Friday, February 20, 2009

More photographs.

This is my bathroom shelf beneath the mirror. It holds all my beauty secrets. The little jar with the pink lid is my moisturizer. The blue jar with the silver lid holds wax for my hair. There is also face gel to wash my face with and mousse for my hair and hairspray, which I buy every week it seems. Way to the left is toothpaste.
The white canister holds shower foam to wash your body with, but I never use that one. It was a freebie. My roll on deodorant is there too and my nail polish, which I never wear anymore, because too much of a bother.

Here are my books by my pillows on the bed. My reading glasses are sliding down the mattress. That's when I have enough sense to take them off. Very often I sleep with them on all night long and wake up with dents in my face. It's not a pretty sight and I apply much cold water to get the dents out. That is a very good book I'm reading.

Here is the cat towel holder in the bathroom. It also holds the bag of clothes pins to hang up the laundry with. I got the cat holder from my other ex. It's kind of cute. I hope he comes by bearing gifts again one of these days. Oh yes, I'm greedy that way.

Here is a fresh load of laundry hanging to dry on the clothes rack. You see how neatly everything has been hung up. It's a compulsion. I can't help myself. Yes, I have a lot of black clothes. They make you look slimmer. The red thing is my pajama top. The striped things are my leggings.My socks hang at the very front. My underwear is invisible at the other side.

Here is the little cigarette making factory. The pots of tobacco, the boxes with the filter tubes and the little gadget that puts it all together into a cigarette. See how lovely my plant looks in the background. It helps keep the air clean. Sucker has to work hard.

Here is my computer desk, which looks a lot neater than it really is. There's a lot of stuff behind the screen. I try to keep it organized. I know where everything is, each piece of paper and every gadget. One thing though, it always gathers much dust and I find it very frustrating to clean.I wish to hire someone to come and clean my desk once a week.

Here is my selection of Cup a Soups. Not much to say about them, except that I put three envelopes in a bowl of hot water and make a very thick soup that's delicious and filling.

Here are some dishes drying in the dish rack. Two days worth. The top white bowl belongs to the Überhund. He eats in style. The tall glasses are for my chocolate milk. the soup bowls are for my Cup a Soup and for my porridge. The big mug with the cat on it is for my coffee.

Here are pots of teabags and boxes of teabags and cookies. You'd think I drank a lot of tea, wouldn't you? Wrong, they're all for company. Only the cookies are for me.

There is rose hip tea, which I really dislike, but the Exfactor bought it especially for me, so what do you do?

Here are all my refrigerator magnets, some of which I took with me from the States. I never hang any notes on there, because it makes it look so messy and I don't like that. They are just there for decoration purposes. I see I have to launder the mouse's shirt.

Here is the Überhund looking arrogant, but that is just his normal expression. He's not really stuck up or anything at all. He does have a rather disdainful look, doesn't he? But he's really very nice.

Here is Toby in the striped chair. He is thinking, "I know I'm not supposed to be in this chair, but I'm doing it anyway." He's a macho cat, he rules!

Well, those were all the pictures for today. I hope you enjoyed another look at my household. I hope some of you will do the same now, because I am really curious.



Bev said...

SO enjoyed the peek into your world!

I thought you had hundreds of cup-a-soups, but then realised you have half as many as I originally thought as they have divided in two by a wooden bar. You still have a lot though!

The Uber is looking suitably hang dog - he has such a comical look. What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Two gorgeous animals to keep you company, and I'm sure they do. You do seem very tidy to me and I was quite impressed with your bathroom shelf!!

CJ xx

VioletSky said...

Perhaps you could get your wee plant a workmate?

Once I've had a good tidy, I might just let you in on my inside world!

Lane said...

Well I really enjoyed that tour of your home. Thank you!

The Uberhund really is a very distinguished looking chap. And he sits so nicely to have his photo taken.

I really like your red stripy chair. Very striking.

Babaloo said...

Everything looks so tidy in your place! But yes, I wouldn't mind a cleaner to do certain areas of our house either...

The Überhund looks cute, I especially like his ears, they're so long! Does he ever trip over them? ;-)

aims said...

Your house looks spotless Irene! How often I've been cleaning The Barn and thinking - I need to be as fastidious as Irene is!

You put me to shame and I like things clean!

John said...

borrowed the magnets...

Frances said...

Hah - you wish! having seen all your lovely organised and clean spaces, there is NO WAY!

No way I would expose my slatternly slovenly ways to the world.

so no way I post pictures of my chaos.
Love your tidiness and organisation, though. Good for you - it is helpful. Chaos gets tiring sometimes. When I spend an hour looking for something, I understand the value of organisation... but I don't act on the understanding. LOL
Lovely home, and lovely pictures. Lovely leggings and lovely dogs.

Maggie May said...

Wow...... Irene we are getting into your intimate things now, your bed, pyjamas, bathroom and all! LOL

Loved the cat hanger and the washing lines. The animals are lovely .......and all that soup!!!!!!

Lovely to tour round your place and everything so neat and tidy and clean!

Connie Rose said...

Thanks for the home tour and the portraits of your lovely housemates!
Hope you have a good weekend!

Mean Mom said...

I did enjoy looking at different places in your home. Love the photos of your pets. I'll have a look round and see whether I have any interesting corners that I can show to you.

laurie said...

i love these! i love the cat hangar. but mostly i love the picture of the uberhund. he is adorable in an old-man kind of way.

Grit said...

i will wander round this house and decide what i might be brave enough to publicly reveal!

CC said...

Loved this post!!! The cat holder is so to get me one. I enjoed seeing the Überhund...looking arrogant or not he is adorable and I must say Tobi is as well. Irene thank you for this look inside your world.

Maureen said...

Oh, what a great tour of your lovely home!!! I so enjoyed peeking into everything from your Cup a Soups to your bathroom. Am I nosy or what???? No really, seeing photos really makes your descriptions come alive for us readers on the other side of the world. I absolutely hooted at your plant quip: "Sucker has to work hard." LOL!!!!

You have the same ciggy making machine as hubby.

Perhaps I shall take more photos of my surroundings too; but that means I have to clean up first! ;)

Stacie said...

I was wondering what Uberhund looked like! He's soooo cute and that distain is really just a nap coming on!