Thursday, February 26, 2009

A blog award.

A dear sweetheart of a lady, and a fine artist, Diane Clancy, was kind enough to give me this Art Blog Award and it makes me feel very good all over. Thank you, Diane. In return, I have to reveal seven facts about myself and pass this reward on to seven other people. Officially, they are supposed to be artists, but I think that includes people who write exceptionally well too.

1. The very anticipation of springtime makes me high in my head and makes me feel as though it is already happening when clearly it is not.

2. I am very fond of chocolate in all forms, shapes or sizes. I think handmade bonbons are worth their weight in gold and should be eaten as if they were gifts from the Gods.

3. I love nature, but I equally love downtown with all of its crooked little streets and the cobblestones that twist your ankles and the shops and the crowds and the cafés.

4. I love people watching and imagining a whole life for them and the relationship they are having with the person who is with them.

5. I think children and animals are the most vulnerable creatures that exist on earth and we all ought to do the utmost to protect them from harm, everywhere in the world.

6. I love to watch huge swarms of birds fly in unison across the sky swooping and turning as if they are one big entity.

7. Wild mushrooms, if picked carefully, are very good fried up in real butter, eaten with freshly baked bread.

Now I have to hand out this award to seven other people.

I give it to:

A Soul Among Found Objects,

Constance Rose Textile Designs,

An Aerial Armadillo,

Art by Lisa Sarsfield,

The many hats of Debi Cates,


The Artful Eye.

There you are, I hope I have been able to make you all happy with that today.



Maggie May said...

That was interesting Irene and I share some of those things with you, though I would be afraid to eat wild mushrooms just in case......

VioletSky said...

I agree that good handmade chocolate is a gift from the gods and should be savoured as such.

Congratulations on your Award ... now am off to travel your awardees blogs

Wisewebwoman said...

I've always known that you and I could sit in a cafe and have a marvellous time people watching.

among found objects said...

So honoured. I loved reading your seven facts. Dark chocolate is a vice to be savoured. I too love mushrooms and agree they should be eaten with real butter. Yum

Mean Mom said...

That's a very stylish award and well deserved. I'm with you on quite a few of your facts, but particularly protecting children and animals and watching swarms of birds.

GoneBackSouth said...

Hello Irene, how lovely to see the optimism and joy for life spilling over from all those revelations about yourself and how you see the world. Enjoy the spring (it IS nearly here!) And I'm with you on chocolate.

John said...,

the header below - red one - is outrageously perfect.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Yay congrats. Very pretty and sunny. Hope you're doing ok gorgeous. xoxoxoxo

Tessa said...

Oh Irene, thank you so much for the award. I'm absolutely blown away - and thrilled to bits and pieces, of course. Thank you!

People watching is my all-time favourite hobby - that and ear-wigging! As for wild mushrooms - heaven on toast, in my opinion.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Thankyou:) :) : )

My 2nd attempt to comment..fingers crossed!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Oh good! I can comment once at least! I dont understand the issues my blog has with yours. Perhaps you can take my blog with you to your sessions? I like your collage btw...looks like you had as much fun with the paint as you did the imagery. Very cool and great practise for the altered books!

Anonymous said...