Saturday, February 14, 2009

The best ever...

I went to the grocery store and bought the best ever senior dog food I could find for my beloved Überhund, because nothing is too good for him and I will get his weight down while he dines in style. This stuff is more expensive, comes in smaller portions, and is made with real chunks of meat and rice and vegetables and when I gave it to him, he almost could not believe his luck and ate it all with a great big healthy appetite and then looked around to see if there was more.

There is more, but I had to disappoint him and not give him another batch of it, because it will break the bank. I am already looking at the cash register receipt to see what I can save money on so that he can enjoy this quality food. I tell you, the stuff looked great, there was definitely no mystery meat in there and the vegetables were recognizable as well. It's called Cesar, fit for kings. I don't mind spending the money on it, because, let's face it, the Überhund is getting old and is overweight and needs the best food I can find for him. Supplemented with the Bonzo bones for his teeth, that should do him fine.

I got chocolate pudding for myself as a treat for having done the groceries so well and everything just barely fit in the bike bags and the shopping bag, but it wasn't too heavy, just bulky.

I bought a small container of Sheba for Nouri, who has not been eating well enough and I gave it to her while I kept the other cats and the dog at a distance. I sat beside her on the kitchen floor while she ate it very gratefully and I think I will buy it for her more often to supplement the dry food that she eats. She is such a shy and demure cat and I think maybe she is not getting enough nutrition. Don't you love animals that should come with instruction booklets?

Since it is Saturday, I had to water all my plants and that means taking them all into the kitchen and taking them out of their outer pots and setting them into the kitchen sink for a good drench and drain. I tried to water them in the spots where they are with the watering can, but end up with puddles of water beside the pots and a huge mess on my hands that I have to sop up with a towel. This way is easier. They get enough water and are well drained and don't sit in a layer of water with their bottoms. They always perk up instantly, as if they react to the cool water right away. I feel like I'm doing them a big favor.

The little hardy fern seems to be doing well. I have it sitting in a darker corner of the living room and I worried about it being too dark there, but very often I have a lamp burning in that spot, so maybe that helps. I's got new shoots in the heart of it and I am willing them to evolve and grow into new leaves.

I have just applied the ointments to the dog's eyes again and I must say that he is very cooperative. More than you would expect a human being to be. I think they would mope around and complain a bit first, because it's not that much fun. I am hoping to slowly see improvement over a week's time, as the right eye is very obviously red when I lift his upper eyelid. The left eye actually looks pretty good.

My sister and I took the dogs for a long walk at noontime. I didn't know how well the Überhund would do without his pain medication, but he did fine and sauntered around without any problems. His legs weren't trembling when we got home. That means the glucosamine tabets are doing their job in strengthening his joints. He hops and skips when the mood hits him and he digs in when he wants to inspect a spot a little further and I really have to pull hard to get him to come, because my sister waits for no man.

The weather has been beautiful today. Blue skies all around and sunshine, although it wasn't all that warm. The sunshine was a blessing though, and it felt good to walk in it and we avoided all the shady sides of the streets.

We were too busy talking to really notice anyone's gardens and to see if there was anything popping out of the ground yet. I think not, because possibly we would have spotted it, being eagle eyed as we are. Not much gets past us. People don't seem to have snowdrops, I haven't seen any. Nor have I seen any crocuses. Even the grass of the fields is very bare looking still and it is impossible to imagine how lush it will be in a few months.

Now I have to go and walk the dog and then eat something, which I always forget to do during the day. I live on coffee and forget to eat.

Have a wonderful evening, don't forget it's Valentine's Day and your beloved may have expectations.



aims said...

I was thinking of my beloved Dolly this morning and remembering how nothing was too good for her. I never minded when she wanted to be let out just as the sun was rising so she could watch the birds and protect her waterbowl.

Nothing was too much or too over the top when it came to Dolly.

The Uberhound is exactly the same for you. He has become your life and the focus of your love. What a lucky dog he is indeed!

I loved your descriptions of the cats playing and the Uberhound getting upset. Too cute Irene!

among found objects said...

I think my cat is expecting something special today. Too true :)I think I will give her an extra ear scratching.

Maggie May said...

Hope Nouri enjoys her pampering. Every cat needs to feel that they are special. Hope Uberhund does not bankrupt you with his special food.
You probably spend more on the animals than you do on yourself! LOL X

Babaloo said...

Wow, Cesar. He is living like a king, isn't he?! I didn't know you were feeding him tinned food. We've always stuck with dry kibble. Less hassle for sure.

Oh, and the cats! Don't get me started. Salem is usually easy to please, food-wise. But every now and then, for reasons unknown to me, his taste changes and I spend weeks trying to figure out what he'll eat now. Lana was even worse, she'd change her likes and dislikes daily.

It's so funny how you describe the Überhund getting all upset about the cats playing!

laurie said...

i love how you take care of your animals! three cheers for the uberhund, and his lovely food.

Mean Mom said...

Animals are great! Yours must be costing you quite a bit, at the moment. Our 3 cats cost enough, especially with injections and flea treatment.

Now that our family is grown up and mainly missing from the household, it would be very quiet, if not for the animals. It is good that the house is never completely empty and that there is always a cat to greet us, on our return from a trip out somewhere.