Monday, February 16, 2009

202nd post.

I didn't realize that since I've been back with Blogger, I had already written 200 posts as of yesterday. That is after I left Wordpress and not counting all the posts I wrote on Blogger before that. So, happy anniversary to me for a little milestone. 't Is but a blip on the radar, a minor happening, but I should have celebrated it with a pastry had I been aware of it, because any excuse will do to eat a pastry with chocolate frosting and whipped cream on top. Oh, I can taste it now, booger.

Due to the lack of sleeping pills, I also took extra tranquilizers before I went to sleep last night and I have to tell you that I slept like a baby until 7 AM, which was a perfect time to get up because I had to go to creative therapy. I made an extremely slow start and had two mugs of coffee before I could even think of functioning.

I have decided not to worry about getting some place a bit late anymore, as long as I can gather myself together at my own pace and do the things I need to do in my own rhythm. It's important that I don't rush, lest I forget something crucial like taking my medicines, which I have done in the past when in a hurry. I got dressed and made up and did my hair and walked the dog and had another mug of coffee before I left and was 10 minutes late, which was not too bad. There are people who walk in later than that.

I finished another collage and I will post it right here:

I was a bit in a rush when I finished this and it has multiple layers of acrylic paint on it, as I kept being unhappy with the outcome of the combinations. I started with red and finally ended up going back to red with some green in the background.

I see now that I needed brighter images to go with this and that will be my next quest, to find brighter images, I am sure I will find them in all the magazines that are still laying around.

There is some yellow in there too that does not show up well in the photograph, but trust me, it is there.

I have three collages that I want to frame now, so I am on a quest to find the right sizes at the most affordable price. Ikea doesn't have the right sizes, I already looked on line. So, I'll have to go back to that store downtown where I bought two other frames, but I secretly hope that have something cheaper than what I got then.

When I got home, I went to the convenience store to buy the dog some food, instead of going to the supermarket, which I just was not in the mood for, and I bought him some food that had 5 kinds of meat in it, in the proper portions. Then I went to the pharmacy to pick up my sleeping pills. Oh boy, what a relief that was, to finally get them after having been so stubborn about them all week. I don't know what came over me about that.

The dog loved his food and I gave some of it to Nouri who was crying pitifully for something to eat and I made sure the other cats left her in peace while she ate it. I don't think it's going to harm her to eat some dog food now and then along with her kibbles. She won't start barking or anything or lifting her leg to pee on bushes.

Then I very quickly did some jobs in the apartment in the time that remained and with the energy I had left to spare and walked the dog for the third time that day. Now it seems that he wants to go out again, so I will have to take him in a while.

I realize that this is just a dry summing up of my day, without much humor in it. I'll owe you that in the next post. Right now I'm just tired and hungry and I am going to walk the dog and then eat something and put my pajamas on. How lucky can a girl get?

Have a good evening. I'll talk to you all in the morning.



Grit said...

Fantastic art! I love it! I just got a book to show the gritlets some ideas in abstract art ... and using text and image is one of my favourites. Bravo! (and for the 202 post too!)

Wisewebwoman said...

congrats on all your posts Irene, you never fail to inspire me. As soon as I read about your collage I started to sketch out this question mark that I wanted to sort of collage.
Thank you!

Lane said...

Congratulations on all your posts Irene. I'm impressed at how prolific you are and how we always gain an insight not only into your life but our own. I absolutely agree about not rushing - especially in the morning. That's when accidents happen:-(
How do you build up the background texture of your collages? I like the effect very much.

CC said...

Love the artwork! I laughed so hard when I read, "Nouri...won't start barking or anything or lifting her leg to pee on bushes.. if she eats just a bit of dog food" that my wine came right out my nose!

Maggie May said...

Congrats on post 202.
Love your collage.
Take your time if you want to sleep, I would. We all go through different sleep patterns in out life. Sometimes we need more & sometimes less.
G/night! X

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Git - Thank you, maybe the gritletts would enjoy making collages as well. All you need is some old art magazines, preferably. They have good images and texts.

WWW - I am glad I could be of inspiration to you, now go for it!

Lane - Thank you. The background texture is obtained by something called modeling paste that you stucco onto the paper thickly and let dry for a day or so. You do this after you've pasted down the text and images.

CC - Sorry about the wine shooting from your nose, I hope it didn't create too much of a mess.

Maggie - Thank you. I'll be needing and getting more sleep now, thank goodness.

Maureen said...

Great collage... I love the red. I also love the sprays of paint.

And congratulations on over 200 posts! Wow, you put me to shame; I can barely crank out a couple of posts a week, never mind once or even more a day!

Here's to many, many more!!!

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Maureen - Thanks, I'm glad you like the collage. As to cranking out posts, it is a purely self indulgent activity of which I take full advantage.