Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An ordinary Tuesday.

I called the supermarket to find out if they were open for business again as usual and they were. I wanted to make sure, because today is the last day of Carnival and even that is mournfully celebrated with a ritual, which is very unclear to me, except that it involves people mourning and crying, because it is over, and other emotional outbursts. I am not conversant in all the details of the various Carnival rituals and just pick thing up here and there, making them all the more mysterious.

So I went to the store and picked up supplies, including good cookies, and for a change it wasn't real busy, so there was no manhandling of the shopping cart in the aisles and pushing around for position at the check out lane. Listen to me, I make it sound like we're uncivilized barbarians.

After I checked out, I remembered that I had not bought an energy saving light bulb for the hallway, so I'll have to move around in the dark there another couple of days. Or steal a light bulb from someplace else, but I think I have already done that once and it won't work again for a second time.

When I got home, I put the first bag of groceries down on the ground and the Überhund stuck his nose deep into it to see what I had gotten. He saw many goodies and wagged his stubby tail extra hard. After that, Nouri climbed into the bag, but couldn't make any sense of it. It was the same way when I got the second bag of groceries and the Überhund barked at me in frustration, so we shared three cookies. I think we showed a lot of self restraint.

I sat down on the sofa with a mug of coffee and a cigarette, but realized that I was so tired that I started to nod off and I laid myself down and took a tree hour nap. I don't know if you can call that a nap anymore. That's a regular sleep. I must have needed it though, because when I woke up, I felt ever so much better and not all discombobulated anymore. Sometimes I work on half a cylinder and I don't even realize it until I lay down and go to sleep. It's like before I do things in a half dream state, but I don't catch onto that until I have had some more sleep and am really properly awake.

I was supposed to have cleaned the apartment, because my friend Lucien is coming over tomorrow afternoon and I have ergo therapy in the morning, but I think I can clean the kitchen and the bathroom tonight. She'll have to excuse the rest of it, I'm not too bothered about that. She's coming to see me and not how clean my apartment is. Besides, a bucket of suds will do a lot of good. That and a little elbow grease.

I've just fed the animals. It's a real trick to keep the cats of the counter until I'm done filling their dishes. I keep telling them, "No, off you go," and pushing them off the kitchen counter. Slowly they are catching on. They are stubborn animals, because they jump up as quickly as I push them off, but the persister wins and that is I. I guess I'm more stubborn and I will have it my way.

The Überhund loves his food so much and it is doing wonders for his digestive and intestinal tract, that's as detailed as I'll get, you can imagine the rest. Let's just say that things are very easy to pick up. Now he is laying by my feet being perfectly satiated and waiting for me to take him out in a while. I always wait a bit for mother nature to take her course, although he watches my every move.

Right, I'll go take him out then.

The last couple of days the temperatures have been mild and you almost start to believe that springtime is around the bend. Weeds are popping up in the flowerbeds. Soon I'll have to weed my own little patch. I'll keep laying the weeds down as compost and as a place for the cats to do their business. Anything to keep them out of the neighbor's garden.

I'm curious to see when the three trees will start to show their little buds, they are barren still and so is the bush that shot up in the jasmine, that I have no idea of what it is. The jasmine needs to be cut way back, because it is so invasive. I'll have to go at it with the garden clippers. I'd like to dig it up and be rid of it completely. I wanted a climbing jasmine vine and the Exfactor came home with this bush. That's been a major regret ever since. Maybe I'll ask him to dig it up for me.

Okay, I have some house cleaning to do and I better do it now.

Have a great evening.



Maggie May said...

Oh..... I am first again!
A three hour sleep is not a nap, Irene! You seem to need to have a second sleep. I think if we all did this, we would be better off. Modern living seems to prevent it.

Spring seems just around the corner now.

You Uberhund sounds as though he gets such pleasure from his little treats and even the cats love to examine your shopping bag!

Have a good night Irene X

Anonymous said...