Friday, February 06, 2009

As I sit here...

As I sit here comfortable in my pajamas, completely ignoring the time on the clock and having another mug of coffee, the world outside has come to life and mothers have been walking by taking their children to school. I am almost oblivious of everything and just go on sitting here, because, after all, it is Friday and nearly the weekend, hurray! And the Überhund is oblivious also, because he is sound asleep on his blanket and has not even had his breakfast yet. What is wrong with us this morning? Do we not have any get up and go?

Well, I suppose we don't and that is fine with me, because I am waiting for the apartment to heat up, although it would be better if I put on my bathrobe. Being too lazy to walk to the bedroom, I am holding out for the heat. It is 4 degrees Celsius outside and it is going to be 8 degrees today, so that is practically springtime weather, if you look at it optimistically. The sun is actually shining and should be out most of the day.

Three things are happening today. My SPN is calling me at noontime to see how I am doing and, luckily, I can tell her I am doing well. I don't know if my medication can be decreased now, but I'll discuss that with her and see if we can take the chance.

Then the Exfactor is coming over for coffee and it will be nice to see him, because he can do a little job for me while he is here, having to do with the cable for the TV reception. I have no idea where the cable is that I need and how to get the whole thing switched around, so I need his expertise. I think it will make him feel good to be able to be helpful.

Later this afternoon I have a doctor's appointment for him to look at my little toe that is hurting me so much after all this time still. The only time it doesn't hurt is when my foot is dangling in mid air without any footwear on it. I'm pretty sure it is broken, but I don't know what can be done for it.

Oh, the Uberhund is waking up. He´ll be wanting his breakfast next and lots of cuddles too, of course. We must never forget the cuddles. The scratches behind his ears and the rubs on top of his rear end. He´s got a good life, that dog. I´d love those kinds of cuddles myself, even the ones on top of my rear end. I am picturing someone rubbing my rear end now, hee, hee.

I´ve just made myself another mug of delicious coffee and I am all set for another while behind the computer. I´ll give myself another half hour and then I must get dressed. I do have to put some limits on myself, otherwise the whole day will be in shambles. I don´t mind deviating from my schedule, as a matter of fact, I do it all the time, but I do want to keep it within some sort of boundary.

The cats are futilely checking the dog´s dish to see if he left anything in it, but no, it is all gone. Too bad, now they have to eat their boring kibbles and drink their boring milk. It´s tough being a cat in this household. The dog growls at you when you get too close to his dish while he is eating and he doesn´t leave you anything either. What´s a cat to do?

It´s very funny how I always look forward to the weekend, while it makes no sense whatsoever, because I have many days that I can fill in as I please, so I really don´t need a weekend. Still, I do have that weekend feeling when it is there. I especially like the Sundays, because everything comes to a standstill then. The shops are closed and there is no mail delivery, so no bills, and there is less traffic on the roads. Al the cafés are open, so that is good. The church bells ring more often too and that is kind of festive, although it is supposed to make me feel pious, but that is wasted on me. Besides, all the bells that ring are Catholic and that I am not. Well, neither am I anything else, really.

My friend Yvonne just called me to see if I wanted to meet downtown, but I´m not going to be able to make it today, though I would have loved to. The day is perfect for it. Today is market day and it is always cozy and crowded then and the café terraces are busy with shoppers and tourists and so are the narrow cobblestoned streets. So yes, I would have loved to go downtown. Alas.

Okay, now I am going to start the day for real. I must get dressed and take my medicines and walk the dog. And make sure I look my darn best!



Maggie May said...

You sound like you have a very busy day. Hope you enjoy all the things that are happening and that the Exfactor gets your TV reception fixed just fine.
Pity you couldn't fit in the friend's visit too. That's the way it is sometimes, all or nothing.

We still have come to a standstill with the snow and no schools today. Not enough grit in the country to salt the roads. Only the major ones are being done & every thing on the side roads is incredibly dangerous.
We used to put ash from our house fires on the roads in the old days but of course no one has open fires these days.

Keep warm & safe X

Frances said...

sounding good and happy.

Have a lovely day.


Babaloo said...

All this sounds perfectly lovely and cosy.
I'm glad you're getting your toe checked out. Even if nothing but time will help, at least your GP will be able to put your mind at rest.

Have a good Friday!

Stacie said...

ooooo. Downtown seems so lovely. I am sorry you can't go. I am a stay at home mom and I do love the weekends to. For some reason, the "pressure" of doing everything when it should be done (an invisible blanket I put on myself) lifts away on the weekend and if the dishes dont get done or if the baby goes a day without a's not the end of the world.

Mean Mom said...

Everything sounds good, for you today! We have snow, which is quite exciting, but I slip and slide everywhere, if I try to go out and I'm a bit scared of breaking myself. I'm staying in today and there are so many posts to read, I think that a lot of other bloggers must be doing the same.

I always look forward to the weekend, too, even though I am not going out to work, at the moment. It is quite odd.

I have a mug of cold milk, before going to bed and if I don't drink it pretty sharpish, my smallest cat beats me to it! Cheeky!

Maureen said...

I know that you mean about the "feel" of weekends. Even when on vacation, Saturday and Sunday each have their own air about them. Weird.

Hope you're having a great weekend!