursday.

I appreciate the Exfactor coming over as often as he does. I think it is a kind thing for him to do, because I think he comes because he cares and he checks on my wellbeing. He drinks two cups of coffee and is on his way after we've had a bit of a conversation. There is no intimacy or deep friendship between us. That is not how I would define our relationship. There is a boundary there that we don't cross. We are polite and kind. We never touch each other. There is no spontaneity or much emotion. I don't know how we decided that this is the way we should be.

Oh well, I guess we deal with it the best way we know how.

Today is the last day of January, which to me, along with December, are the real months of winter. After this nothing counts as much to me anymore. Now the countdown starts, even though wintry showers have been predicted for next week. As long as it isn't real snow, it doesn't count. I will ignore sleet and icy roads, but dress warmly anyway. Nothing can harm me in double layers of clothing. Although I do have that awfully sore little toe that won't go away.

I am managing to sleep well more nights than not. This morning I slept until 9 AM, which I thought was pretty darn good. It helps to dress warmly in bed, I found out. I may get an electric blanket next year, or just wear more night clothes. Even getting a heavier blanket to go on top of the duvet may help. One thing I don't like to do, however, is wear socks in bed. That's got to be the most uncomfortable thing. I do like it when I feel the cool sheets with my feet when I first get in bed.

Well, now that you know this about me, I think I will end this bit of a post. Have a terrific evening, everyone. I am going to check the TV guide and see if there is anything interesting on.



Babaloo said...

I'm glad you may be able to pay the sofa off in May. And if not, seems like you'll be able to manage just fine.

The weather here is supposed to turn cold again tomorrow. We've had 3 solid days of rain, that was quite depressing. Now the frost is supposedly coming back which is going to be "fun" with the ground being so soggy from all that rain.

Have a good night's sleep in your cosy, warm bed! (I know I'm going to.)

Maggie May said...

Glad you got the sofa sorted out or rather that you feel happier about it.
It has turned perishing here, below freezing again. February is a dismal month I think, but we are getting towards Spring.
G/night! X

Bev said...

Great about your sofa. Carpe Diem.

I can second Maggie May.

It is absolutely bitter here too. The sort of weather which means your feet are numb after half and hours' dogwalk and everyone is walking about with red noses because of the extreme cold. It is supposed to be the coldest weather for thirteen years. Artic snow expected tomorrow.

It feels quite spring-like in this room as I have daffodil bulbs, hyacinths and tulips in pots. Nice to be reminded of spring, if only by the potted spring flowers you can now buy.

We have the first snow drops in our garden, though.

John said...

beautiful header - I like all of them but his one glows like your writing....

Maureen said...

I so wish we could get a new sofa set. I haven't had a new one since 1987! Hopefully this year sometime, but not now as hubby was laid off a few weeks back... enjoy yours! And take a photo for us!