Friday, February 20, 2009

Finally Friday.

I must have had an awful lot of sleep to catch up on, because yesterday all day long, whenever I sat down , I started to nod off after a while, until I made myself come awake again and stand up and do something useful, until I finally gave in and took a long nap on the sofa later in the afternoon. Sometimes it was even difficult to keep a phone conversation going. I talked with my eyes closed, which is not conducive to having a great talk.

So I dragged my butt around and didn't accomplish much. It was all too much effort. I did make it to the supermarket and did all the groceries. I bought some very good food for the dog and I hope that he likes it, because it is amongst the best I could find without breaking the bank. I bought much milk and plenty of coffee pads. They were on sale, thank goodness. For a treat, I bought cookies for myself and I ate them all up. They tasted very fine indeed. Sometimes you just have to sin a little.

It's not as if I can afford to sin, because I've gained 5 kilos this past winter and I have to get rid of them, obviously. I don't quite know how yet , because I love the foods that I am eating right now and it seems more than obvious that I'm getting plenty of them. Leave it to me to eat too much with a gastric band in. I always will find a way.

So yesterday I hardly made it out of bed in the morning and today I'm already up at 5 AM. What woke me up was the impatient pacing around of the Überhund. He didn't even want to go out, but was just walking around the apartment following cats around as if that is a new hobby of his.

When I got up, I walked around like an old woman at first, because my hips hurt from laying in the bed all wrong. I don't know how I managed to do that, but it is the second morning in a row that this has happened. Maybe I am just becoming an old woman, period.

I'm rather excited about today, because I get to go to creative therapy, and it will mean that my weekends will be so much shorter. They used to start on Thursdays, it seemed, and now they will start properly om Friday afternoons. Even then, I still have house cleaning to do this afternoon, so it will really not be a weekend day yet. I must vacuum the apartment and clean up the bathroom. Both jobs that I simply adore. I also have to do some laundry, which I mind much less. There is always so much dog hair in the bathroom stuck on everything! You can't simply sweep or wipe it away, you have to get on your hands and knees and scrub it off!

Well, I will never get first place in the Dutch housewife competition, but I'm always reminded of my late sister in law who didn't care much for cleaning house, but who did a lot of other interesting things with her life. She is much more an example to me than people with super clean houses. When she retired, she bought a house in France with a big vegetable garden and an orchard and she had two cats and two dogs and never a dull moment in her life. My cat Gandhi is one of her cats. So, I have a French cat, a French-Belgian cat and a Dutch cat. We are the European Community.

I just gave the Überhund his new dog food and he wolfed it down in one minute flat. It's supposed to be all natural and as close to homemade as you can get. It's called Butcher's and the first ingredient is meat followed by rice and vegetables, without artificial ingredients. I am trying to read all the small print on the can in four different languages, but it is hard even with my reading glasses on. The one I have now has fresh beef, rice and carrots. There is also fresh tripe and chicken, and fresh chicken, ham and rice. To name just a few. I think that is much better than what I was giving him at the start, which was an undefined conglomeration of god knows what. We are moving up in the world of dog food.

Well, now I have to get going. It´s that time of the morning again.

Have a good day. I am bound to have one.



Breakfast in California said...

Winter weight is necessary to keep us warm. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Babaloo said...

Since you're already so careful with what you're eating (most of the time, ha ha), I'd say you need to add exercise to get rid of those extra kilos. Sorry. ;)

Glad to hear you found a good dog food. I was going to suggest you Husse food which I order online, they have franchises all over Europe but I googled the Dutch site and they're currently looking for franchisees, so they don't seem to be up and running yet in your neck of the woods. You may want to keep an eye on it, though, because the food is high quality, our dogs love it and they deliver to your house. Very convenient. (Not cheap but we've been feeding it for over a year now and are very happy with it.)

Frances said...

Sounding good. Glad you caught up on the sleep and hope the therapy is GREAT today.

See ya

Mean Mom said...

The thing that's great about sleep is that it is possible to catch up with it.

Glad that you found a good dog food for the uberhund. Our cats are very fussy and get a bit fed up, if we keep feeding them the same brand for too long. They just know that we feel like failures, if they turn their noses up at their food and walk off.

I hope that you enjoyed your therapy class, today. We have some sun, here and it's quite warm! Hope it's the same for you.

CC said...

Extra sleep is always good! :) I have the very same problem, there is always so much dog hair, cat hair, and hair spray in the bathroom stuck on everything! I as well get on my hands and knees to scrub it off! The things we do to keep the place looking good...

Enjoy your class today! :)

Maureen said...

I had to laugh at the variety of pet nationalities you have. Of our three cats, two are American and only one is a Canuck! Hubby never wants to visit that pet store in North Dakota again; we always seems to bring something home from it!

Have a great Friday, I hope CT class goes well!