Sunday, June 07, 2009

...mais il nést pas important.

This morning I weigh 96.3 kilos, so I have lost half a kilo, which satisfies me well. Half a kilo is 1.1 lbs. Finally there is some downward movement again after having been stuck on the same weight for a few days. I was starting to doubt the bathroom scale, but I need not have despaired.

The alarm clock woke me up at 8:48 am after it had been on since 7 am, so that is not a success. I am going to take it back to the store and use the alarm clock that I use to remind me to take my medicines at 6 pm. It has another alarm time that I can set for 7 am. I had not thought of this before and I thought it would be pleasant to be woken by the radio, but I'm not.

I got up for a while, but then felt the need to go back to bed and slept for another four hours and when I woke up I felt very good and refreshed. My mood was excellent. Sleep is my magic formula for all that ails me. Whatever bothers me, is wiped away by sleep.

Now I'm still in my pajamas and I have opened the back door so the dog can come and go as he pleases, because I don't feel like getting dressed today and taking him for a walk. The smell of some very strong blossoms is entering the apartment. There must be something blooming nearby. I know it's a particular kind of tree, but I can't think of the name right now.

It has been raining a bit, it seems, because the streets are wet, but I have not even noticed it. It must have just been a drizzle, because I didn't hear it come down. It's only 12 degrees Celsius outside, so not very warm. I don't mind it one bit and feel very cozy inside the apartment in my pajamas and bathrobe with the lights on. It's a real day for cocooning. All that's missing is hot chocolate, but that would be fattening.

My bed is so comfortable to lie down in. Of course, it's the room that does it. I feel so much better at ease there. I can't wait to put down some more sculptures on the shelves and hang up more collages on the walls. Shortage of money is now preventing me from buying the frames, but soon I will be able to. I'll pick out the prettiest collages I've made and adorn the walls with them and enjoy looking at them every day.

The plants I had over watered have stopped dropping their leaves and are now filling out again. There is a lot of new growth on the top and I will now only water them a little bit with the watering can instead of giving them a dowsing in the kitchen sink. They obviously don't like that. That shows your intentions can be too good too.

The hardy fern is doing better by the window and has gotten a whole new leave, but I need to cut out some that have brown edges from standing in the dark too much. Those are the little errors you make when you bring a plant home with you. You have to find out how much water they want and how much sunshine. I'm bound and determined to keep them alive, though, because dead and dying plants are a sign of depression and I don't want to go that way, although I had a minor depression not too long ago.

I have been hypomanic a few times, but the episodes didn't last very long and I was aware of them. A change in medication took care of them quick enough, I haven't been out and out hypomanic since last year in the summer when I was it for weeks continually. I think it was due to the circumstances too then. I was right in the middle of getting a divorce and thought the whole thing was just short of wonderful. I always left the lawyer's office higher than a kite. For the lawyer it must have been the easiest divorce she ever handled. I was sitting there bright eyed and bushy tailed and the Exfactor just went along with everything. We were always in a good mood there, but that may have been my point of view.

The worst case scenarios may bring out the best in me.

Well, the sun has come out at last and the birds have started to chirp cheerfully. I don't like it one bit. I liked the other weather better. The cocooning weather. I'm going to wish for the rain that's still predicted. I liked that a lot better. So cozy and safe inside.

Have a good Sunday evening, may are your ailments be little ones. You know who I mean.



Maggie May said...

The smells of plants outside? Could it be ceonothus or mahonia or mimosa? Wallflowers possibly?

So you spent the day in your dressing gown!!!!! Good way to spend it.
I am walking alot as it is good for the back but bending,sitting and stretching forward are the worst movements for me.

Not very nice weather at the moment.

Hope you sleep well again, Irene and hope the alarm clock doesn't let you down again. Has a mind of it's own! X

Gail said...

Sounds like a lovely relaxing enjoyable day. If you keep having these all the time, we shall have to do something!!!

Grit said...

i may have to join you on trying to reduce that weight thing. i tried on a swimming costume the other day ...the word GODAWFUL sprang to mind, and that is the polite version. good luck with your progress!

Frances said...

sounds lovely to be comfortable for the day.
Enjoy the end of the weekend and have a happy week ahead