Friday, February 13, 2009

A damned stubborn woman.

Of course, I slept late this morning and so did the dog and we both took our merry time doing the waking up ritual of me drinking coffee and smoking my cigarettes and him getting petted by me and then eating his breakfast and laying around digesting it before he had to go out and unload some.

So, I let the whole morning go completely to waste and spent it sitting behind the computer reading emails and reacting to Facebook comments and reading some blogs.

I don't know if you can completely call that a wasted morning. It all depends on your priorities and if having clean baseboards is more important than sitting around generally being in an excellent mood and being kind to your animals and making sure that everyone is happy.

In my book inner peace and happiness come first and foremost before anything else. If I can reach that state of mind, I figure that I'm having a good day and that is what my life is all about. Doing the dishes and emptying the ashtrays and picking up dog hair are secondary issues that will all happen at one moment or the other, sooner or later.

My goal in life is to always strive for the most contended state of mind. I dislike strive in my head and complications. I simplify the processes in my head down to the most basic ones. Everything is neat and overseeable. There are no loose ends. I suppose I have a monk like attitude toward life. Maybe like a Buddhist monk, except he wouldn't depend on coffee and cigarettes.

I think the dog's eyes are becoming worse again and I will probably have to go back to the vet. There is junk in the corner of his right eye and it looks kind of red. It seems to be an ongoing problem that's not going to be resolved easily. He won't like going to the vet and it will be a slightly traumatic experience for him again, but there is no other solution.

Oh yes, before I forget, I was given an award by the WiseWebWoman and, of course, I have to display it and hand it out to some other people, which is always the tough job.

I am passing this award on to Aims, The Rotten Correspondent, grit, Maureen, Elaine, Mean Mom, Maggie and Laurie. With great thanks to the WiseWebWoman, of course.

Here's another award of my own that I want to help into the world and hand out to some people that I am particularly fond of.

I want to hand out this award to Lisa, Diane, Babaloo, Bev, Frances, Ann, Lane, Jo and Cheryl. Please pass it on. Oh, and not to forget, WiseWebWoman, of course, hee, hee.

I just took the dog out for a walk and it is a wee bit cold out there. I have the heat on in the apartment, but I've just put on an extra cardigan, so now I am wearing two. Very fashionable! I'm also wearing two pairs of leggings, but that is not noticeable. For the fashion conscious, it can't be too cold outside, because it messes up your carefully chosen ensemble. It's not good to wear a long thick woolen cardigan over a happy little flimsy dress. Besides, you do want your nicely chosen necklace to show up. There is a lot of grace, however, in being warm. I don't underestimate that.

You can see how preoccupied I am with my looks. You'd think I was a regular Barbie doll. It's not like I have a great body or anything. I just pretend I do. I fuss and preen like a bird of paradise in the morning. After that I figure everything is in place and I don't look in the mirror much anymore. Especially not in strange mirrors, because you know how god awful bad you always look in them when taken by surprise. Never glance in a mirror or a shop window when you happen to pass by, keep your eyes averted at all times.

Well, that just about does it for me. I am all done writing things down. I have no other thoughts in my head. Except those concerning chocolate, but that is another story.

Have a happy day!



Lane said...

Thanks you for the award Irene. It's lovely and much appreciated.

And you're right. Unfamiliar mirrors can be cruel:-)

Bev said...

Thanks for the award!

Love the collages!! Full of meaning, get very aesthetically pleasing also.

Great paint effects - bet you enjoyed doing these.

Maggie May said...

Thanks for the award Irene. Also thanks for your moral support on my blog. Much appreciated.

Sorry to hear that the Uberhund might be having recurring eye problems. My little grey cat used to have the same problem.

Have a good evening and then a good night's sleep.X

Wisewebwoman said...

Awwwww Irene:
I'm so touched. I'm enough of a 3 year old to fondle the gold star and put it under my pillow and drag it out every day.
I love the description of your day, making your serenity the most important thing of all!
Thank you my friend.

aims said...

You are indeed one damn stubborn woman but I for one do love you for all of you.

Thanks for this award dear friend. You've touched my heart. How did you know I look exactly like that!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahhh thanks Irene. Im kind of fond of you too. x

Babaloo said...

Thanks for the award, Irene! :-)

And now, clean baseboards are most definitely more important than happiness! I'm completely with you on that one.

Elaine said...

Aww, thanks so much for the award, Irene. It brought a smile to my morning :)

laurie said...

thansk for the great award! and congratulations on the two that you have won. well done!

Maureen said...

Oh, Irene, thank you so much for the lovely award; you are too kind! It means a lot to me. I am sorry I haven't been around in a few days, I am now trying to catch up. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Irene, ((((HUGS)))) This means so much, especially coming from you.

Congratulations on your awards! You deserve them!

Anonymous said...