Friday, February 06, 2009

How the day went...

Merrily I sit here behind the computer again with my feet dressed only in socks and my little toe wrapped in gauze to keep the gel in place that I have to apply to it 4 times a day. It is not broken, but badly contused and the reason that it is not healing is the fact that I have to wear my boots every day and it would be better if I could walk on my socks or my bare feet all the time.

Unfortunately, the weather won't allow it, so I am in for a long healing process. In the meantime, I am to wear any boots as little as possible, including my slippers, so I am sitting here with only my socks on, trying to keep my toe as comfortable as possible.

And all along I have been walking through this awful pain and just stomping around with it and suffering with it and thinking that was just my fate. In other words, I have not been taking care of it properly and doing all the wrong things, such as deciding to take the Überhund for longer walks. My, my, I do do some silly things.

Now I know to treat it gently and to walk on it as little as possible and to take off my boots at the first opportunity. I am also to take a double dose of paracetamol 3 times a day. That should help with the pain. I had not thought of doing that myself. Duh! Who said wisdom comes with age?

Well, that was the story about the toe. Actually, that was the last thing I did today, besides going to the pharmacy to get the gel.

Firstly My SPN called to see how I was doing and I told her that I was doing very well and that, as a mater of fact, sometimes maybe I was doing a little bit too well and that maybe we shouldn't decrease the medication yet. She agreed to that and I am seeing her next Tuesday and we can then make a decision about it. Maybe I will have slowed down a bit by then. Sometimes I just feel extremely well, like I am on top of the world, and I know I mustn't quite trust that feeling.

To celebrate me feeling so well, I went to the flower shop and picked out two new plants. I had the pots at home to put them in and I am quite pleased with them. One of them is a hardy fern, that even I should not be able to kill. It looks quite sturdy and I think it will do well. The other plant is like the one I bought last week with the succulent leaves that I can't find the name of, but which is doing well, so I thought I would get another one like it. I am not buying plants with delicate dainty leaves that are fragile looking. I've learned my lesson with those.

Then the Exfactor came and straightened out the cable for the television in the shortest amount of time and it was actually quite simple. He had 3 mugs of coffee and took his Joe Barr comic strips with him that were still laying here in a box. Slowly but surely he is moving his belongings out of the spare bedroom.

Well, that was my update for today. Now I must take my painful toe and walk the Überhund and then do nothing for the rest of the evening. I will put my pajamas on and my bathrobe and veg out.

Have a great evening.



Babaloo said...

Glad to hear it's not broken but, boy, did you pick a bad time! Even inside the house I wouldn't want to walk around without slippers at the moment.
Ah well, but it will heal eventually and then you'll be able to hop around like a spring chicken again!

Have a lovely evening!

Grit said...

ouch to that toe! it is shocking how such little bits of us cause so much trouble!

Maggie May said...

Sorry to hear about the toe but at least it isn't broken. They can be painful things, can't they?

Glad your day was good.
We were snowed out here so I had to go out to the nearest local shop and get a good pair of boots so that I didn't slip on icy slippery impacted snow! Not fashion ones but quite good! They seem to grip quite well.
Hope you escape the snow we have had. X

Stacie said...

Your poor toe.. Anything that happens to a toe, even the smallest thing, hurts so bad because of the nerve endings and what not. I know you must really be in pain. Hope it gets to feeling better.

Debi said...

Grit is right, it's amazing how such a little thing can hurt so much and dictate our lives.

I won't mention how it will be in the mid 70s here in west Texas tomorrow.

Hope it mends soon!

CC said...

Irene, I have been so busy I have not been on the computer for a week. I am sorry to hear of your toe, sounds so painful and I do hope that you get it feeling better soon. Relax, keep your foot up and take your medication.

I hope you are better soon and can walk miles if you so wish to do so.

Maureen said...

OH, so sorry to hear about your toe! Even though they are small, they can be so painful; I mean all your weight is on them! Take it easy and take care of that little piggy!