Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dinnertime, but who cares?

It's been a fun day. I think I deserve all the fun days I can get, so I'm going to make it a point to have as many of them as I can, seeing as though I can fill them with both functionality and amusement.

The day started of rather good, because I woke up to late and wasn't going to make it to ergo therapy on time. Once I realized that, I didn't bother to rush, but got ready in my own sweet time, because I do require my coffee and cigarettes to start the day with at a leisurely pace. Then I did all the things that I needed to get done in the morning, like making sure I looked good and taking my medicines and walking the dog and having a final cup of coffee and then, and only then, I went on my merry way, which meant I got to therapy 25 minutes late, but I was excused and caught up very quickly with the assignment at hand.

We made circles that we divided into segments of how we filled our days with different activities, be they hobbies, resting, working or socializing and the different things that would fit into those categories. First we had to make one knowingly and then we had to put that one to the side and make one based on our feelings. In other words, what we felt we really spent most of our time doing. Sometimes the size of the segments in these two circles differed very much from each other.

Then we had to divide a circle into segments of things we wanted to do, we had to do, we were allowed to do and we could do. My circle was only divided into two segments, what I wanted to do and what I had to do. I found the other two options too abstract and almost poetic in their meaning.

Anyway, huge discussions evolved out of these circles and the meaning of the different segments to everyone. We laughed and cried and agreed and disagreed, until I realized that I had taken on the role of therapist and was analyzing everybody's segments and not minding my own business well enough and being miss know it all, and before I realized it, I said, "I think I am a bit hypomanic right now," and the real therapist said, "I agree with you, you are awfully busy, you need to go home and take a break and rest."

Little did she know that there was no chance of that this afternoon, because when I got home, I had to walk the dog immediately and go to the store to buy the Exfactor's birthday presents. When I got home, I had to wrap them and when I was done, my sister picked me up with the dog to take him to the dog salon, and we had such an intense and interesting discussion that we drove the wrong way and had to back up several miles to get back to the point where we were going.

Dropped the dog off and headed home again where my sister handed me the car keys and left the car so that the Exfactor and I could pick the dog up when he was done. Then the Exfactor came bearing a load of laundry and some birthday cake, which was very good, it was mocha and yellow cake with chocolate. Mmm, delicious. We ate everything and had a good conversation until it was time to get the dog and when we got to the dog salon, the dog looked like a plucked chicken and I couldn't stop looking at him. But he was very clean and smelled good and was happy to see us.

We dropped the car off at my sister's and walked home with the freshly plucked dog, who had to pee on every tree and bush to establish himself again in the neighborhood and the Exfactor wondered what the neighbors would think if they saw us together walking the dog and I said, "What do you care, it doesn't matter one bit."

He was happy with his presents, which included a pair of jeans, because I still knew his size and got them for a bargain. One thing a man always needs is a good pair of jeans and the Exfactor always needs them.

Unluckily for him, when the laundry was done, and he was getting ready to leave, it started to rain again, after it had not done so all day. He was on his motorcycle and dressed for the cold, so hopefully he didn't get too wet. He wore a big old leather jacket and huge boots and big gloves. I'm so glad I never have to get on the back of that thing again. I don't know why I ever put up with it. Talk about freezing your buns off. And the hairdo!

So, I haven't had a break and I haven't had any rest, but sitting here behind the computer is the next best thing that I know of and I fits me fine. I have slowed down a bit now after putting the brakes on emotionally and keeping myself in check. I can, up to a point, calm myself down by being very aware of what I do and how I react.

I didn't realize how fat the dog is. I mean, he has always been overweight, but now with all that hair gone, you really see his lardy rear end and his beer belly. He looks like he is a round sausage with a pointy head. You can hardly take him out in public this way. People will fall over laughing. And then he's got these two enormous testicles hanging there too. Really, what a sight. My sister in law asked me once, "Is your dog a girl?" I said, "Really, have a close look between his legs, you can't miss them. They're pretty hefty."

I don't know if he's ever made love to a girl dog. I hope for him that he has, because I don't think he'll get the opportunity now. He doesn't have any papers, although he is a purebred. But who would want an almost 12 year old dog to sire puppies? It may give him a heart attack anyway. All that excitement.

Well, so much for my rambles for now. I must go and read blogs and walk the dog when it is dry. And eat, I must not forget to eat.



aims said...

Oh Irene! You are just too funny!

You may be hypomanic - but you're very funny! Hefty balls on a plucked fat chicken. Oh dear.

Grit said...

what a lovely image i have of your dog now! and i love the circle idea - i agree, that has poetry in it. i may get the entire family to try that one.

among found objects said...

smiles here. you are hysterical. perhaps you are happiest with all your activities. maybe that is just you. i think having time to write is a good measure that you are getting down time, no?

Babaloo said...

Ha ha, you made me laugh! Poor Überhund! He'll be embarrassed now walking round the neighbourhood like that.
Once a dog is overweight it's really tricky to get the weight down again because you can't really starve him, he'd be after you all day begging for food. Have you looked at different food for him? His metabolism has probably slowed down, maybe he'd be better off on a food for older dogs with less calories.

That ergo therapy of yours sounds very interesting. Might take a leaf out of that book, so to speak. :)

Angela said...

Yes, funny indeed. My dog (half Labrador, always hungry) is also overweight, although we run pretty much. But I think I just won`t let him get shaved!

Maggie May said...

Hefty balls on a chunky sausage of a dog! Very funny!

Milo said...

I hope you can get some well earned rest now Irene! it must have been one busy day alright.
all my love... Milo

Wisewebwoman said...

You and XF are in such a good space now Irene, what a change!! *pat on back*.
And Jasker must look very funny, poor lad with the big ones but smelling nice for the ladies.

Tessa said...

What a picture you have conjured up! Sweet, funny, fat Uber with his big dingle-dangles. Who wouldn't fall in love with him? I'm sure girl dogs just swoon!