Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday after a long and almost lazy day.

Hi there, how are you? How is it going? How is the weather treating you? We had a terrific thunderstorm a while ago. There was thunder and lightening and rain and hail and it poured out of the heavens like buckets of water and stones and I pitied everybody who was caught in it, but, of course, it didn't last very long. It was short but very hefty. I thought the windows were going to break, that's how hard the hail hit.

There are big puddles on the field now, where the ground wasn't leveled properly, and they will stay there for a while and there are always some ducks that come and sit in them and people give them old bread. It makes for a nice bit of nature, right in the middle of town. They aren't afraid of all the dogs that get walked there, so they must be real city ducks. We've even had little ducklings in the area that's like a wet meadow when it rains a lot.

Right now there are some crows having a territorial argument. Each one tries to chase the other one away and so they go back and forth. They make quite a racket.

I've been up since 7 am and I haven't had a nap yet, how in the world is that possible? You'd think I would be tired after all that work yesterday, but because it was not emotionally loaded, I am not worn out. It seems that plain physical labor gets taken care of with a good night's sleep.

The "domestic person" was here this morning and I asked her if she wasn't meant to help me out at all with any of the jobs and she told me no, that was not her job. Her job is to get me back on the rails as independently as possible over a period of three months.

I told her about my week and my problem with combining all the elements and my fatigue and we looked at the schedule again and changed it and left off some of the jobs for now and we will add those back in as I get more proficient, or if my therapy schedule changes at all.

That's another thing I am going to do, is talk to the head therapist tomorrow and see if we can change anything in my schedule there. I would like to drop the dance therapy and have Wednesday afternoons off, but I don't know if that is possible. It's the thing that really wears me out after ergo therapy and I'm completely beat when I get home and I'm not worth much the next day. We'll see. It's just that the clinic requires you to do 6 half days and now I'm only doing 5.

Blah, blah, blah!

Jesker is so cute. He rolls around on the ground on his back and makes funny sounds as if he is a puppy and he is so adorable, I just want to eat him up. I think he is way cuter than the cats, but don't let the cats know this, please.

I have to stop writing now, because I have some other things left to do and I do have to pay attention to the animals. I also must eat something and have a decaf.

They say the weather will be better by the weekend. Shall we believe them?



VioletSky said...

What unruly nonsense, all these rules imposed on you.

I do actually love a good thunderstorm - so long as I feel safely inside.

Frances said...

oh - so as suspected it was not the help you were asking for - but the help they thought you should have. A bit Calvinist, really LOL - maybe you have to play some game or other to get real muscle in and cleaning your place.
sleep well tonight

John said...

See that little curl above the male mallard's tail? That little curly loop allows you to id a male mallard a mile away in bad light. Only the in spring to summer when da boy is in breeding ploumage..

Maggie May said...

The *home help* seems to be a bit of a laugh! She comes in to advise you and you do the work! I think you know what to do in the first place.
Hope you have a great day today. X

Maureen said...

Yeah, agreed with Maggie; that's not really much help now, is it?

I love thunderstorms; we are supposed to get another today, but our weekend is predicted to be hot and dry... hopefully they are right and I can get back out to my weeds, er, garden. ;)

aims said...

Finally! For some reason every time I tried to read your blog (and one other) IE shut it all down. It wouldn't let me read!

So - I've finally caught up.

This domestic help....what a crock! Especially since your SPN thought it was going to be some actual help as well.

Really Irene. We could tell you what to do. What is this person getting paid by whatever organization she works for. I want her job! I like telling people what to do when it comes to cleaning.

You've got to do some screaming on this one Irene. Let them know - loud and clear - that you can't seem to manage the cleaning and that it is making you sick.


You can do it Irene.

I remember very well how you made me feel ashamed of my cleaning abilities. You were cleaning lady extrordinaire!

The fact that you aren't right now speaks volumes. Tell someone! Loudly!

And kick that domestic help in the butt and get someone else.