Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow again.

Well, I told you how much I wanted winter to be over and now winter has taken revenge by letting it snow again. The skies are gray and I think there is more snow coming and I am not amused. I forgot that February can be this way, that it is a winter month and that it is not at all a harbinger of springtime, regardless if some people have snowdrops in their garden like Bev does.

There is a light dusting of snow on the streets now, as if someone has sifted powdered sugar all over them. It looks very appealing, but I am waiting for more and I have such a good hairdo now, that I don't want to ruin it by wearing my woolly hat or by having it sprinkled by snow. So that is quite a dilemma.

Yesterday I spent quite some hours on Facebook, more than I ever have before. I decided to throw myself into it and catch up with everything and everybody. It was a lot of fun, as long as you ignore some things that people insist on sending you and which you are supposed to send back and forward to all of your friends. I simply don't do that, because it is a never ending exercise. I only send and receive chocolates and birthday cards.

I joined some support groups and some fan clubs and invited my friends to do the same. There isn't always a huge success rate in this, but it is always worth a try. Not everyone gets excited about the same things. Besides, you can ignore whatever gets thrown your way, especially when you feel overloaded with requests.

The most fun is checking on the status of your friends and leaving comments on their activities, as that usually gets a conversation going. Sometimes with hilarious results.

I remember when I first joined Facebook and how much I disliked it. That was before I filtered what I reacted to and I felt constantly overwhelmed. I was afraid to go there anymore and quit it shortly after I joined. Then, some time later, I had a change of heart and rejoined, which was easy to do, because Facebook had saved all of my information.

Now I go there when I have the time and the energy for it, which would be on Sundays, which is my day off anyway. Contrary to what I claimed some time ago, I am sitting behind the computer quite often again, though I still limit the amount of blogs I read and comment on. Slowly the habit sneaks back in, though.

I woke up at 3 AM and put my bathrobe on and walked into the living room with this vague idea that maybe I was awake, but then I laid down on the sofa and went back to sleep. At least I am learning my lesson about not turning on the computer and smoking a cigarette while drinking a cup of coffee. That is funnest, a mistake I won't make.

The new coffee pads are great and the coffee tastes much better than the old coffee. There really is a difference and instead of making a double mug with two pads, I now make a single mug with one pad, otherwise it is too strong. Now I'll have to see how much these pads are when they are not on sale, and if they don't cost an arm and a leg I'll switch to these. I suppose you do have to pay for quality coffee, but man, it makes a difference.

The Internet provider that I ended up not going with, because they did not send me the installation packet when promised, billed me for services for the month of January. Of course, I called them right away to set them straight, but they acted like they did not believe me and said they would investigate. In the meantime, I had the bank retrieve the money that had already been taken from my account. Incompetency rules. Never trust an Internet provider. They are a bunch of fools.

Well, on that note I will leave you and get some work done around here. Have a wonderful day, all of you and then tell me all about it.



Babaloo said...

Yes, I noticed you were on FB quite a lot yesterday. It can be a lot of fun but you're right, you have to filter what you react to.

No snow here. Yet. But it's quite cold, about -2 or something which is unusual for Ireland. It's supposed to stay cold all week. My daffodils are poking through already and my hyacinths but I don't have any snowdrops. I tried them out last year but they never seem to work out for me, strange.

Irene said...

Babaloo, I am going to have to look in people's gardens when I walk the dog and see if I can see any bulb plants poking up out of the ground yet, you've got me curious now.

Maggie May said...

We have the blasted white stuff now & it came down very fast.We don't often get it where I live.
I believe London has ground to a halt because of snow and the city seems to be quite unable to cope with the stuff. England always seems totally unprepared no matter how much warning we get.

Brave little snowdrops are showing their heads in my garden.

Lane Mathias said...

I like the 'status' part of Facebook best too. There's something very friendly about it and an opportunity to have a little chat.

It's been snowing quite heavily here. My daughter's school closed early and it hasn't risen above freezing all day.

No bulbs are daring to show themselves yet. I'm looking forward to the daffodils.

Stay warm Irene.

Maureen said...

My goodness, you have to keep an eye on these companies, don't you? You are quite correct, incompetancy rules it seems. I haven't used my Facebook account in some time; I just never seem to get over there! I shall have to recitfy that.

We had a devil of a storm this weekend; today they said our winds hit 106 km/hr which was a record. Roofs were being blown off, windows shattering... it was wild for sure! Then off and on blizzardy condition last night that caused white outs. Ah, February!!! Hope your day, weatherwise, brightened up!

Bev said...

For a photo of my snowdrop please go to my blog:)

Anonymous said...

I am a member on facebook but havent really taken to it.

CJ xx

Grit said...

some insightful posts recently, irene, which is good to catch up on and read because you often calibrate my world with your clear knowledge and good sense! the snow is here too, and the gritlets LOVE it.

Connie Rose said...

I agree about incompetency being the modus operandi for much of the business/work world. Never ceases to blow my mind!

Pamdog said...

Here in Minnesota we still have substantial snow on the ground (about a foot of it) but not much has fallen in recent days. The temps went all the way up in the forties this weekend (!) but now it's back to frigid single digits. I was dreaming about warm summer days by the river today. I do enjoy the change of seasons; even if winter can seem endless at times. At least January is over!

Stacie said...

Please send some snow my way. I think that my Northern blood sparks some genetic need for a prolonged winter. Oh, and don't ever turn on the computer in the middle of the night! It totally messes with your sleep schedule especially if you blog. Ah the endless posts to read!

Wisewebwoman said...

I take and leave Facebook all the time and laugh so hard at the few friends I have whilst my granddaughter as hundreds.
My age group is not much represented I think we like to blog more!!